Braving The Freeze With Laughter: Texans Share Their Lighthearted Moments During The Ice Storm

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NEWS - Residents in the Southern United States faced tough times last week due to a severe ice storm. The storm caused widespread disruptions, including power outages, flight cancellations, road closures, and car accidents. 

Although the storm was challenging for many, Texans found ways to inject humor into the situation. When it comes to cold weather, Texans aren't used to it! The state usually experiences beautiful, sunny skies and scorching temperatures. So, when the cold strikes, it's not familiar territory.

Funny videos were all over Tiktok, posted by Texans showcasing their lighthearted moments during the storm. Here are some of our favorites!

This photo of frozen branches with crossing sign in the background taken after the 2010 ice storm

Mom's Ice-cold Struggle Is Real

Tiktoker baileyjones813 posted a video of her mom "duckwalking" to the car in an attempt to not slide on the ice. When mom does get to the car, she fumbles with the car door handle and then realizes it wasn't unlocked! The video, as of writing, already has 14.7M views and over 2M likes! 

@baileyjones813 Us Texans dont know how to act😭💀 #icestorm #dfw #help #fyp ♬ original sound - Bailey Jones

In the comments section, viewers stated they were worried about mom driving on ice. Baileyjones813 replied to a comment asking if her mom arrived at her destination safely, and she replied, "Yes." Good to hear that mom is okay. And so is Bear!

Balancing Act

Tiktoker _catherine7788 posted a video of her partner and her son carrying food and drinks, struggling to walk up their drive. Melinda5712 commented, "The struggle is real. Good job on not spilling anything. A lot of fellow Texans were not so lucky, lol."

@catherine_7788 Still struggling in Texas! #icestorm ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

Doggies Ice Skating

Tiktoker ketogalsara uploaded a video of her dogs running and slipping on the ice. The post has 2.6M views and over 100K likes. She mentioned in the comments that her dogs are both doing fine. 

@ketogalsara Ice in Texas #texasicestorm #goldendoodle #dogsoftiktok #wipeout #fyp ♬ Wipe Out - The Wipe Outs

Special Report: Texas Is Now Closed

Tiktoker jackiebooth777 posted a comical video news-reporting-like style, saying, "Texas is now closed. We will open in 72 hours when we reach the temp of 75 degrees."

@jackiebooth777 thunder-ice storm 🥶 #texasweather #texasisfrozen #drivesafe #texanscanthandlethecold #wecantdriveinthis #thunder #breakingnews #wereclosed #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - Jackie

She had a follow-up video saying, "I'm sorry to interrupt your Tiktok scrolling, but Texas is currently coming out of hibernation, and we are currently melting. Texans, be prepared to go back to work tomorrow! "

Staying Cozy For Online Shopping

Tiktoker carlydays shared a funny video of her dancing all wrapped up in a blanket with the caption, "On my way to another ice day in Texas to sit on the couch and online shop for things I don't need."

@calydays Who else is iced in? 🫠😵‍💫 #QuakerPregrain #texas #texasicestorm #texasweather #texasfamily #texasmom #txmom #momsoftiktok #sahmsoftiktok #youngmom #momsunder30 ♬ original sound - tuckerbudzyn

The Texas Spirit

Behind the humor, these posts display the admirable toughness and determination of Texans to overcome adversity. We hope y'all are okay in Texas!

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