23 Epic Eats Along Northern Arizona’s Scenic Routes

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Heading to Northern Arizona to see Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon? You'll need more than just snacks for the road.

Exploring Northern Arizona's scenic trails means you'll need more than a full gas tank—you'll want to recharge with some of the area's best and most satisfying meals.

After all, what's a road trip without delicious food to complement those breathtaking views?

Assuming your planned route covers from Moab through Grand Canyon Village to Las Vegas, we've picked out 23 great places to eat in the heart of these stunning spots.

1. Desert Bistro

Desert Bistro is a must-visit destination if you're starting from Moab and looking for a unique dining experience.

This restaurant has some really interesting dishes you should try. For starters, their Sea Scallops and Elk Chops are very popular.

They also have an appetizer that many people love – bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with cheese and topped with pomegranate sauce.

With options to dine both inside and on the patio, you're treated to high-end, chef-prepared meals in a setting that complements the beauty of Moab.

2. Zax Restaurant

Next up is Zax Restaurant. This spot is known for its honey-crust pizza dough, prepared by hand each morning, making their pizzas a must-try item.

Besides pizza, the Zax Burger is a big hit, loaded with tasty toppings like bacon, avocado, jalapenos, green chiles, and pepper jack cheese.

Inside, it has a cool, easy-going feel, set in a building full of history back in 1960. This place started serving food in 2002 and has been a favorite for locals and visitors.

3. Giliberto's Mexican Taco Shop

If you're craving Mexican, stop at Giliberto's Mexican Taco Shop. Here, you'll find a menu with authentic flavors and dishes that satisfy you.

Customers rave about Mexican Street Corn, Cheese Quesadillas, Breakfast Burritos, and the Carne Asada Plate, making any of these a great choice.

For those with a sweet tooth, their Cheesecake is a must-try. Giliberto's prides itself on its no-frills Mexican food, which delivers both taste and portion, ensuring you leave full and happy​.

Open late until 2 AM, it's also an ideal choice for night owls or those late returns from adventuring in Moab.

4. Goulding's Stagecoach Dining Room

This restaurant is up on a hill at Goulding's Lodge; you can easily look out at Monument Valley's beautiful red rocks and vast sky.

Here, you can try Southwestern and Navajo foods, and an especially must-try is the local Navajo Fry Bread taco, which is made with homemade frybread.

What makes dining here even more interesting is the history of the place.

Goulding’s Lodge, including the dining room, has a rich history dating back to the 1920s when Harry and Leone (Mike) purchased land and established Goulding’s Trading Post.

The location gained fame when it was chosen as a filming location for numerous Western movies, starting with "Stagecoach" in the 1930s. Eating here feels like you're part of that history!

This stop offers more than just eating out; it’s an experience that ties together food, culture, and the stunning landscape.

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5. Amigo Cafe

If you're starting your day a little later in Kayenta, Amigo Cafe is a great spot to catch up on that missed morning coffee.

The cafe might appear unassuming from the outside, but it's a hidden gem that surprises with its interior and food quality. Inside, you're welcomed into a space with rustic decor, which perfectly complements the scenic desert views just outside.

This place is also known for combining local Navajo flavors with classic Mexican dishes.

The Three Sisters Burrito is a standout dish, skillfully combining corn, beans, and squash with a flavorful mole sauce, adding a touch of Mexican flair.

Other must-tries include the delightful bread à la mode and unique treats like pumpkin mole fries and Mexican lemon cake. These additions round out a menu that's as inviting as the welcoming staff and cozy atmosphere.

Also, don't miss out on trying the hot chili chai latte! It's a fun twist on a classic drink and comes highly recommended.

6. Blue Coffee Pot

Located in Kayenta, this eatery is celebrated for its dishes that honor Navajo culture and cuisine. A must-try is the famous Navajo Hamburger, a creative twist on the classic hamburger served between traditional Navajo fry bread pieces.

The menu doesn't stop there; there are also savory options like meatloaf, ribs, and biscuits and gravy, or satisfy your sweet tooth with pancakes or a French toast delight.

The ambiance of Blue Coffee Pot is as genuine as its food. With its traditional 'domed' female hogan architecture, you'll feel the rich cultural tapestry surrounding you.

