Warp Into Toadstool Café Universal’s Super Mario Bros-themed Dining Extraordinaire

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Super Mario world showing lots of details in Super Mario at Osaka, Japan

NEWS - Have you wondered what it would be like to enter a warp zone straight into a Super Mario Bros game to arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom? Universal Studio brings guests that experience by welcoming visitors into a Super Mario-themed restaurant called the Toadstool Café inside the park.

Marvel At Chef Toad’s Café

The Toadstool Café comes from the minds of Nintendo, collaborating with Universal Studios at the Hollywood and Japan locations. The original Kinopio’s Café, which is the Japanese name for Toad’s Café, first opened in 2021 in Universal Studios Japan.

Entrance of the NIntendo World at Osaka, Japan

On February 17, 2023 Super Mario fans in the US can experience this restaurant without traveling halfway around the world. Interested customers can’t miss the attraction as the café has an entrance shaped like a mushroom.

Inside, the restaurant boasts 265 seats, with mushroom-themed décor as far as the eyes can see. Warp pipes hang from the ceiling, and there’s also a window-shaped screen allowing guests to view Toad’s crew preparing the food.

The café has a meticulous design to recreate the Mushroom Kingdom found in the Super Mario Bros games. Aside from the dining areas, even the garbage disposal areas have that “Mushroom Kingdom” touch.

Have A Taste Of Mushroom Kingdom’s Delicacies

Chef Toad curated a mouth-watering menu himself. Some food and beverage options diners can order are:

  • Toadstool Cheesy Garlic Knots
  • Yoshi’s Favorite Fruit and Veggie Salad
  • Mario Burger (and a Luigi-themed option, too!)
  • Chef Toad Short Rib Special
  • Power-Up Spaghetti Marinara
  • "?" Block Tiramisu
  • Princess Peach Cupcake
  • Super Star Lemon Squash drink

There are also vegetarian and gluten-free choices for customers with specific dietary needs. Customers can locate the Toadstool Café by heading inside the Super Nintendo World section of Universal Studios Hollywood.

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Super Nintendo World’s Other Attractions

Scenery at the entrance of Nintendo World.Super Nintendo World is a themed area at Universal Studios Japan

Also opening on the same date as the Toadstool Café, Super Nintendo World welcomes the public on February 17, 2023. Guests can enjoy other attractions while staying in this area of the theme park.

Some examples are:

Ride The Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge

Step into one of Mario’s go-carts, put on special goggles, and battle Team Bowser through different racing courses. You won’t be fighting Super Mario’s famous villains alone for Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach will help you along the way.

@realmousevibes Mario Kart: Bowsers Challenge ride through at #UniversalStudiosHollywood #supernintendo #supernintendoworld #mariokart #themeparks #universalstudios ♬ original sound - ✌🏽 Mouse Vibes ✌🏽

Aim For A High Score

Guests can also purchase an interactive Power-Up Band to interact with different features and objects while staying in Super Nintendo World. Users still need to set up the band with its dedicated app for it to work properly.

Then, you can use the Power-Up Band on attractions like Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. The band will keep your score so you can compare your progress with other riders.

Users can also wave the Power-Up Band in hidden locations around Super Nintendo World. Doing so will let you see hidden Easter eggs.

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Meet And Greet Mario And The Mushroom Kingdom Gang

Come face-to-face with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach as they walk around Super Nintendo World. Walk up to these iconic individuals for a quick photo opportunity.

The Super Mario main characters Mario and Luigi

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Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is both a film studio and a theme park in Los Angeles, California. The entertainment facility offers different forms of attractions, amenities, and features, such as Super Nintendo World.

Interested customers with concerns or inquiries can call the park at +1 800-864-8377.

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