Travel Tips

Best Carry-On Backpacks for 2019

Whatever your travel destination, packing your stuff in a carry on can be a great idea. Especially so if the carry on also doubles as a backpack. Here’s a selection of stylish carry-on-backpacks to choose from in 2019.


If you’re planning a trip to Transylvania, don’t miss out on Brasov. Here’s a detailed travel guide for this beautiful historic Romanian city, including the best things to see and do.

How to Prepare for a Really Long Family Trip

This summer we’re going on (yet another!) long road trip. Let me share with you the kind of planning that’s involved in putting together such a long family trip.

Feeding the turtles at our Albuquerque host's backyard

Saving money and enjoying a cultural exchange sounds good? Here’s how to safely do just that through couchsurfing, even when you travel as a family.