What To See In Israel In 2 Days [Inc. Itinerary To Make The Most Of Your 48 Hours]

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Traveling abroad for short periods can be nerve-wracking. For instance, do you have a two-day trip to Israel planned but no idea what you should see during your 48-hour adventure? Luckily, we've done plenty of research on this topic and have information to share!

If you're in Israel for two days, you want to make sure and hit major cities and attractions. Luckily, this country is small, making a quick, 48-hour vacation doable.

Here are a few places we recommend visiting during a day-two Israel trip:

  • Caesarea (midway between Haifa and Tel Aviv)
  • Rosh Hanikra (in the western Galilee region)
  • Neve Tzedek (located in southwestern Tel Aviv)
  • Museum of the Jewish People (on the Tel Aviv University campus)
  • Palmach Museum (located in Ramat Aviv)
  • Shenkin Street (in central Tel Aviv)
  • Bahai Garden Haifa (situated in the heart of Haifa)

For shorter stays, it might be better to stay in Tel Aviv, where many famous attractions are located.

In this article, we will cover traveling to Israel and discuss what you can do in two days in this beautiful country. Regardless of how long you're in Israel, there's something for everyone. With that said, let's dive in!

Map with flag of Israel
, What To See In Israel In 2 Days [Inc. Itinerary To Make The Most Of Your 48 Hours]

What To See In Israel In 2 Days [Inc. Itinerary To Make The Most Of Your 48 Hours]

What To See In Israel In 2 Days [Inc. Itinerary To Make The Most Of Your 48 Hours]

What To See In Israel In 2 Days [Inc. Itinerary To Make The Most Of Your 48 Hours]

What To See In Israel In 2 Days [Inc. Itinerary To Make The Most Of Your 48 Hours]

What To See In Israel In 2 Days [Inc. Itinerary To Make The Most Of Your 48 Hours]

Can You Do Israel In Two Days?

Map with flag of Israel

Yes! Although Israel has thousands of things to see, do, and experience, visitors can have a fun two-day trip. Generally, you want to stay around the Tel Aviv or Jerusalem area, as this is where most of the fun happens.

During a 48-hour adventure to Israel, you want to focus on touring holy sites or shopping areas, museums, and even beaches. Although it's possible to tie everything together, this can become overwhelming.

Although small, Israel has more than enough things to do in two days. Therefore, it's a good idea to come up with a plan and try to stick to your itinerary.

Since most tourism companies recommend staying in Israel for upwards of two weeks, you'll need to pack 14 days in a mere two. Here are some things we recommend doing in a two-day timeframe while visiting Israel:

Caesarea (midway between Haifa and Tel Aviv)

A panorama of quay in the ancient city of Caesarea, Israel

The first thing we recommend doing while in Israel for two days is seeing Caesarea. This town on Israel's Mediterranean coast boasts a stunning Roman amphitheater.

Caesarea is a port city that offers stunning views of the water and an archaeological park with pillars and sculptures. This may take a few hours to experience fully, although you could probably be in and out in one or two hours.

It's also worth mentioning that Caesarea is about an hour from downtown Tel Aviv.

Rosh Hanikra (in the Western Galilee region)

Rosh HaNikra grottoes, Israel

Next, we recommend seeing Rosh Hanikra, a stunning geological site north of Israel's Mediterranean coastline.

Not only does this site offer grottos with cavernous tunnels, but it's also a great way to experience the rich history of Israel.

Visiting Rosh Hanikra is a great idea for those wanting a bit of adventure, and it will be fun for photos, vlogging, and enjoying the sea air. This could be an easy way to cool down between stops on a warmer day.

According to past visitors, getting down into the caves requires a short, steep cable-car ride, so that's one thing to consider if you're scared of heights.

Neve Tzedek (located in southwestern Tel Aviv)

Building exteriors and streets in Neve Tzedek district of Tel Aviv, Israel. Near the old city of Jaffa, Neve Tzedek is the first Jewish settlement in Palestine.

The next stop for someone on a day-two trip to Israel should be Neve Tzedek. This is the first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa and the city's first suburb.

Visiting Neve Tzedek is a great way to explore a historic and iconic section of the country, which has become an artsy, store-filled district over time.

Neve Tzedek features avant-garde design stores, fashion boutiques, and handicraft shops. There's also shopping in HaTachana, a restored railway station worth checking out.

