Beyonce Just Got Paid $24 Million to Perform At This Dubai Hotel

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NEWS - Last week, the internet caught wind of Beyonce performing at a luxury hotel in Dubai: and it's safe to say people's reactions were just as astounding as the performance!

Atlantis The Royal is a new high-end hotel and resort in Dubai, the mecca of luxury.

What's even more interesting is that to kick off the grand opening, the hotel flew Beyonce out to perform a medley of her greatest hits.

BEYONCE performing on the stage

It's reported the vocalist made a whopping $24 MILLION to headline this opening event, which is more than most people make in their lifetimes.

Hey, it's Beyonce: she is Queen B.

This is the star's first live performance in a few years, adding to the hype behind this hotel's grand opening.

Clearly, the budget was unlimited, so we're glad they went with first-class entertainment.

Here's one concert attendee who got an up-close glimpse of the icon:

The room Beyonce stayed in at Atlantis The Royal costs $100,000 per night.

Another jaw-dropping number from this illustrious hotel story is that the suite Atlantis The Royal put Beyonce in costs a whopping $100,000 per night!

The 12,141-square-foot Royal Mansion residence at Atlantis The Royal, Dubai opens next month to the public, which will be very interesting to see from a "regular" person's POV.

Again, how regular can one be to spend six figures per night on a hotel room?

It's also being reported that Beyonce made an estimated $280,000 per minute for her private concert in Dubai, which is more than enough for an all-inclusive stay here at this resort.

Atlantis The Royal is a five-star resort aiming to be one of the greatest in the world.

Royal atlantis resort residences

For anyone curious about what comes with the "Beyonce suite," you'll be greeted by a chauffeur, who will escort you to and from your star-studded accommodation.

This suite is two stories, featuring four perfectly-crafted bedrooms.

If you love greenery, the Royal Mansion residence also features 100-year-old olive trees and sky-high ceilings to add to the already insane ambiance.

Would anyone like a century-old olive?

This entire hotel is one for the history books. It features a world-class selection of restaurants (17 to be exact), along with a few eateries run by Michelin-rated chefs.

Atlantis The Royal also has the world's largest jellyfish aquarium.

Woman in front of a jellyfish tank

Moving into the other unusually perfect touches to this hotel, Atlantis The Royal also features the world's largest jellyfish aquarium.

The display is said to have a fire feature (how much crazier does this place get), so try and stay back a few feet. Fire AND jellyfish: what could go wrong?

Do you think Beyonce got to see the jellyfish? Did the jellyfish get to see HER?

These are the pressing questions we journalists need to focus on.

Atlantis The Royal Begins Service to Guests on February 10th

Royal Atlantis hotel and residences view from the seaside

According to the mega-hotels official site, you can also book a stay starting February 10th. If you're comfortable shelling out at least $1,390 per evening, this could be the next stop on your list.

Here are some room rates we were able to pull from the web (as of writing January 2023):

  • Room, 1 King Bed (Palmscape) - $1,390 per night
  • Room, 2 Queen Beds (Seascape) - $1,447 per night
  • Room, 2 Queen Beds (Palmscape) - $1,538 per night
  • Club Room, 1 King Bed (Royal) - $1,721 per night
  • Club Room, 2 Queen Beds (Royal) - $1,891 per night
  • Two Bedroom Sky Terrace Suite - $5,080 per night
  • Three Bedroom Sky Terrace Suite - $6,971 per night

Enjoy 43 stories of pure luxury while staying at this five-star property.

If you're looking for nightlife or even daytime action at Atlantis The Royal, the hotel offers endless party/lounge spaces.

Here are a few we'd love to party with Beyonce at:

  1. WHITE Beach Club (they claim it's "Instagrammable")
  2. Cloud22 - a fun dance club and entertainment space
  3. Nobu by the Beach (technically a restaurant, but there are also pools)
  4. Wavehouse (featuring a bowling alley, arcade, and wave rider)
  5. Skyblaze Fountain - the region's first fire-meets-water spectacle.

So, what's stopping you from booking a stay (besides potentially spending $100,000)?

Have you all heard about this hotel? Did you love seeing Beyonce perform live across social media?

Leave us a comment below!

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