Lubbock City: A Happy Place That Rocks The South Plains

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Who says you can't have fun in a Wild West town?

After attending a three-day conference in Dallas-Fort Worth a few years back, I enjoyed a long drive with my sister in the middle of nowhere to her ranch-style home in northwest Texas. My expectation of Lubbock was low, especially during cold, uncolorful November.

The first few days gave me a feel of the relatively flat and dry landscape. No wonder I could identify with this travel vlogger who describes his hometown as "... pretty boring ... it's the flattest place on earth."

Since I was working online and couldn't drive, I only got to see a few of the so-called "Hub City's" tourist spots.

We toured around the beautiful Texas Tech University (TTU) and frequented Market Street. But I wasn't even able to shop at H-E-B. Nonetheless, I had a handful of experiences enough to bring about a paradigm shift.

Texas Tech University Seal made of red marble in Lubbock, United States

Lubbock, from the perspective of an outsider, is far from boring! It's worth revisiting, of course, not only because my sister and her family are there.

Get ready for an outstanding tour as I reveal the gems in the flattest place on earth.

Friendly Vibe

It's a small-town charm you can't ignore. Lubbock people exude that warm and welcoming spirit you'd expect from the Bible belt neighborhood wherever you visit: a clinic, school, or grocery counter.

This collective psyche translates from the inside out to a green-leaning community. Lubbock is a leader in eco-friendliness in the Lone Star State.

One Of Texas' Greenest Cities

Eco-friendly as it is, it trailblazes a number of sustainable businesses and organizations. One good example is the South Plains Food Bank, which collects and distributes surplus food to those in need while at the same time reducing food waste.

Many local restaurants and cafes in the city also utilize locally sourced ingredients and promote farm-to-table practices.

The number of green spaces and parks, including Mackenzie Park, offers hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, and a planetarium. The city's parks also create a space for the community to converge and enjoy the region's natural beauty.

Country road and large trees Mackenzie Park, Lubbock, Texas

No Frightening Wildlife

As for the flat and dry topography, the good thing is it's not like Florida, where you see alligators on the streets and giant cockroaches flying in your kitchen or backyard.

Phew! I was glad I only saw giant species skeletons at TTU Museum and a lame blonde cockroach under the kitchen sink!

Tortilla Factory

Fresh tortilla wraps with chicken and fresh vegetables on plate

If you're a foodie who loves Mexican food like fajitas, quesadillas, and burritos, you'll have a happy tummy when you try out these 15 best places for tortillas in Lubbock.

My favorite is Rosa's Cafe & Tortilla Factory. The West Texas-founded restaurant (three of which are in Lubbock) has the softest made-from-scratch tortillas in town!

Dollar Tree

This is where I lost my mind. The quality thrift store has seven locations in Lubbock. Maybe we shopped at three or four branches, and my niece was freaking out each time I would get mesmerized by the awesome finds.

Imagine they're now selling each item at $1.25from candy, chocolates, snacks, toys, gift ideas, party supplies, stationery, craft materials, housewares, health and beauty products, and so on. As you'll see in the video belowwho wouldn't get high when shopping at Dollar Tree?

Buddy Holly

Yes, Lubbock rocks as the musical mecca of West Texas! Being the rock-and-roll pioneer's birthplace, it takes pride in the Buddy Holly Center and the West Texas Walk of Fame.

The King of Rock and Roll's legacy lives on with Lubbock's flourishing music industry. The city's nightlife features new and promising talents on various center stages every week.

Buddy Holly memorial for the rock and roll singer and artist

More To Discover

Blissful environment, happy tummy, fabulous finds, and a thrilled ear for music!

Now, if you're not an eco-activist, a tortilla foodie, a Dollar Tree shopaholic, or a rock and roll fan, Lubbock still has much more to offer than meets the eye. It may not be the first city that comes to mind when planning a trip to Texas, but it's definitely worth visiting!

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