This Coastal Town May Be Florida’s Best-Kept Secret! Welcome to Navarre, FL

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Navarre emerges as the secluded haven you've always yearned for, with its pristine white sands, shimmering emerald waters, and a sense of personal serenity.

Venture into Navarre, Florida's best-kept secret, for an unparalleled beach escapade.

Step away from the bustling crowds and surrender to the charm of this captivating Panhandle Paradise.

Yet, Navarre offers more than just its sun-kissed shores.

As you delve deeper, anticipate a blend of thrilling adventure and soothing relaxation awaiting your discovery.

Eager to delve into the secrets and treasures that Navarre holds?

Stay with us as we unfold the fascinating allure of each attraction, ensuring that your Navarre Beach sojourn exceeds all anticipations. Let the adventure begin!

Why You Should Visit Navarre, Florida

Navarre’s best feature is its relative solitude. Unlike other Florida beaches, Navarre remains somewhat of a local secret.

a welcome signage to Navarre Beach

Don’t get us wrong, this stretch of sand can get crowded at times (especially in the summer), but it’s nowhere near as busy as nearby Destin or award-winning Clearwater.

This “hidden gem” quality makes Navarre a perfect destination for romantic couples in the mood for a relaxing beach vacation.

You might not find a strong tourist infrastructure here, but you also won’t be bombarded with tacky commercialization.

If you ever tire of the charms of Navarre, however, there are plenty of more touristy beaches just a short drive away.

For instance, Navarre vacationers are only a 40-minute drive from either Pensacola or Destin and a 1-hour drive from Mobile, Alabama.

20 Awesome Things To Do In Navarre, Florida

Navarre may not be as touristy as other Florida beaches, but it has its fair share of attractions.

Below, we’ll give you a rundown of our suggestions for the top 20 things to do in Navarre, Florida.

1. Navarre Beach & Pier

Stretching for roughly 12 miles, Navarre Beach has the sugar-white sands and emerald waters stereotypical of the Florida Panhandle.

A sunset view at Navarre Beach Florida

Along with soaking up the sun, popular activities in Navarre Beach include picnicking, horseback riding, paddleboard yoga, and fishing.

Speaking of fishing, there’s no better place in the Panhandle to cast your line than on Navarre Beach’s 1,500-plus foot pier.

Even if you’re not a fishing enthusiast, plan on taking a stroll along this impressive pier to enjoy the views at sunset.

2. Gulf Breeze Zoo

Located a 15-minute drive west of the Navarre Beach Pier, Gulf Breeze Zoo is 50 acres of family-friendly fun.

feeding giraffe

Popular activities on the property include feeding giraffes, petting farm animals, and taking a scenic safari train ride.

Oh yeah, and since this is a Florida zoo, you’d better believe there are plenty of alligators roaming about.

Daily operating hours vary depending on the season, but usually, the Gulf Breeze Zoo is open between 9 AM – 4 PM.

General admission tickets cost $27.95 per adult and $20.95 per child but check their website for info on discounts.

3. Navarre Sea Turtle Conservation Center

Founded in 2013, the non-profit Navarre Sea Turtle Conservation Center is on a mission to take the sea turtle off the endangered species list.

To achieve this goal, marine biologists regularly hold educational tours where guests could see what it takes to rehabilitate a sea turtle.

Visiting this center is a fantastic way to introduce children to the importance of recycling and conservation.

The Turtle Conservation Center is usually open between 10:00 AM – 4 PM Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Tickets cost $5 per person, but military and senior discounts apply.

4. Ye Olde Brothers Brewery

If you’re in the mood for comfort food and craft beer, then you should pay Navarre’s Ye Olde Brothers Brewery a visit.

set of beers

Only a 15-minute drive north of the Navarre Beach Pier, this cozy brewpub is best known for its local brews, brick-oven pizzas, and smoked entrées.

Ye Olde Brothers also regularly hold fantastic live events, so be sure to check out their online calendar before stopping in.

Ye Olde Brothers Brewery is usually open between 11 AM – 9 PM, but hours are subject to change. Check out Ye Olde Brother Brewery’s website to better plan your feasting.

5. Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary

Not far from the coast of the Navarre Beach Marine Park, the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary is an artificially created reef ideal for first-time snorkelers.

