Top 15 Travel Cosmetics Cases

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When you're an on-the-go kind of person, a good travel cosmetics case is essential. Moving and traveling can occasionally get chaotic or stressful. So being able to do your own signature morning routine while you're on the go is a big plus - it will help you relax, unwind, and prepare yourself for whatever the day will bring.

Top 15 Travel Cosmetics CasesYou want to travel in comfort and style. To do so, you need the perfect cosmetics case, something durable, adorable, and practical. A case that fits your needs. There are so many options when it comes to cosmetics cases that it can be hard to make a decision. It all depends on your needs. Are you a make-up lover? Do you need a large case for all your cosmetics? Do you crave organization--will you want a case that has internal pouches, zippers, or drawers for easy organizing? Or maybe you want your cosmetics bag to make a statement, with a bold, unique pattern.

Here we have curated for you a list of the 15 best cosmetics cases. The cases listed range from bold and stylish to durable and practical. Keep scrolling to find a case that perfectly fits all your needs.

Sleek and Modern Cases

1. Marbled Modern

This wonderfully sleek and chic modern case is patterned with a marble design. The pattern is simple and stylish. Marbled patterns are in and give a classic, clean effect. This case is also waterproof, making it perfect for the avid traveler.

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2. Hipster Stripes

The design of this striped cosmetic has a simple, trendy look. It hangs, for maximum efficiency, and can store all your basic bathroom necessities. The four compartments make organization a breeze, and the transparent material allows you to find whatever you're looking for with ease.

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3. Simple, Sleek Leather

This simple, sleek leather case is a great choice for the constant traveler. Toss it into your purse or duffel bag, and be on the go.  The dark leather looks chic, and will also conceal any accidental spills and stains left by makeup. The chic black design will never go out of style.

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4. Light Blue Vegan Leather

Here is another simple yet stylish case. This light blue case is made from vegan leather--perfect for the animal lover. The material is water-resistant, so no need to worry about accidental spills! Inside this cosmetics case, you can find a luxurious, beautiful pale peach interior. The interior is equipped with several pouches to help you organize all your cosmetic products.

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5. Sassy

This case is still simple and chic, with a twist. The classic white case is accented with a gold tassel zipper. The white fabric is printed with adorable type-writer style lettering: "This bag contains my face." Perfect for the sassy makeup lover, or for someone who enjoys joking about "putting on their face." This makeup bag is a stylish and functional conversation starter.

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Colorful, Statement Cases

6. Retro Futuristic Holographic

Zenon girl of the 21st-century vibes, anyone? This holographic makeup case gives you the early 2000s realness. The technicolor blues and purples are pleasing to the eye. And the semi-transparent material is practical--it will help you locate your make-up products with ease! This case is also rather sizeable, so it's perfect for fitting all your full-sized cosmetics.

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7. Floral Fun

This large case is the perfect size for the indecisive make-up lover. A sizeable case is a great choice for anyone who has a large number of cosmetics. The floral pattern is adorable and stylish as well, giving off flirty and fun vibes.

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8. Luscious Leopard

This stylish leopard case is for anyone who loves a bold print. Made from PU leather, this bag is waterproof, making it a durable choice. This piece will look great tucked away in your purse or among your carry on luggage, and will always be easy to find!

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9. Tribal Patterns

This is another bold and bright pattern for people who like to make a statement with their luggage. The tribal, Aztec pattern is trendy. This is also a sizeable case, so it will fit all of your full-sized products without any trouble.

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10. Ultimate Diamond Pattern

This cosmetics case is made with a very unique diamond pattern. The case is practical, yet will also make for a great conversation starter. As a bonus, some of the diamond patterns are made from transparent material, making it easy for you to view and access your products.

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Utility Cases

These cases are more simple and practical. Still stylish, these cases are for people who want maximum functionality from their cosmetics cases. When you're on the go, efficiency is key, and these products will help you start your day off right.

11. Practical Grey

This practical case hangs, making your mornings streamlined and easy. This bag comes in a variety of colors and has several different pouches and bands to make organizing your cosmetics a simple task.

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12. Simplify with See-Through Bags

This transparent bag is extremely practical, as it allows you to see from all sides, making it easy to locate items in your cosmetics bag. And it is sizeable, so you will be able to fit all your full-sized products without any hassle. Perfect for the person who likes to toss everything in and run.

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13. Dark and Durable

This black case comes with an extremely durable exterior, perfect for the constant traveler. You don't have to worry about any of your makeup products leaking or shattering in your luggage. The exterior is made from tough plastic but comes in a stylish patterned black. This case also comes with locks, so you can protect your favorite expensive cosmetic products.

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14. Sleek Storage

This case is for the make-up artist or aficionado. If you need help with keeping your cosmetics organized, this case will help you tremendously. All of the compartments and pouches make organizing your makeup products a simple and streamlined activity. If you hate chaos and need a clean, neat makeup bag, consider this cosmetics case.

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15. For the Makeup Artist in You

This cosmetics case is akin to the one used by professional makeup artists. If you have a lot of products that need organizing, consider this heavy-duty makeup case. All of the different compartments and sliding drawers make organizing your products a cinch. If you are starting a freelance makeup business, or simply love your makeup, consider buying this professional case.

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We hope you found this list useful! Leave us a comment to let us know what kind of cosmetic bag you have and which type ou would recommend.

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