Don’t Look Down! Eating A Meal In A Giant Ferris Wheel May Have Your Head Spinning

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NEWS - Have you ever wanted to eat dinner while admiring the skyline of the city you're visiting? How about dining in the sky? If you don't mind hopping on a flight to Dubai, Budapest, Sydney, or Seattle, you can have dinner with a very high view.

Friends watching the beautiful view of the Dubai Skyline inside the cabin of the biggest Ferris Wheel in the world

Sky dining from the enclosed pod of a Ferris wheel is a continuing post-Covid trend worth traveling for! Check out these Ferris wheel restaurants.

Ain Dubai

Currently, the Ain Ferris wheel in Dubai is the tallest and (overall) largest Ferris wheel in the world.

Talk about taking dinner to new heights. You can make a reservation during the day or evening and hop aboard for a beautiful vantage point while dining. You can enjoy a picture-perfect view of the cityscape, bask in the sunset, or marvel at the glowing skyline.

You'll feel secure in the enclosed dining pod, where guests face inward toward one another for intimate ambiance (and selfie opportunities!). The food served is gourmet. You can expect a lavish four-course meal with an appetizer, starter, main course, and a stunning dessert. All of this will be perfectly laid out on your table.

One of the more exciting features of this dining experience is that various cultures are represented in the food offerings. This isn't a one-size-fits-all establishment, so expect to have something you'll love.

You can expect to spend $1,200 on your dinner for a party of eight.

This daredevil decided he should take his morning coffee into the sky:

@rayna_tours Ain Dubai 😍🎡 Worlds Largest Ferris Wheel! 🎥@faz3 #dubai #aindubai #fyp ♬ original sound - Rayna Tours

If you're a thrill-seeker and happen to enjoy good food, Ain Dubai is one of those places where you can get all your fixes in one outstanding trip.

Budapest Eye Ferris Wheel

The famous Budapest Eye ferris wheel in Elisabeth square

Another ride-and-dine experience is located in Budapest, Hungary. This wheel boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant, an excellent perk for foodie travelers.

To ride the Budapest Eye Ferris wheel, guests can book a reservation in a pod, where they'll dine and see all Budapest offers from great heights. Guests can also expect world-class service and delicious food aboard this Ferris wheel.

The masterminds behind this European dine-and-ride concept are the owners of Costes, the Michelin-starred restaurant worth  raving about.

An interesting feature of this Ferris wheel restaurant is that the pods are much smaller than Ain Dubai's.

If you're not afraid of tiny spaces, this meal could be a new item to add to your bucket list. You can expect your meal to be served as you ride. Each time you pass the lower prep level, one of four courses is provided.

For pricing, guests can expect their tickets to be around $155.

The concept of Ferris wheel dining came about during the pandemic, which significantly hurt Budapest's restaurant industry. The innovative Ferris wheel and restaurant pulled through a rocky patch and even sold out a few times.

You can also hop on the Budapest Eye for a late-night ride with champagne, so you and your guests have plenty of options.

@tatikapaya save this for a future trip 🤩 #budapest #travel #traveltiktok #europetravel #ferriswheel #europe ♬ som original - g🎧

Luna Park Ferris Wheel

If you're still looking for dinner with a view, it might be worth investing in a trip to the Luna Park Ferris wheel in Sydney, Australia.

This brightly-colored Ferris wheel offers food and "high tea," which is perfect for those wanting a few dining experiences aboard the ride.

Ferries Wheel at Luna Park, Sydney

According to those who've experienced a meal on Luna Park's Ferris wheel, guests will be served a three-course meal, all within the privacy of their pod.

There's also a dedicated wine pairing for meals aboard the Luna Park Ferris wheel, so this is the perfect date night (or afternoon) for visitors.

You can see how stunning the daytime views are in this video:

Of course, as night falls, you'll be able to dine while enjoying the sights of Sydney.

High tea is served in the afternoon, so for daytime snackers, that's our recommendation.

Price-wise, guests have spent upwards of $400 on a dinner for two, so this is one of the more expensive Ferris wheel experiences.

Would you spend this much for panoramic views of Sydney Harbour while you dine?

Another fun fact about Luna Park is that it has other rides and things to do. So, if you're feeling adventurous after dinner: why not try some thrill-seeking?

Check out this TikTok user's POV of Luna Park at night:

@thesydneyadventurer What’s your fav ride at Luna Park? I love the Wild Mouse and Tango Train ✨ #sydney #lunapark #amusementpark #sydneyweekend #rides #rollercoaster #ferriswheel follow me for more fun places in Sydney! #sydneyaustralia #fun #family #friends ♬ original sound - EX7STENCE™

You can see how this makes for the perfect late-night adventure after a stunning meal in the sky.

Seattle's Great Wheel

Circling back to the United States, you can dine in the Great Wheel in Seattle.

This iconic landmark for tourists and residents offers "the dinner experience of a lifetime over 200 feet above the ground."

The scenic Seatle skyline

For those interested in the Great Wheel, tables seat two to four people and are enclosed in private dining pods.

One of the interesting things about this dining experience is that the food comes from the Fisherman's Restaurant, the local restaurant below.

This is the Great Wheel's sibling establishment, so you're also supporting a local eatery when you ride and dine.

Who doesn't love supporting local restaurants?!

Your meal should be priced around $152.50 per person, so this is one of the less expensive dinners on our list.

There's plenty to enjoy on the Great Wheel Seattle, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

Here's how one couple had their date 200 feet up in the sky

@lifescapades 🌹I prefer my dates 200 ft above water wbu 🎡 #seattletiktok #seattledateidea #seattlefoodie #ferriswheel #seattletok #coolrestaurants #traveltiktok ♬ Pascal Letoublon - Friendships(Remix) - 杨邪

Doesn't this seem like the perfect date spot?

Sometimes, you've got to go big with the dinner reservation.

Have you dined on a Ferris wheel before? Do you have any fun Ferris wheel stories to share?

Let us know in the comments below! Safe travels 😉

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