Inside, it's got this charming, old-school vibe that takes you back to the 1950s. It's casual and cozy, making it a fantastic stop to unwind and enjoy a hearty meal.

7. Cameron Trading Post

Trading post in photo establish in 1916 located near entrance to the Grand Canyon.

Now, if you've skipped the previous food stops and are feeling a little hungry on your little side trip to Gorge Overlook just before the Grand Canyon, you'll find only a few stops in Cameron.

Our recommendation is to stop at Cameron Trading Post. You're welcome to taste a meal even if you're not staying overnight in their accommodations.

Step inside, and you'll be met with a warm atmosphere, and the unique architecture adds to the charm. This is great if you want to take a longer break and get a chance to look at authentic Native American artwork and crafts.

When it comes to food, Cameron Trading Post serves up a selection of authentic Navajo dishes, including the renowned Navajo Taco and flavorful Navajo Beef Stew.

Other dishes on the menu include grilled chicken quesadilla and fresh fruit bowls.

8. Grand Canyon Village Market & Deli

This spot isn't just a place to grab food; it's a part of your Grand Canyon adventure.

The Market & Deli is easy to find in Market Plaza, close to some of the park's main spots like Mather Campground and Park Headquarters.

It's the perfect place to pick up anything you need, from snacks for your hike to gifts to remember your trip. Plus, they've got outdoor tables where you can sit and enjoy your meal outside.

The menu highlights include the Canyon Breakfast Burrito and Hearty Chili, each reflecting the spirit of the Grand Canyon. The Canyon Breakfast Burrito is a filling start to your day, packed with flavors and ingredients like cage-free eggs and green chiles.

On the other hand, the Hearty Chili offers comfort with its rich blend of ground beef, beans, and spices, perfect for refueling after a day of exploration.

Apart from food, you can find everything from clothing and hiking gear to camping equipment and rental items. The arts and crafts section features souvenirs, local Native American collectibles, jewelry, and logo merchandise.

9. Big E Steakhouse & Saloon

This traditional Western-style steakhouse offers a lively atmosphere and is conveniently located outside the Grand Canyon's South entrance.

The restaurant's interior is designed to transport you to an Old West town, complete with a barn, mercantile, sheriff's office, and walls adorned with taxidermy. The ceiling fans even feature deer antlers, adding to the unique ambiance.

For a must-try dish, the Big E Boneless Ribeye 12 Oz is a popular choice among customers, known for being seasoned and cooked to perfection. Other favorites include Battered Onion Rings, Spinach Artichoke Dip, and the Classic Caesar Salad.

10. Grand Canyon Chocolate Factory

Here, you're greeted with a delightful selection of specialty chocolates and fudge that are as rich in flavor as the landscapes in the Grand Canyon.

Amidst the aroma of gourmet popcorn and custom trail mixes, you'll find a cozy spot that combines taste with adventure. It's the ambiance where every bite feels like a discovery, much like the Grand Canyon itself.

Stunning views of the South Rim are also just a stone's throw away, making it a perfect pit stop for refueling with tasty treats and specialty coffees.

With positive reviews from locals and tourists, you know it's the real deal!

Our Tip: Try their gelato on a hot day! Must-try flavors include sea salt caramel, banana dulce de leche, and hazelnut crisp.

While some sweets like chocolate-covered pretzels can be pricey, the overall experience is really something unique! Definitely a must-visit before or after trailing through the wonders of the Grand Canyon.

11. Foodie Club

If you're raring to go on a Grand Canyon adventure, you can grab a quick bite of a club sandwich and burgers here.

One popular and unique choice is the succulent prickly pear barbecue burger, or if you're looking for something light, a must-try is their quinoa salad if you prefer a lighter fare.

While taking your short food break, you'll find the walls adorned with photographs of the spectacular canyon, lending a unique ambiance that captures the region's essence.

The only downside to this stop is that you'll be paying a premium price for what may be considered average food.

12. Plaza Bonita

If you're craving Mexican cuisine near the Grand Canyon, you've got the Plaza Bonita!

Known for its classic dishes and margaritas, this restaurant serves authentic Mexican flavors in a casual, traditional setting, making it a local favorite.

A standout dish to try is the Seafood Molcajete, renowned for its amazing taste. They also offer a breakfast buffet and delightful desserts like deep-fried ice cream, which have received positive mention​.

