11 Best Travel Packing Envelopes

Anyone that travels often has probably tried multiple methods when it comes to packing up their suitcase before a big trip, but keeping things organized, is difficult without any organizational aides. That is why travel packing envelopes were invented, to keep items neat and accessible and make the entire packing and unpacking process easier.

In this article, you will a selection of high-quality travel packing envelopes that are sure to make filling up your suitcase or carryon bag a snap.

11 Best Travel Packing Envelopes

The 11 Best Travel Packing Envelopes

Keep like items with like, separate dirty clothes from clean clothes, and keep all of your smaller items from getting lost in the shuffle with these travel packing envelopes.

Travelon Clear Packing Envelopes

A set of seven water-resistant envelopes, these Travelon packing organizers are clear with black trim. The zipper closures keep things from spilling out into your bags, no matter how tiny, and the assorted sizes ensure that you have the perfect fit for whatever items you need to bring along.

Many people use the smaller bags in the set to organize their purses or carryons as well. The sturdy material makes them quite functional no matter where you are using them.

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Peterpoint Travel Organizer Pouches

Made of a tear-resistant polyester fabric, the Peterpoint travel organizer pouches have a finished interior which adds to their durability. This set of three packing envelopes included a large, medium, and a slim to accommodate items of varying sizes.

The bags themselves are light-weight as to avoid adding extra weight to your suitcase, and the material is water-resistant. When empty, the envelopes can be folded up and stored using up very little space.

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Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Organizer

This garment organizer by Eagle creek has compressing wings that allow it to hold up to 12 clothing items without taking up all the space in your suitcase. You will find an instructional card included that shows you how to fold your items for best use.

The Pack-It garment folder is water-resistant, stain-repellent, and washable. Plus, it can be coordinated with your luggage because it comes in black, blue, green, and red. The poly micro-weave fabric is lightweight, and your clothes come out wrinkle-free in most cases.

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Gonex Garment Folder

Gonex offers a set of two garment folders made from super lightweight RipStop nylon fabric, and they have reinforced handles for hanging in the closet with ease. The folders come in four vibrant colors: black, aqua, green, and red.

The mesh wings keep the air flowing through the garment folder which prevents items from smelling musty even after days of travel. The included folding board will help you get everything in place neatly so that they come back out without looking like a wrinkled mess.

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Dot & Dot Packing Folder

These 18-inch travel packing envelopes from Dot & Dot can hold from eight to twelve items which makes it easy to get all of the clothes that you need to your destination. The folding board that is included will help you maximize the envelope space, and also help you reach your holiday location with wrinkle-free clothes.

Dot & Dot gives you four color options: orange, red, black, and blue. The handle on top gives the bag more versatility, and many travelers choose to use it as a carry-on, making it easy to change clothes on long international flights.

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PRO Packing Folder

The fabric of the PRO packing folder is quite thin, but it is very durable which makes it a long-lasting travel organizer. There is a bonus folding board included in each folder, and it allows you to properly fold your clothes so that more items will fit in the packing folder.

The nylon fabric makes use of rip-stop technology, and PRO offers a lifetime warranty on this travel envelope. This neat and compact travel organizer keeps your clothes secure and wrinkle-free in your bag.

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Osprey Packs UL Garment Folder

Choose from either the Electric Lime or Shadow Grey Osprey garment folder to keep your suitcase organized. The stretch mesh material expands to allow you to fit more clothing items in the folder. Plus, the hook and loop closure will keep all of the contents secure.

The nylon Ripstop is very durable and long-lasting, and the bag is large enough to fit from 7-10 items inside. There is a plastic folding card included as well.

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Bigfoot Packing Envelope

This 2-pack of packing envelopes by Bigfoot comes with 4 packing boards for filling the 17-inch folders. You can choose from black, blue, and red to better match your luggage. The envelopes can fit roughly five to seven dress shirts inside.

The flaps of the envelope have a velcro closer, and the synthetic material does not retain odors. Pants and shirts can be packed without worrying about arriving with a wrinkled mess.

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Jet & Bo Travel Envelope

Keeping the suitcase organized is easier with the Jet & Bo travel envelopes. Plus, the included folding instructions and compression provided by the folder allow you to fit more clothing items inside your bag. Shirts, dresses, pants, and skirts are all suitable for this envelope.

Choose from either a single envelope or a set of two depending on your packing needs, and the travel folder comes in a neutral grey that matches many different types of luggage. The canvas material is quite durable.

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Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Garment Folder

Another Eagle Creek product, the Pack-It Specter is stain-repellent and washable. It is made of an ultra light-weight material that comes in four colors: white, red, green, and blue. The Ripstop nylon is also very durable and long-lasting.

The material is slightly translucent which makes it easier to find your clothing items if you have multiple Specters in your suitcase, and the stretch compress wings allow you to fit more clothes in your bag overall.

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JoyPlus Packing Folder

The JoyPlus packing envelope is very versatile, and it can be used in conjunction with your luggage or on its own as a carryon item. Shirts will come out wrinkle-free, and the plastic folding board can be left in the travel envelope to give it more structure while in a backpack, gym bag, or duffle bag.

Able to hold up to twelve shirts due to the compression wings, and the durable nylon fabric will keep it looking like new for a long time. Plus, JoyPlus offers a limited warranty on this product.

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You will find that packing up your needed vacation items with a travel envelope will keep your luggage much neater and more organized. Plus, you will be able to fit more items in your bag than before due to the compression technology in these durable travel accessories.



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