10 Disney Princess Suitcases for Traveling Kids

10 Disney Princess Suitcases For Traveling KidsMaking traveling fun for the little ones is a key element of a successful trip - and what's better to get kids excited for their vacation than a Disney princess suitcase?

These suitcases offer what most little girls love most in the world - their favorite Disney heroines, right there on their luggage! Of course, this makes packing so much for fun for kids because it means they now feel like they truly have a suitcase of their own. Plus, these unique bags make it much easier to spot your luggage on the carousel!

Is your child nervous about their first flight? Are you tired of forcing all of their clothes and accessories into your suitcase? Buying them their own special suitcase can solve these problems like magic, so let's check out some of the best princess suitcases out there!

Frozen Suitcases

Frozen fans will find these frigid suitcases thrilling.

Disney Frozen Hard Side Spinner Trolley

Elsa spread her wintry spell across the front of this hard-sided roller bag. The highly engaging scene should thrill any kid who worships this star of Frozen. And, at 18 inches, this suitcase offers plenty of space to pack for multi-night trips. But even with its larger case size, this suitcase still weighs a kid-friendly 4 lbs.

With 4 wheels on the bottom, this suitcase will be easier for little ones to push around while standing in line at the airport or in the hotel. Inside, we find a separate compartment that closes with a zipper, while two straps offer safekeeping for your little one's possessions.

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16 Inch Disney Frozen Rolling Backpack

If a soft-sided bag is what you're after, this Frozen backpack is another great option. With Anna, Elsa, and Olaf posing on the front bottom compartment, Frozen fans will find plenty to enjoy with this bag. At 16 inches, this is a great option for kids between 4 and 8 years old.

Kids can opt to either pull the bag along on its wheels or put on the shoulder straps and wear it as a backpack. That means it can be used for school, the library, sleepovers, or anywhere you need to pack your little one's belongings.

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Ariel Suitcases

Who doesn't adore this lovable mermaid? Any Little Mermaid fans will love these designs featuring Ariel.

16" Ariel Rolling School Backpack

Even though it is labeled a school backpack, this rolling bag will make a perfect travel companion for any little Ariel admirer. Along with the princess's name, the front features a large picture of Ariel swimming along with her friend Flounder. It has two front zipper compartments for keeping all of their treasures, as well as two side pockets for drinks - one mesh and one velcro.

At 16 inches, this backpack is plenty big for little travelers, whose clothes tend to take up way less space than our own. Plus, they can take it to school as well - if the books get too heavy, just slide the handle up and roll it along with you!

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Moana Suitcases

As one of the newest Disney starts, Moana is enjoying plenty of popularity these days. Fans of her heroic story will find that these suitcases make their trips as exciting as the movie.

Moana 15' Collapsible Wheeled Pilot Case

This polyester soft-sided roller bag proudly displays Moana and her pig friend Pua on the front. A large handle pops up for rolling it along, and there is also a strap on top for carrying, so adults won't have to bend down to roll it when kids get tired of toting it.

Because it is soft-sided, this bag is also able to collapse down for storage, making it a great option for anyone who needs to save on space. Some owners have complained that this makes it seem flimsy, however, so if you need a heavy-duty, sturdy bag, you might want to choose something else.

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Moana 12-inch Rolling Backpack

Moana fans will love the fun designs on the front of this bag. Moana holds Pua, while Heihei and an adorable Kakamora are shown up above. And it is also a great option if the kid on your list doesn't want pink - which is the color of most other bags on this list. This 12-inch backpack will fit most toddlers, unlike some of the larger bags on this list.

Kids can also use the shoulder straps to use this bag like a traditional backpack for school or sleepovers at Grandma's. Drinks can also be stored in the mesh side pocket, making it a great go-anywhere bag.

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Cinderella Suitcases

Does your kid love the classic Disney character Cinderella? While it might not be a recent movie, there are still products featuring this old-time Disney character.

12" Cinderella Rolling Backpack

At just 12 inches tall, this rolling bag is small enough for a toddler to bring along wherever you go. The small size also means that kids older than 4 or 5 might find it too small. Featuring a retractable handle, this backpack converts to a roller bag whenever you need it to - the airport, hotel, or home.

The front of the bag depicts Cinderella in all her glory, along with a silhouette of the famous glass slipper. Above this scene, we find a tiara along with the phrase "Make an Entrance!" It is an attractive design that should appeal to every little Cinderella fan!

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Disney Suitcases with Multiple Princesses

Can't decide on a favorite princess? Check out these suitcases, which depict several, all in one place.

American Tourister Kids Hardside Upright Luggage

This 16-inch American Tourister suitcase is the perfect match for any kid who truly loves all of the Disney Princesses. It might not feature all of them, but it does show half - Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle. And the clear roller-blade style wheels and colorful handle add a nice splash of fun as well.

And there is plenty here for parents to love, too. This suitcase offers exceptional durability for a children's product, with a 10-year warranty backing up the craftsmanship. When it comes to packing, this princess suitcase features a book opening case that divides the case into two separate compartments as well as cross straps that prevent the contents of the bag from shifting during travel.

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Disney Princess Scootin Suitcase

Up next, we have a truly innovative design that should excite every kid. Not only is this a roller-bag featuring three princesses - Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel - it's also a scooter! That's right, there is a platform that swings down to turn this suitcase into a real, functioning scooter. Not your kids can keep up with you as you run to catch a flight or entertain themselves while you are waiting for your next one.

The bag can also detach from the scooter, making this a 3-in-1 design; you can have a bag, a scooter, or a roller bag. And when the bag arrives, you can rest assured that no assembly is required to set this scootin' suitcase up. It also features two straps inside to secure your clothes, as well as a separate compartment for books or toys.

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Disney Princess Pilot Case

Next up, we have this lovely soft-sided case that features 5 iconic princesses, including Jasmine flying high on Aladdin's magic carpet! Behind them sits the famous Disney castle and it's all bordered by some lovely flowers at each corner. Children can extend the pink handle to roll this 2-wheel bag along instead of carrying it.

At 16 inches, this suitcase should have plenty of space inside for most trips, but it's probably too big for most toddlers to handle.  Bigger kids, however, will enjoy this magical design, and grownups will appreciate that it includes a handy strap for grabbing it and throwing it in the car!

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Disney Princess Rolling Luggage

Rollerblade-style wheels and a telescoping pink handle make transporting this suitcase a breeze. Featuring three of the most classic Disney gals - Ariel, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty - this pink suitcase has more than enough style to appeal to all Disney lovers! A pretty oval border surrounds the characters, featuring butterflies, flowers, and various other items.

Even with its protective hard sides, this 16.5-inch suitcase still manages to weigh under 4 pounds, making it easy for kids to carry around all on their own. At this size, it is probably best suited for kids around 4 to 10 years old.

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