A Fairytale Romance at Disneyland Sweethearts’ Nite 2023

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NEWS - This year, Disneyland's annual Sweetheart Night continues!

And we're here to share the love with you as tickets are currently unavailable for the January 31st through February 14th event.

But if you want to see what's happening beneath Disney's starry skies, we've got a glimpse at the nightlife that couples and singles alike are adding to their lists of best (romantic even) moments of 2023!

Disneyland's annual Sweetheart Night with fireworks and couple having a moment, A Fairytale Romance at Disneyland Sweethearts' Nite 2023

Loving After-hours Events At Disneyland's Sweethearts' Nights 2023

This will continue the new annual event Disneyland holds for adult guests, which has become a favorite for couples and even singles to mingle. So, plan ahead for next year to get your tickets to attend the exclusive after-hours 9 PM to 1 AM festivities.

The Disney company emphasizes that Sweethearts' Nite is all in the "name of love—with an extra pinch of pixie dust," so this is already making out to be a fan-favorite celebration.

2023 Sweetheart Festivities

Unique Character Encounters

At Sweethearts' Nite, fans are keeping a keen lookout for special character sightings. All the notable princes and princesses will be on the premises, of course!

Spy Cinderella and Prince Charming sneaking a kiss or even Mickey and Minnie holding hands.

Here are Snow White and her Prince, sporting their finest attire and celebrating Valentine's Day together!

@finding_denny Disneyland Sweethearts Nite. #disneyland #disneyparks #disney #sweetheartsnite #disneylandafterdark @disneyparks ♬ Flowers - Miley Cyrus

Look! Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen are getting things heated in the kitchen, where lucky visitors can cook to their heart's content to celebrate Valentine's Day.

@finding_denny Disneyland! Sweethearts Nite! #disneyparks #disneyland #disney @disneyparks ♬ original sound - Denny

According to Disney insiders, visitors are indulging in romantically-themed desserts, merchandise, and photo ops throughout the world-class theme park.

Lighting Hearts Aglow And Dancing The Night Away

@thespookyblonde This is your sign! 😍💕 #distok #valentinesday #disneylandafterdark #disneyland #sweetheartsnight #disneytiktok ♬ original sound - The Spooky Blonde

Disneyland's Sweethearts' Nite has alluring music for dancing the night away with your partner or newfound flame!

Visitors attending the Royal Princess Ball waltz with Aurora and Prince Philip alongside other high-to-do guests. Look at how the dancers seem to float atop the ballroom floor while classic Disney medleys whisk them away!

@debbiewilsonn__ You can officially go to a Royal Ball at Disneyland! #sweetheartsnite #disneyland #valentines #valentinesday #disneyvalentines #disney #cinderella #disneyprincess ♬ original sound - Debbie Wilson

Peer Into The Night

This YouTuber was able to capture her experience at Sweethearts' Nite, and we're jealous:

You can see how amazing the offerings are throughout Sweethearts' Nite, with "Be Mine" rice crispy treats, chocolate strawberries, dark chocolate marshmallow wands, and more.

If you want to grab the perfect Valentine's Day-themed dessert, there are endless options throughout Disneyland park.

Enjoying the night, or living vicariously through these fans!? Share with us your impressions of Disneyland after-hours events.

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