Inside Plaza Bonita is a vibrant and colorful setup, creating an authentic, lively, family-friendly dining experience. Complimentary homemade tortilla chips and salsa are served at each table, setting the stage for a memorable meal.

The restaurant also boasts the largest selection of tequila in Arizona, giving you top-notch drinks alongside delicious meals

13. The Little Chicken Spot

Operating from a humble red food truck, this hidden gem has obtained a reputation for its exceptional food and warm hospitality.

Their Jerk Teriyaki Chicken Bowl and Jamaican Jerk Chicken stand out as customer favorites, offering a unique blend of spices and flavors.

Another great dish is the Jalapeño Cream Cheese Chicken Bowl, which combines the heat of jalapeños with the smoothness of cream cheese, creating a delicious and satisfying meal option.

Each dish is carefully prepared to perfection, boasting vibrant flavors and generous portions that leave diners thoroughly satisfied.

What sets The Little Chicken Spot apart is its delicious fare and the friendly atmosphere cultivated by its owner, Rick. Many repeat customers return for the food and the opportunity to share a conversation with Rick and experience his contagious enthusiasm.

14. Ranch House Cafe

You'll find this gem on the historic Route 66 in the quaint town of Ash Fork. This cafe prides itself on its classic American dishes, which locals and travelers enjoy.

Dig into their must-try Green Chilli Cheeseburger, Chicken tenders, or Caesar salad with chicken for a hearty meal. The vibe inside is funky, but seating is limited, so you might want to grab a spot outdoors.

If you're in a rush, go for quick bites like the Club sandwich, Philly cheesesteak sandwich, Chicken tenders, or a Basket of fries.

If you've got more time to spare, you might want to explore Ash Fork's historical sites.

15. Historic Seligman Sundries, Previously Teds Famous Malts

famous seligman town of route 66, arizona

Step back in time at the Historic Seligman Sundries. This charming establishment, once known as Ted's Famous Malts, captures the spirit of Route 66.

Visiting Seligman without stopping here would mean missing out on exceptional kitsch and coffee.

The Sundries is more than a café; it's a piece of American history. Sip on specialty drinks that have garnered positive reviews for their flavorful punch.

Among these, their espresso stands out, acclaimed by visitors as the "Best espresso for hundreds of miles," offering a smooth and rich experience that complements the nostalgic ambiance of this historic setting.

Inside, you'll notice vintage decor and neon signs that define this cozy spot. Grab a quick sandwich or pastry to go if you're eager to hit the road again.

You can also explore the small gift shop area brimming with Route 66 memorabilia. It’s a treasure trove for collectors and first-time visitors.

16. Westside Lilo's Cafe

Westside Lilo's Cafe is more than just a cafe; it's a nostalgic journey filled with Americana at every corner. The standout here is their exceptional-tasting carrot cake, which is highly recommended for its flavor.

Beyond this delightful dessert, Lilo's menu brims with hearty American classics sure to satisfy any appetite. The cafe is a cozy slice of history, adorned with unique decor and memorabilia that add to its charm.

17. The Roadkill Cafe/O.K. Saloon

Nestled in the heart of Seligman, Arizona, the Roadkill Cafe/O.K. Saloon presents a taste of the Wild West with a quirky twist.

Here, you can savor classic American fare with a side of humor. Their menu, themed around the concept of "roadkill," features items like "The Chicken that Almost Crossed the Road" and "Rigor Mortis Tortellini."

The atmosphere is vibrant, with walls decked out in Western decor that transports you back in time. But it's not just about the food; the ambiance immerses you in a nostalgic era.

If you're in a hurry, grab one of their famous "Flat Cat" sandwiches to take away. Despite the humorous names, the food is seriously delicious, earning rave reviews from locals and travelers alike.

And if you're in the mood for a drink, they've got you covered with a satisfying selection.

Before you leave, don't miss the chance to browse their adjacent gift shop, where you can snag a quirky souvenir to commemorate your visit to this iconic stop on Route 66.

18. Oatman Hotel Restaurant & Bar

Housed in a historic building, this eatery offers more than just a meal; it provides an experience steeped in Old West history.

It features a unique atmosphere, rustic charm, and walls adorned with signed dollar bills.

