10 Best Luggage Locks for International Travel

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There are so many amazing things about traveling to international destinations. You get a chance to learn about new cultures, see stunning sights, and sample the local cuisines.

Yet, all that excitement can be dampened a bit if you arrive at your destination to find your luggage was rifled through and a few of your possessions are missing. Unless you are traveling light with only a backpack or carryon, there is a good portion of your travel time where your luggage is not in your actual possession. That leaves it vulnerable to thieves seeking to nab your jewelry, electronic devices, or any cash you have stowed in your suitcase.

Locking Your Luggage

10 Best Luggage Locks for International TravelWorry about your possessions going missing isn't a reason to just stay at home. Especially when you can solve the issue with something as simple as a TSA-approved luggage lock. These simple devices can be clipped through the holes in your suitcase's zippers and stop any potential thieves from rooting around in your bag.

On the airplane isn't the only time these locks may come in handy either. They can also keep your luggage safe if you are staying in a hostel or traveling around your destination country via train. Some people even go a step further and lock up their bags to deter any nosy housekeeping workers in their hotel rooms.

It is good to keep in mind that a luggage lock is really only a deterrent. It will keep the curious or the thief that is looking for an easy target out of your bag. However, a person that is very determined to get into your suitcase will do so by breaking off the zippers or cutting through the side of the case. So, it is always important to keep your most valuable items with you in your carryon while traveling.

TSA-Approved Locks

When locking up your suitcase for airline travel, it is important to choose a TSA-approved lock. The agents have master keys for these approved models, and they are able to open your bag if they deem it suspicious or decide it needs additional screening. If you use a lock that is not TSA approved, and the agents need to get in your bag, they will simply cut the lock off.

Keep in mind, there are some international agents in various parts of the world that may not have the master keys to all of the TSA-approved locks. It is possible that your lock could still be cut if your bag is deemed suspicious in another country.

If you are ready to get a lock to protect your stuff from potential thieves, you will find several really good options below:

#1 SureLock Combination Cable Lock

Made from a super tough alloy, these locks can take a beating. They are guaranteed not to rust, and they won't freeze up even after years of use. The company offers a money-back guarantee because they are so sure of the high-quality of these locks.

You can choose from the classic black or one of the brightly colored options. The color choices include pink, purple, blue, green, gray, brown, and orange. They also come in multipacks which is great if you are traveling as a group or you like to pack multiple suitcases.

You can get all the details about the SureLock here. 

#2 Forge Combination Shackle Lock

These Forge locks have shackles made of hardened steel, and the internal locking mechanisms are made from a patented design. The company claims that they have created an unbreakable lock, and they are willing to back that statement up with a lifetime guarantee.

You can purchase these locks singly or in packs of two, four, or six. They also come in a range of colors including classic black, dark blue, pink, silver, light blue, orange, green, and purple.

If you are interested in the Forge lock, you can find the full listing details here. 

#3 Fosmon Combination Shackle Lock

With easy to read numbers on the combination and a shackle that is thin enough to slip through any style of zip-grip on a suitcase, these Fosmon locks are a good choice for many people. The body is made of a zinc alloy, and the shackle is a touch hardened steel that is impervious to damage.

You can purchase a single black lock, or Fosmon has four-packs available. The four-packs come in either a solid black set or the multicolored set that is pictured above.

You can learn all about the Fosmon lock here. 

#4 Fosmon Combination Cable Lock

Similar to the shackle lock outlined above, this Fosmon combination lock has the same easy to read combination numbers. However, instead of the shackle closure, it has a steel cable that is flexible but also incredibly strong.

This Fosmon lock comes in a multicolored four-pack which contains vibrant body colors of red, blue, green, and black.

Learn all the details about the Fosmon cable lock here. 

#5 TravelMore Combination Cable Lock

TravelMore has created a lock with a zinc alloy body that contains patented locking mechanisms. They are easy to set with a three-digit code, and the flexible steel cable slides easily through the zippers of just about any brand of luggage.

You can purchase these locks either singly or in multipacks of two, four, and six. TravelMore doesn't have as many color options as some of the other brands, but you can get the lock in the classic black or a highly visible orange.

Find out more about the TravelMore luggage lock here. 

#6 Anvil Combination Shackle Lock

A simple shackle that uses the twist and push method can offer luggage protection with a single click. The four-digit combination is easy to set, and it can be changed as often as desired. The body is made from a durable zinc alloy, and Anvil promises it will stand up to rough handling with their lifetime warranty.

You have plenty of choices when it comes to purchasing an Anvil lock including packs of one, two, four, or six. There are several color options available as well including school bus yellow, classic black, vibrant purple, and eye-catching orange.

Look at all the Anvil lock specifications here. 

#7 BV Combination Cable Lock

The BV lock offers 1000 different combination sequences that can be set as its three-digit code. The slender, flexible cable makes it compatible with nearly any type of luggage, and the company offers a three-year warranty on the product.

BV locks can be purchased in two-packs, and you can choose from the classic black, red, or silver body colors.

Get all the details for the BV lock here. 

#8 TACKLife Mini Cable Locks

These mini cable locks have a unique design that sets them apart from the other locks on this list. They are especially well suited for smaller bags such as laptop bags or garment bags. The body of the lock and the cable are corrosion-resistant and made from strong material such as zinc alloy and stainless steel. They are also rust-resistant even after getting wet.

This product is only available in the classic black, and the locks come in two-packs. You also get a user manual in your package that will show you how to properly use the locks to protect your belongings.

You can read more about the TACKlife mini lock here. 

#9 SureLock Keyed Shackle Lock

For those that have trouble remembering combinations, the keyed shackle lock by SureLock will be a better option. You get the same tough alloy and stainless steel internal mechanisms, but instead of having to keep up with a number combo, the lock comes with a handy key for unlocking.

You can get the keyed shackle lock in either a four-pack or a six-pack. The color options include black, blue, green, red, and pink.

Read all the details of the SureLock keyed lock here. 

#10 Lewis N. Clark Mini Keyed Shackle Lock

This mini lock is manufactured from steel and durable brass. The mini size is great for small pieces of luggage or even backpacks and gym bags. You get two keys just in case you lose one, and you don't have to worry about remembering your combination if you aren't a frequent traveler.

The brass color catches the eye and makes your bag easily recognizable on the airport conveyor belt. You can purchase this lock in a single pack or a three-pack.

Find out more about the Lewis N. Clark mini lock here. 

Now You are Ready for Travel

With this list of ten TSA-approved luggage locks, you can be confident that your belongings are protected even when they aren't within your sight. Having a luggage lock takes a bit of the anxiety out of travel whether you are going on your first trip or you are living the life of a digital nomad.

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