11 Gorgeous White Hard Shell Suitcases That You’ll Love

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Tired of trying to fight the crowds at the luggage carousel to find your black suitcase in a sea of other black suitcases? Then once you do find it, you realize that its contents have been broken or damaged in the cargo hold because it was not sturdy enough to protect the contents? If this is you, then a change might be in order.

We set out to explore Amazon and find some shiny white hard-shell suitcases that are easy to spot and provide good protection for your belonging. Below we have found 11 amazing pieces of luggage that are highly visible as well as strong and secure.

11 Gorgeous White Hard Shell Suitcases That You'll Love

1. COOLIFE Luggage Expandable Suitcase

Our first suitcase is a robust and sturdy model from Coolife. It comes in three sizes: small (15.4 x 8.7x 22.4), medium (17.3 x 9.8 x 26.4), and large (20.5 x 11x 30.3). All three models protect your belongings with an ABS+PC hard plastic shell.

Although this suitcase is solid, it is rather lightweight. Inside, it offers plenty of room for folded clothes plus organizational pockets for items big and small.

Some of the unique attributes of this suitcase include it's easy to manage telescoping handle, exceptionally quiet spinner wheels, and a TSA-accepted combination lock that you can set yourself, which will give you confidence that your belongings are secure. This suitcase also comes in multiple colors if you want to get others for the rest of the family.

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2. American Tourister Moonlight Expandable Suitcase

This imported hard shell suitcase from American Toursister is a carry-on sized case that will secure your belongings and add a sense of style as you board your next flight. At first sight, the luggage offers a packing space of 20" x 14" x 9", but it can be extended to 22” x 15”x 9.5” if necessary.

Inside, the case offers a wide-open space along with a mesh pocket for your toiletries and smaller items, and there are compression straps so you can keep thin items like books and clothing in one place. The manufacturer prides itself on the push-button handle with a button release and side handles which allow you to carry it how you like.

The suitcase has 360-degree spinning wheels for easy maneuverability, and it is made with a solid ABS plastic. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

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3. Exzact Hard Shell luggage

Stylish and mobile, the white hard shell suitcase from Exzact is for the light packer who still wants to keep their belongings safe and secure. Weighing at just over six pounds and coming in at 52 x 37 x 21 cm, this case is built securely from ABS + Polycarbonate and it is also scratch-resistant, which is a big draw.

This suitcase is ideal for those who conduct business on the road, which it proves with a very accessible front pocket which can store up to a 15-inch laptop. Inside, the case comes with plenty of dividers and cross straps that keep your items secure even when you throw it in the overhead bin.

With this suitcase, you don’t have to worry about extra fees as it already passes the size requirements of most budget airlines. The wheels also have 360-degree functionality and promise the ability to cross any type of terrain.

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4. Rockland Expandable Luggage Set

For the family or couple on the move, this two-piece luggage set from Rockland is the way to go for style and security, no matter how much you pack. The larger of the suitcases measures 28" H x 17" W x 12", while the smaller is 20" H X 13" W x 10".

Although they differ in size, both offer a spacious interior with center space for your largest items as well as a mesh, zipping compartment and an elastic compartment for more petite items. Each suitcase is inspected extensively to ensure that all zippers zip, all handles are functional and that the case can withstand accidental drops.

The wheels on the suitcase are multi-directional spinners that roll without a problem and are also operational on stairs, while the case itself is made of durable ABS plastic.

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5. Samsonite Freeform Expandable Hardside Luggage

When you hear the name Samsonite, you know you are dealing with luggage royalty, and this hard side white suitcase is no exception. This model is large, and although it will likely not fit in the overhead bin, it will secure your belongings when checked under the plane. This model is 28-inches tall and 20-inches wide.

This suitcase is built with solid hard plastic, and its scratch-resistant exterior allows it to last the test of time. Weighing just under 10 pounds, the case also allows increased mobility so you can make your way through the airport with ease.

It features a push-button handle made of aluminum, so it is light and easy to use, and it has 360-degree wheels so you can either pull or push the case effortlessly. Best of all is its advanced combination lock that keeps your clothes secure without the use of a key.

