9 Types of Travel Packing Organizers You Should Know

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Keeping one's belongings organized when traveling can be a chore, but not if you have the right packing organizers! What is out there, though?

Well, turns out there are many setups for packing your stuff together, going way beyond the traditional suitcase and toiletry bag. We've investigated the options out there to bring you this list of types of travel organizers that can make your next trip far more well-organized!

9 Types of Travel Packing Organizers You Should Know

Our list of travel packing organizers types includes -

  1. Travel packing cubes
  2. Packing folders
  3. Packing sacks
  4. Compression bags
  5. Gadget organizers
  6. Shoe bags
  7. Toiletry kits
  8. First Aid kits
  9. Jewelry organizers

Let's review each type in more detail and give examples, too.

1. Travel Packing Cubes

Travel cubes are cube-shaped containers that zip closed and can be used for separating and organizing different items when packing.

These can be used to organize your clothes into sections, as well as shoes, beauty products, personal hygiene items, and more. You could use different cubes for the various days of your trip. Or use one for each member of the family.

YAMIU Packing Cubes

These water-resistant cubes can protect your clothes and shoes. Separate your clean clothes from your dirty laundry by using separate cubes for each.

You can put your travel accessories to keep your luggage tidy and neatly organized. The cubes are lightweight and made of high-quality nylon fabric with strong double zippers. This perfect life-saver can be used for long trips or a weekend-long trip.

2. Packing Folders

Packing folders are great for traveling with clothing that can be easily wrinkled. They allow you to carefully fold your garments and close them up so they remain tidy.

This 15” fabric packing folder makes traveling with wrinkle-free shirts, women’s cardigans, dresses, t-shirts and blouses less difficult. These folders can hold up to 5 to 10 items in total.

Add these folders to your traveling supplies and accessories and make organizing your luggage an easy process. Make sure that you do not overstuff the folders because the velcro will only close to a certain point and has the potential to open if the folders are overloaded.

3. Packing Sacks

Packing Sacks are travel bags that you can squeeze the air out of. They are very similar to compression bags. They allow you to save space when traveling by minimizing the space that your garments take up in your luggage.

Travel Storage Bags

These travel bags will save a lot of space. They are perfect if you are packing bulkier items such as jackets, pillows, sweaters, towels, and more.

These travel bags also protect against odors. You will probably find this convenient while traveling. The space-saver aspect of these travel bags can be especially useful for air travel.

The waterproof aspect of these travel bags will help protect your belongings against light rain, humidity, or dew if you are outside or on a camping trip.

4. Compression Bags

Compression bags enable the traveler to either suck the excess air from their garments or they can roll the bags up to expel the air. Once compressed, the bags take up much less space in your luggage, which will free up more room to bring home souvenirs!

Travel Space Saver Bags

These compression bags protect your clothes from odors, bugs, moths, dust, or dampness. They are airtight, too. You do not need a vacuum or pump to have vacuum packaging for clothing.

The only thing you need is to zip the roll-up suction bags and push the air out through the valves near the bottom of the bag.

5. Gadget Travel Organizers

Ever get about halfway through a long trip and find yourself frustrated because you can't find the gadget that you need? Or the charger for your laptop or cell phone?

A gadget organizer can help eliminate that frustration by providing a home for your gadgets and gizmos when you are on the road. They also are usually padded to provide an additional layer of protection for your gear.

LANPA Double Layer Gadgets Travel Bag

This gadget travel organizer has a double-layer nylon interior compartment. It also has enough space to hold a wide variety of items, such as flash disks, cables, USB drives, Headphone Power, and more.

The padded, semi-flexible covers offer decent protection for electronic accessories. The lightweight and roomy design makes carrying everything you need when you are on the go easy.

6. Shoe Bags

Shoe bags are a must for protecting your Jimmy Choos from scuffs and scrapes, as well as keeping the dirt from your hiking boots off your clean laundry. Make sure that you have a separate bag for each pair of shoes for maximum protection.

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

These shoe bags have a decent design for home and travel use. They make carrying shoes to and from the gym with ease. They can also be used to keep your shoe dust-free in the closet and as a makeup or toiletries bag.

7. Toiletry Kits

Another important kit to have in your travel repertoire is a toiletry kit. One of these can help to corral all of your grooming necessities while providing you with an easy way to transport them to the bathroom when you bathe.

Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag

This bag (Dopp kit) has a nylon inner lining and a water-resistant inner bottom. The exterior leather is high-grade PU leather. Steel zips give this bag a decent amount of durability.

This bag includes two separate large zipped storage compartments that can easily fit a wide variety of travel and shaving accessories.

8. Medicine Kits

A medicine kit is a very important item to carry with you as you never know what you may need. A basic first aid kit can be very handy. You can also use this as a place to carry all of your medications so they are easy to find and keep track of.

Just remember that important medicines should always be placed in a purse or your carry-on luggage so you don't run the risk of getting lost during your travels.

299-Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit

This kit contains 299 essential first aid supplies for treating minor injuries and aches as well. A clear plastic liner in this nylon case is used for organization and easy access to first aid supplies.

There is an emergency soft-sided, zippered case that is great for home, travel, and on-the-go use as well.

9. Jewelry Organizers

If you love your jewelry but get frustrated when your earrings and necklaces get tangled up in the side pocket of your luggage, then you might want to consider a jewelry organizer.

A good one will have multiple individual pockets to help you keep your precious items from becoming lost, broken, or tangled.

BB Brotrade Hanging Jewelry Organizer

This jewelry organizer is a great option for those who want to be able to hang their jewelry organizer on a closet pole, door, or wall. It has a transparent PVC window that makes it easy to view and protect items as well.

It is durable and looks great, too. There is no need to put all of your jewelry in one place and then go on a quest to find your little rings or earrings.

So, what do you think? Did we miss any travel organizers that you like and use? Leave us a comment to let us know!

9 Types of Travel Packing Organizers You Should Know

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