Rescuing Stranded Drivers During An Ice Storm Texas Realtor Turns Hero

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NEWS - As winter's icy grip tightened, travelers along Interstate-20, westbound, were caught off guard by a sudden ice storm. The treacherous weather wreaked havoc on the roads, posing a significant threat to drivers and leaving many stranded.

For days, the ice continued to accumulate, making roadways hazardous and, in some cases, completely impassable. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, one individual rose to the occasion, offering aid to stranded travelers and proving that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit can shine through.

 semi-trucks on interstate highway IH35 during cold freezing storm

Drivers were stranded on roads throughout the southern state. Tires just don't grip a solid sheet of ice! Even worse, some vehicles slid backward on roadway elevations, crashing into things being their only stopping point.

Patrick Abell, the Good Samaritan Realtor, and Jeep Enthusiast

An off road truck that has broken down on a rural track in the middle of a snow storm and has been abandoned by the driver

Fortunately, someone was there to save the day! Patrick Abell took it upon himself to reach out to travelers during this treacherous weather event. Patrick is a realtor, and Garland resident, who drove down 18 miles to get to Dallas to assist stranded drivers along the roads.

Patrick used his Jeep, equipped with shackles and straps to pull the stranded vehicles from the icy roads.

One rescued driver, Andre Owens, was behind the wheel of a Chevy Silverado. "Being a good samaritan, he came and helped me out, so I appreciate it. I'm very appreciative of that," Owens shared.

Patrick is always available when people need assistance down the road. He has the tools, equipment, and know-how needed for just about every situation.

"Just out having fun. I've been picking people up and taking them to work. Checking on houses. Doing what we do," he said.

He loves to serve others! Patrick also has a group of friends that he coordinates with who also assist people during difficult times.

Helping Travelers in Need During Treacherous Weather Conditions

Semi truck off the road at check station during bad road conditions and accidents in first winter storm of the season

Despite the dangerous ice-covered roads, Patrick continued driving his Jeep to assist anyone in need such as picking up groceries for those unable to leave their homes and giving people a ride to where they wanted to be, noted CBS News.

Patrick is indeed there to lend a helping hand to everyone. The best part is that those attempting to travel loved it! It's amazing to see how one person can make such a big impact and spread so much joy.

The video below shows the situation on the roads of Dallas and how Patrick Abell saved drivers stuck in ice:

According to CBS, there were also icy road conditions in I-30 west last February 23, 2022, when people in their Jeeps were on a mission to help anyone in need.

These volunteers stated in their interview with CBS about how it feels to be stuck in the cold and they don't want anyone to experience that.

They want to help people get back on the road as soon as possible, so they can be safe and warm at their desired destination. The Jeep drivers' selflessness has touched the hearts of many and has brought a positive light to these difficult times.

Travelers Share Gratitude and Hope in the Face of Adversity

White big rig industrial semi truck with grille guard transporting cargo in dry van semi trailer standing on road shoulder of a winter highway during a snow storm near Shasta Lake in California

One person commented, "I've seen these guys during past ice storms helping people. These are Texans at their best. Good Americans. Thank you for what you do."

Patrick has also done good deeds in the past, as one of the commenters had experienced his assistance, saying, "I was helped by this hero!"

Others were in awe seeing the video about Patrick helping the stranded drivers down the roads.

"I believe there are angels among us! God Bless!!"

"There is a reason we are called the friendly state," one proud Texan expressed.

"People helping people is how it SHOULD BE," another onlooker stated.

"Jeepers Savers! Kudos to those guys! I’m a trucker too and I can definitely feel the gratitude that my fellow truckers are feeling from those guys! Stay safe out there everyone!" an appreciative trucker wholeheartedly commented.

"People are awesome!!!! The state is the people! Wonderful!" another observer remarked.

These stranded drivers had probably lost hope in getting safely off the road, but luckily, this good samaritan came to rescue them.

Patrick's act of kindness greatly benefited the folks driving through Texas, and people will forever appreciate his good deed.

His actions are a lesson, reminding us that things can get better, no matter what happens, since good people like Patrick Abell may come to help you.

What can you say about his good acts? Let us know your thoughts by commenting down below!

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