How to Stay Comfortable on Long Flights

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If you're dreading a long flight and wondering how you'll possibly stay comfortable in a limited, crowded aircraft, you aren't alone. I've struggled with this, too, and I can assure you there are methods to surviving long flights.

The key is knowing what amenities are most important to your comfort level. Here's what I learned when I started focusing on getting cozy on airplanes.

Airplane cabin business class interior view

Surviving Long Hours On Flights

As I've said, you can really endure long hours of flight.

The simple method I've found is prioritizing your comfort needs. To do this, you'll want to select the airline that best suits you. 

Check these out!

Experience The World's Best Airline: Qatar Airways

Cabin view of a Qatar Airways Airbus A350

Qatar Airways is so popular worldwide. You can see Qatar Airways' name in almost every highest-ranking category. And of course, they can provide you with anything you need as you travel.

This airline offers safety and excellent comfort featuring wide seats in its aircraft. And to prove that, you can check out these videos on Tiktok!

Take a look at how it feels to travel in Qatar Airways' economy seats! 

@tourdelust Business class experience with @qatarairways! Tag your travel buddy! @elonakarafin is mine! #qatarairways #qsuite #travel #businessclasstravel ♬ original sound - Christine Tran Ferguson

Qatar Airways' business class also won't let you down!

In the following Tiktok video, you can see Qatar Airways' comfy business class seats that you can then turn into a relaxing bed.

Plus, the bathroom has a nice sky view! 

@gsvekis21 Fly 14 hours in #economy class with us on #qatarairways to the #Maldives ♬ Up - Movie Theme - Giampaolo Pasquile

Experience The Best Accommodation And Service: Singapore Airlines

flight attendant serve food and drinks to passengers on board of Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

Imagine flying with an airline that has the latest aircraft. Plus, this airline's base, the Changi International Airport, had been acknowledged as the world's best airport for six years in a row (2013-2019). 

The airport's main attraction, boosting it to the best of the best is the indoor artificial waterfall.

Many tourists come to Jewel at Changi International Airport to enjoy the view from such a huge artificial w

Now, let's get to the main point. As per the record, many travelers prefer flying with Singapore Airlines because of its outstanding staff and exceptional travel comfort.

Another great factor here is that on every flight of Singapore Airlines, you can expect inflight entertainment. You can even be online and surf the internet the entire time you fly. Yes, phones are allowed!

@nom_life This is what an 18 hour flight to Singapore looks like on @singaporeair, one of the best rated airlines! From the food, service + space, this was one of the most comfortable flights even though it was long! Have you flown Singapore Air before? #singporeair #flight #travelfood #flightmeal #flightfood #whatiate #longflight #flights #singaporeairlines #singaporeimagined #traveltips #travelhacks #visitsingapore #singaporetiktok #asiatravel ♬ Chill Day - LAKEY INSPIRED

You can have direct flights with Singapore Airlines, not limited to the following:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Asia

Travel With The World's Cleanest Airline: ANA (All Nippon Airways)

Boeing 767-300 aircraft cabin economy class seats with touch screen

All travelers prefer a clean space and amenities, and that is for sure!

So, if you are someone who is too conscious about cleanliness, it would be best to go for the world's cleanest airline: the ANA All Nippon Airways!  

Although ANA serves over 70 locations, many of which are in Asia and Australia, the United Kingdom is not one of them.

Comfort first comes from cleanliness, check out the interior.

@wowiecruz #businessclass #ana #aviation #theroom @allnipponairways_ana ♬ Leave Before You Love Me - Marshmello & Jonas Brothers

Hope you enjoyed reading! If you are soon to travel, you should decide now what airline will suit your comfort needs for the long haul.

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