21 Yosemite National Park Pictures [A Trip Down Memory Lane]

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In 2011 we embarked on our first long road trip as a family. We started in late May in California and the first park we visited was Yosemite. It was nothing short of heavenly. Entering the park for the first time, taking in the view of the valley from the tunnel viewpoint, took our breath away. I remember how my husband remarked that this looked like some scene out of a movie or a computer game, and probably a photoshopped one at that. But it was all there, 100% real.

We have since returned to Yosemite in three other occasions. It was still as gorgeous as ever, though nothing was quite like that first impact of the park in springtime, with the waterfalls flowing in full capacity.

Today I'm here sharing images again. And so beautiful that I'll let them do the talking from now on and explain more about the at the end of the post.













Just to clarify, the above are all stock photos that I buy the license to use here and on my other websites (I am a professional web publisher, as well as a travel blogger). I'm not a photographer, so I don't feel my photos necessarily measure up to these amazing pictures. I therefore saved my own to the last section of the post and will now share a few - hesitantly! I hope you feel that they do Yosemite National park justice.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of Yosemite National Park and that they inspire you to take your family and go see if in real life. If you can help me spread the word by sharing our blog posts over social media, that would be awesome. Here are a few images to use if you're saving the post to Pinterest - and thank you in advance!

21 Yosemite National Park Pictures [A Trip Down Memory Lane]

21 Yosemite National Park Pictures [A Trip Down Memory Lane]

21 Yosemite National Park Pictures [A Trip Down Memory Lane]

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