Alongside popular menu items like pulled pork sandwiches, buffalo burgers, and classic American fare like burgers and fries, the menu also boasts the savory "Burro Ears."

These crispy fried flour tortillas are generously topped with house-made chili, melted cheese, and a flavorful medley of diced tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños, adding a distinct Southwest flair to the diverse offerings.

19. El Gallito Taco Shop

When you swing by El Gallito Taco Shop in Fort Mohave, you've got to try their Street Tacos Al Pastor and Carne Asada Tacos. These dishes are the stars of the show, bringing you the authentic flavors of Mexico right to your table.

The Street Tacos Al Pastor are loved for their flavorful marinated pork, perfectly complemented by the addition of fresh pineapple, onions, and cilantro, creating a sweet and savory taste that's authentically Mexican.

Meanwhile, the Carne Asada Tacos are a must-try for beef lovers, featuring tender, grilled steak cut into small pieces, served on soft corn tortillas, and topped with onions, cilantro, and a slice of lime on the side for that extra zest.

The vibe at El Gallito Taco Shop is all about fast service and a friendly atmosphere, making it a great spot for a quick and satisfying meal.

20. Bighorn Café

At this café, you'll find a cozy, cabin-like place with beautiful views of the river and mountains, making it a peaceful eating spot.

Among the dishes, the Southwest Egg Rolls stand out for their unique take on a familiar favorite, incorporating bold Southwestern flavors that bring a new twist to each bite.

The Country Fried Chicken is another great choice. It's crispy chicken covered in tasty gravy, just like the comfort food you love.

Inside, the café looks like a cozy cabin, with river rock decorations and a warm vibe. This setting, plus the hand-crafted specialty cocktails or a glass of wine, offers a perfect backdrop for enjoying meals at any time of the day, with the restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

21. Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner

Here, you're stepping into a slice of Americana that's as vibrant and inviting as the historic route itself.

This diner is known for its homemade Root Beer Float, a refreshing drink that stands out for its rich, creamy taste.

The Bacon Cheese Burger with Fries is a must-try, offering the classic American burger experience with crispy bacon and perfectly cooked fries.

The diner itself captures the essence of Route 66, filled with memorabilia and neon signs that set a nostalgic scene. It's a place where you can feel the spirit of the historic road trip culture while enjoying a meal.

22. Sushi Twister

If you're looking for something completely different Sushi Twister in Las Vegas is a unique spot worth visiting.

Some of the standout dishes that come highly recommended are the Deluxe Sashimi Dinner and the Japanese Lasagna.

The Deluxe Sashimi Dinner is perfect for those who appreciate the art of sashimi, offering a variety of fresh fish that's both a feast for the eyes and the palate.

The Japanese Lasagna awaits if you're in the mood for something truly unique. It's an inventive dish that combines familiar comfort with unexpected flavors, making each bite a delightful surprise.

Sushi Twister is not just about the food; the vibe and setup contribute to its charm. It's a cozy place with a casual atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a meal with friends or family.

They offer happy hour drinks and food, vegetarian options, and even an all-you-can-eat menu, ensuring something for everyone.

23. Siegel's 1941

As you end your journey, why not stop at Siegel's 1941? This unique spot brings back the early days of Vegas, blending a touch of old-school cool with sophisticated style.

With an ambiance that pays homage to the legendary mobster Bugsy Siegel and the year the casino opened, 1941, you're in for a treat steeped in history.

The restaurant decor features red booths, vintage-style lighting, and a white brick wall, creating an Old Vegas vibe that's both sophisticated and cool.

The menu has some standout dishes like prime rib, known for being really tasty, and Italian dishes such as lasagna Bolognese that many love. If you like sweets, you're in for a treat with their desserts.

Plus, there's a bar that serves a variety of wines and unique cocktails, making your meal even more enjoyable. This mix of good food, interesting drinks, and a peek into Las Vegas's history makes Siegel's 1941 worth visiting.

Wrapping Up Your Journey through the Northern Arizona Flavors

As you travel from the sunny stretches of Moab to the lively heart of Las Vegas, don't miss out on the fantastic food stops along the way.

Each place you eat adds a unique flavor to your trip, telling its story and making your journey even more memorable.

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