Consider this one of the more "local" stops on your trip. For those who love the beach, this area is also home to a thriving surfing community, so that's another quirky charm to Neve Tzedek.

Museum of the Jewish People (on the Tel Aviv University campus)

Anu Museum of the Jewish People building behind trees with red flowers. Tel Aviv University. Formerly called Beit Hatfutsot. New sign, logo, name. West side.

Another must-see in Israel is the Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv. Not only is this a great way to learn about Jewish people and their culture, but it's also a stunning museum filled with artifacts from ancient Jewish communities.

Those who have been here mention its many inspiring images, videos, and artwork depicting the Jewish struggle and triumph. This museum is open to all, regardless of faith, and is a great way to inform yourself in Israel.

Furthermore, this museum is considered the most comprehensive Jewish museum in the world, so that's a title the city and country are incredibly proud of.

Admission prices to the museum are as follows:

  • Regular - 52 NIS
  • Israeli senior citizens - 26 NIS
  • Disabled persons, college students, "olim" - 42 NIS
  • Children under 5 - free
  • Soldiers in uniform - free (must show ID)

Remember that you'll need to pay for things using the new Israel shekel in Israel. That is the country's official currency.

Palmach Museum (located in Ramat Aviv)

 Discarded military vehicles on HarAdar (Radar Hill) Monument. The site is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers of the Palmach's Harel Brigade

Another museum worth checking out is the Palmach Museum in Ramat Aviv. This institution focuses on the Palmach, the strike force of the pre-state underground Haganah defense organization.

The museum is a neat spot to explore if you're into military history and displays. Many past visitors claim this is a perfect add-on to the Museum of the Jewish People.

Luckily, this museum is close to Tel Aviv, just down the street from Tel Aviv University. This museum is about 40 minutes from the Tel Aviv airport, in case you plan to do it before you leave the country.

Shenkin Street (in central Tel Aviv)

Busy cafe in Shenkin Street

One of the more easily accessible stops on your two-day trip to Israel will be Shenkin Street. Luckily, this famous strip is located in the heart of central Tel Aviv, making it perfect for tourists staying in the area.

Shenkin Street is one of the most famous, happening streets in Tel Aviv, according to travelers, reviewers, and locals.

You can find boutique shopping and dining and walk to the nearby Carmel Market while exploring Shenkin Street. This area has many food carts and pop-up places to grab a snack, making it ideal for hungry travelers.

Secret Tel Aviv claims this is also a great place to find premium international brands and affordable local trends.

Bahai Garden Haifa (situated in the heart of Haifa)

View on beautiful Bahai garden with Shrine of Bab. Haifa, Israel.

Our last suggestion for a two-day Israeli adventure is to see the Bahai Garden in Haifa. This garden boasts a staircase of nineteen terraces extending up the northern slope of Mount Carmel.

Bahai Garden in Haifa also is one of the most popular and visited sites in the Haifa area, meaning there will be plenty of other world travelers there with you.

The gold-domed Shrine of the Bab sits at the center of this breathtaking garden. The tomb of Siyyid `Alí Muḥammad Shírází is in the shrine.

Siyyid was one of the central figures of the Baháʼí Faith, claiming to be a messenger of God. This site is considered holy, so try to remain respectful when visiting the shrine.

Is Two Days Enough In Israel?

Most people would agree that two days are not enough in Israel. Although the beautiful country is about as big as the state of New Jersey, that doesn't mean 48 hours will be enough to see everything.

As we mentioned, this country is jam-packed with history, culture, food, shopping, natural wonders, and world-class experiences.

Taking all of this in within two days is impossible. However, there's no better place for a quick trip than Israel. You can take in beautiful, ancient sites along with modern culture.

Israel is known to be a hub for art, culture, and diverse, open-minded people, meaning it could be a great spot to revisit if you enjoy your 48 hours there.

To Wrap It All Up

Whether you're in the Middle East for business or leisure or simply want to see Israel, there's so much to experience.

We found that you won't be able to see and do everything this country has to offer in 48 hours, but that doesn't mean it won't be an unforgettable trip.

Whether you love museums, want to explore caves, prefer to walk around and shop/eat, or visit historical sites, Israel has something for everybody.

One thing to remember is that Israel is a relatively small nation, so if possible, try and rent a vehicle to drive between cities and attractions. Have fun!

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