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6. Italia Vintage 3 Piece Expandable Luggage Set

This gorgeous three-piece set from Italia provides you and your family with the ultimate in vintage style with elegantly designed security for your precious belongings. The dimensions for each go as follows: small (22’’x 9’’x 14” - 6 Lbs) medium (26” x 11”x 17.5” - 8.1 Lbs) large (29” x 12”x 20” - 9.8 Lbs).

Equipped with a 10-year warranty, these dazzling suitcases each feature extensive organizational tools within including pockets for two pairs of shoes. Your clothes are separated by resealable elastic straps along with zippered compartments and an individual small pocket for small delicate items.

Each case is made from a very solid ABS plastic which is also scratch-resistant. The gorgeous straps are made from artificial leather. Each size also comes with whisper-quiet wheels that can support the heaviest weight with ease.

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7. NEWCOM Hardside Luggage

The ultimate in luggage security, this suitcase from Newcom has been designed and tested by the brightest minds to ensure your comfort and protection. It starts with the durable polycarbonate ABS material that is resistant to impact, and not only is it able to withstand rough handling, but it also has water-resistant zippers that keep your clothes dry.

Inside, it is fully lined, so your clothes don’t mix as everything fits in its own zippered pocket which also has buckle straps and dividers so everyone gets their own space. It measures at 15.4” x 8.9” x 22.4”.

In addition to space, you also get ceaseless functionality with several neat innovations, including a rubber-padded handle for easy use that comes paired with an aluminum handle that won’t let you down. To top it all off, the wheels are 360-degree spinners, and it comes with a combination lock.

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8. Hanke Hardside Suitcase

This ivory white beauty from Hanke is an ideal purchase for no-nonsense travelers who want their belongings at their destination in one piece, and with a three-layer Bayer PC exterior, it will do the trick. This model offers 13.46'' x 8.78'' x 19.29” of space and weighs less than seven pounds.

Inside is a spacious interior with a large pocket to house your clothes and shoes, as well as a side pocket along the front for smaller items and electronics. It has zippered pockets and straps for security. This company takes extra pride in their zippers, promising that they will not deform or lift.

The case comes with a comfortable telescoping handle on top, and a soft and elegant side handle so you can carry it how you like. Additionally, the wheels are strong and silent, and the combination lock is easy to set and use.

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9. Genius Pack Lightweight Suitcase

The name says it all; the white hardback suitcase from Genius Pack is the best way to keep your belongings organized and secure. The dimensions are 21.5 x 14 x 9 inches including wheels and handles, and at just 6.2 pounds, this is one of the lightest suitcases on the list.

Inside there are different compartments for each class of clothes with separate areas for socks and undergarments and pockets for electronics, as well as a secluded laundry compartment. Although it can store a lot, its size meets the carry-on requirements for international and domestic flights.

This suitcase is built to last with its hard plastic construction and water-resistant exterior. Made for travelers big and small, the telescoping handle has two locking positions. There are also comfortable handles on the side.

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10. SWISSGEAR Expandable Suitcase

The best suitcases can offer stellar results with both style and substance, and the SwissGear does both with its expandable white hardback suitcase which they claim is “virtually indestructible.” It is made with rugged ABS plastic and has 360-degree wheels that can handle tougher terrain. It's dimensions are 23 x 16.8 x 11.2 inches.

Inside, your clothes are secured by tie-down straps and barriers that protect your clothes from your toiletries and lotions. In fact, integrated “wet pockets” protect your delicates while there is plenty of space for everything else.

What really separates this white hard shell suitcase from the rest is the USB port that allows you to charge your phone right there where you stand! Add to that the 360-degree rolling wheels and ergonomic handle and you are set to go.

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11. DELSEY Paris Suitcase

While a little more on the expensive side, if you really want to treat yourself to a suitcase that will stand the test of time and make you look good at any airport, then the hard shell suitcase from Delsey is well worth it. This trolley is 20 inches deep, 28 inches high, and weighs in at just under 13 pounds.

Don’t let its elegance fool you, this suitcase is built to last, with a solid 100 percent Virgin Polycarbonate exterior and a limited 10-year warranty. Inside, it is fully lined with well-crafted zippered mesh dividers and tie-down straps.

This gorgeous case really kicks the quality up a notch with a recessed TSA-approved combination lock that won’t get in the way, double-spinner wheels that allow you to get anywhere, and an exclusive braking system that locks the two front wheels in place so it won’t roll away.

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So, which one did you like best? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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