12 Awesome Avengers Suitcases That Will Make Traveling with Kids Fun!

For years, the mighty Avengers superhero team been one of the most popular superhero groups in the world with exciting comic books and films that have captured the imagination of fans young and old. But what could be better than enjoying their movies? How about taking them on your next trip!

12 Awesome Avengers suitcases That Will Make Traveling With Kids Fun!Due to the popularity of the franchise, a number of exciting Avengers suitcases have hit the market, featuring the many superheroes who have joined the group. These cases are durable yet lightweight, have plenty of room for all of your vacation clothes, and they will turn heads as you walk through the airport.

We have skewered the internet to find the best Avengers suitcases on the market. We love them, ourselves and our family never misses an Avengers movie. While our boys are too old for themed luggage, we wanted to share these suggestions with you, as we're sure traveling families are going to love these!

Let's start the list!

Iron Man Circle Shaped Suitcase

As the leader of the Avengers, Iron Man has to be flashy and strong, and this circular suitcase featuring the hero’s face is a great carrier for vacations.

It has a durable polycarbonate composite exterior and efficient inline wheels. Inside, it has a spacious interior with zippered compartments and 16-inches of space for clothes and toiletries. It also has a trolley handle that makes it easy for your little one to handle.

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Iron Man Disney Ultimate Suitcase

This splashy Iron Man suitcase screams Avengers and will make any kid a hit as they walk to their terminal. The case features Iron Man on the cover with a vibrant red that goes from the handle to the wheels.

This suitcase offers plenty of space and cross tension straps so that all clothes and accessories stay in their place as you roll about. The look is complete with rotating wheels, easy to zipper compartments, and it has an Iron Man mask engraved into the handle as well. This is another great effort from the dependable Samsonite brand.

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Spider-Man Soft Side Luggage

The newest member of the Avengers introduces some great luggage, including this colorful suitcase that features vintage Spider-Man graphics that look like the old comic books. The exterior also features inline wheels, zipper closures, and a retractable handle.

Inside, there is space for superhero pajamas and graphic novels. The case is made of a durable polyester that will last for years to come. This is also a great case for elementary students to use to take their supplies to school.

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Spider-Man Marvel Hardside Spinner Luggage

For a more updated look, this colorful and sleek Spider-man suitcase features artwork from the animated series. Perfect for kids, this extremely light suitcase is made of durable polycarbonate composite, which is also lightweight so the little ones can fill it up and still transport it easily.

This suitcase has a plush, frameless interior that allows space for clothes, school supplies, shoes, or whatever else kids need. It has durable zippers, 360-degree spinner wheels, and child-friendly handles. Best of all, this is carry-on approved, so that it can be brought on all planes.

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Captain America Carry-On Luggage

Captain America is one of the most popular Avengers, and this suitcase is a great addition to any collection. This case features very vivid artwork that looks different based on the angle you view it. A very cool bag for kids who love superheroes.

It is a large 18-inch carry-on that has room for a ton of clothes and is also capable of fitting in the overhead bin of an airplane. Outside, the case has several pockets including mesh sections on the side for small accessories and a zippered compartment on the front. It has smooth-rolling wheels and a handle for easy use.

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Captain America Hardshell Carry-On Luggage

Captain America provides another vibrant and colorful suitcase that is made from high-quality material that is durable and compression resistant, making it as secure as the hero himself. The adjustable handle is also a flexible aluminum alloy, and the wheels are made of wear-resistant rubber material. This is one tough suitcase!

The interior offers 20-inches of space for belongings and pockets for toiletries. What separates this case from the rest is its TSA-approved lock with a code that only the best heroes can decipher. As a bonus, the wheels have 360-degree functionality, and they are totally silent.

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Avengers Hardshell Luggage

When the Avengers combine, they produce even more awesome backpacks, such as this exciting suitcase that has the whole team on the front and bright, vibrant red around the sides. Made of durable plastic, this case is built to last a long time, but it is also lightweight enough for kids to bring around.

There is plenty of space inside with two compartments for clothes, toiletries, and more. The case is secured by a durable zipper, and the retractable handle provides easy maneuverability. Show off the latest Avengers artwork with this great suitcase.

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Avengers Rolling Luggage

You can look like a real Avenger with this suitcase from the official Disney store. This is an unforgettable case with a bright white exterior mixed with a raised Avengers logo and the Marvel tag for all to see. The exterior also includes a retractable push-button handle, elastic ribbons on the side, and four rotating wheels.

Inside, kids can store all of their superhero gear into a massive 21-inch compartment that features a fully lined interior and a special zipper compartment. This is a hardshell case, but it is also very light and can be used for school or vacation.

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Avengers Pilot Case

Kids can bring Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk along for the ride with them wherever they go with this soft and lightweight case that features the heroes and their weapons over a black and blue exterior.

The case features soft fabric straps along with a retractable handle so the youngsters can carry it anywhere they go with ease. Despite the name, this suitcase is great for boys and girls, and with plenty of pockets, it stores everything they need.

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Avengers Heys America Luggage

This suitcase is like a comic book brought to life, featuring Avengers new and old as they strike their most memorable poses. The case is ideal for travel by plane or car, and it is even a great fit for parents.

The model features 360-degree spinner wheels, a large handle that is retractable and easy to hold for big and small hands, and a zipper-release expansion system that enlarges the suitcase to 21-inches of packing space. Inside, there are zippered compartments along with a lined interior that will keep your belongings safe.

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Avengers Soft Side Suitcase

Inspired by the Avengers film, Infinity War, this suitcase will show everyone at the airport that you are a serious superhero. The exterior is very flashy and features all characters from Thor to Spider-Man.

The interior is just as exciting as the exterior with 16-inches of packing space, a fixed belt, and zippers that keep everything intact. This suitcase is carry-on approved at all airlines, and with a sturdy polyester exterior and solid craftsmanship, it will last the longest vacations.

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Avengers Heys Marvel Comics Suitcase

Now this suitcase really brings fans back to the origins of the Avengers! This very splashy suitcase features pictures of real-life comic books on front and back. It is history on wheels! This highly reviewed suitcase will turn heads in the airport, and it is light and easy to carry so you can zip through the lines.

The suitcase can lay down on either side, and four spinner wheels allow you to get from Point A to Point B without a fuss. Inside, it has a lined interior with zipper dividers that will enable you to pack a week’s worth of clothes while keeping everything separated. It is a great suitcase that will last for years to come.

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