10 Smallest Folding Luggage Carts [That We Could Find on Amazon]

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10 Smallest Folding Luggage Carts [We Could Find on Amazon]

There are plenty of reasons to travel: work, vacations, visiting family, but no matter your reason for taking a trip, you will generally find yourself with some luggage.

If your bags are not already equipped with wheels, it can be a real pain getting your luggage through the airport or train station, not to mention lugging your bags around your hotel! Elevators are not found in every single property.

Depending on the airport and the airlines that you are flying on, you may be required to check your luggage cart with your suitcases. If you aren't planning on checking any bags, you will want to confirm with your airline whether or not the cart will be allowed as a carry-on item.

10 Small Foldable Luggage Carts

In order to make traveling a little bit easier, you may want to consider getting a folding luggage cart.

These items make the logistics of traveling much simpler. Below is a list of our favorite small luggage carts to help you find the best options for your next travel session.

Coocheer Aluminum Folding Luggage Cart

The Coocheer cart is easy to fold and unfold, and it is adjustable to ensure comfort. It is made of plastic and lightweight metal, which makes it easy to pack and carry, but it is still capable of carrying up to 80 pounds.

The size, when folded, is 28 x 41cm, and the unloaded cart weighs 3.5 pounds. The wheels make very little noise even when loaded, and the cart comes with cords for keeping everything securely attached.

Samsonite Compact Folding Luggage Cart

The Samsonite cart is highly maneuverable, and it has oversized wheels to handle more rugged terrain like cobblestone streets or uneven pavement. It has support straps that can be adjusted to suit your luggage shapes and sizes.

It has an approved weight capacity of 70 pounds, and it weighs 2.8 pounds when unloaded. Travelers can use it with large briefcases, duffel bags, and suitcases. If traveling on a plane, it will fold down small enough to fit in the overhead compartment.

Ultimaxx Folding Compact Travel Trolley

A sturdy design that is both rugged and durable, the Ultimaxx is fully collapsible and works especially well with the Ultimaxx Pro Series backpacks. It is lightweight and made of metal and black plastic.

The unloaded cart weighs in at 2.1 pounds, and the wheels are about 2.5 inches. It has a comfortable plastic handle for pulling, and it comes with a bungee for securing bags to the cart. This model has two wheels and two feet that allow it to stand up when you aren't pulling it.

Portable Luggage Cart

This folding luggage cart offers handle tilts to make it easier to lug through a busy airport, and the loading base can be extended all the way out to 18 inches.

This is a pretty hefty cart that can be used to move stuff around your house as well as all of your travel luggage. Yet, it can still be folded up for easy storage.

Mount it! Luggage Cart

This folding luggage cart adds a bit of fun with its electric blue rugged wheels. It is sturdy while still being lightweight and is made from durable materials. The included adjustable strap allows you to anchor your bags to keep them from shifting while you are rushing to catch a plane or train.

This luggage cart weighs less than 3 pounds when unloaded, and it can carry up to 77 pounds worth of luggage. The platform for your bags or boxes is made of thick plastic, and the handle is made from a metal that has been painted black.

FCH Portable Folding Hand Cart

This cart has a telescoping handle that can extend all the way out to 39 inches, which makes it a good choice for taller travelers.

It also comes with a bungee cord for attaching your bags, and it can fold down to a slim 2-inch thick. Made of lightweight materials, the FCH is easy to maneuver.

The handles are made from rust-proof aluminum, and the cart can carry 165 pounds. The unloaded cart weighs six pounds, and it can fit in an overhead compartment on an airplane. There is no assembly required as the FCH is ready to use right out of the box.

Royi Folding Hand Truck

A 4-wheel folding luggage cart, the Royi weighs just 4 pounds, but it is capable of lugging up to 155 pounds worth of luggage. It is quite durable as the drawbar is made from thickened steel, and the rugged rubber wheels are wear-resistant. It comes in two sizes: version one and version two.

Version one is smaller than version two, but the wheels are more rugged and able to handle rougher terrain.  The base of both models is made of thickened plastic, and they come with flat bungee cords for securing your items.

KEDSUM Folding Hand Truck

This is a versatile cart as it folds up to a very manageable size and can be stowed in a car, overhead bin, or even a locker. The base plate is extendable to better accommodate your luggage needs, and it is made of durable, thickened plastic and steel. The weight capacity is 155 pounds.

The wheels are wear-resistant for smooth operation, and the KEDSUM cart comes with a black bungee cord for securing items. The extendable handle makes it a comfortable cart for travelers of varying heights; stretched to its maximum length, it reaches 34.5 inches.

Find all the details of the KEDSUM cart here. 

Foldable Hand Truck

This large-capacity cart has a sturdy design with an aluminum alloy frame. It has a max capacity of 300 pounds, and the casters can swivel 360º.  The handle is extendable, and it can be set at three different heights: 53 cm, 75 cm, and 95 cm.

When folded, it is a flat 49 x 32 cm, and it can easily be stored in the trunk of a car or a closet. The unloaded cart weighs 5.5 pounds, and it can be pushed or pulled with ease.

Travel Smart Compact Folding Cart

This compact folding travel cart is made from aluminum and durable black plastic, and it can support up to 75 pounds of luggage. The 3" wheels are smooth-rolling, and there is a bungee cord included with your cart for securing luggage.

The unloaded cart weighs 3.2 pounds, and it folds down small enough to be taken on the airplane. This cart is good for taking carry-on bags or child car seats through the airport or train station.

Luggage carts can make travel much easier, especially if you tend to pack on the heavier side. In addition to travel, these carts are versatile enough to be used for trips to the grocery store or when lugging a cooler to the beach or a tailgating event.

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