A turtle in the seabed

Organizers involved in this project used a collection of eco-friendly discs to encourage the growth of diverse ecosystems.

Anyone interested in snorkeling around this sanctuary should look for the big PVC pipes on the shore indicating its location.

6. Navarre Beach Marine Science Center

Thanks to considerable efforts from local marine biologists, Navarre Beach now has its own Marine Science Center not far from the Navarre Beach Pier.

Although somewhat small, this center works hard to educate visitors of all ages about the uniqueness of Florida’s marine life with regular demonstrations, exhibits, and activities.

This science center doesn’t have formal visiting hours, but it often hosts events open to the public. Be sure to look through their calendar before visiting.

7. Take a Dolphin Sightseeing Tour

Drawn to the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico, dolphins are a regular sight by Northwestern Florida’s beaches.

Believe it or not, you have a pretty good chance of seeing and even interacting with dolphins by Navarre at any time of the year.

For the best chance of seeing loads of dolphins, consider visiting during the summer mating season.

If you’re not having any luck on Navarre Beach, don’t be discouraged!

There are plenty of other dolphin viewing opportunities on nearby beaches like Miramar and Destin.

8. Navarre Beach Kayak

Setting out on the water, the rhythmic splash of the paddle becomes your soundtrack.

Navarre Beach Kayak provides a gateway to the heart of Navarre's estuarine beauty.

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Offering guided tours, you're not just kayaking — you're being introduced to the stories of the local wildlife, from playful otters to majestic herons.

A haven for both novices and seasoned kayakers, this adventure promises to etch memories of turquoise waters and vibrant ecosystems.

9. Navarre Park

Amidst the hustle and bustle, Navarre Park is a serene oasis of greenery and laughter.

With views stretching out to shimmering waters, it's a place where families gather, children play, and memories are crafted.

Whether you're looking to enjoy a sunny afternoon picnic, attend a local festival, or soak in nature's tranquility, the park offers a refreshing break.

It's a testament to Navarre's commitment to preserving spaces that nourish the soul.

10. The Club At Hidden Creek

Golfers, take note! The lush greens of The Club At Hidden Creek beckon with challenges and rewards.

Nestled amidst nature's beauty, each hole presents its story, testing skills and strategies.

The meticulously maintained 18-hole course isn't just about the sport; it's about experiencing golf amidst Navarre's scenic landscapes.

Whether aiming for that elusive hole-in-one or seeking a peaceful day on the greens, Hidden Creek promises an exceptional experience.

11. Holley Hill Pottery and Art Studio

Delve into Navarre's rich artistic tapestry at Holley Hill Pottery. This isn't just a studio; it's a celebration of creativity where earth meets fire to craft exquisite pottery pieces.

Each creation echoes local artisans' heartbeats, capturing Navarre's spirit in clay.

Workshops beckon to those eager to learn, making it a hotspot for art enthusiasts and curious visitors.

A trip here is an invitation to explore, create, and be inspired.

12. Navarre Beach Shark Fishing

For adventurous people, the deep blue waves off Navarre's coast hold thrilling secrets.

With Navarre Beach Shark Fishing, the ocean's apex predators are no longer distant silhouettes but tangible, awe-inspiring creatures.

Guided by seasoned experts, these trips ensure safety while offering the unparalleled excitement of encountering sharks in their natural habitat.

It's a journey that promises heart-pounding moments and stories to cherish for a lifetime.

13. Navarre Family Watersports

When the horizon calls, Navarre Family Watersports answers with a splash. A hub of aquatic adventures, it turns the dreams of wave enthusiasts into reality.

From the thrill of jet skiing to the zen-like state of paddleboarding, it's where water stories are born and lived.

And when the sun bids adieu, the sunset cruises stand testimony to nature's grand theater, crafting moments that are etched in gold and crimson.

14. Sound Side Park

Where the Santa Rosa Sound whispers tales of time, Sound Side Park stands as Navarre's serene escape.

It's not just a park; it's a canvas painted with vibrant playgrounds, meandering trails, and tranquil fishing spots.

A rendezvous for both locals and wanderers, it's a symphony of nature and recreation.

As dusk embraces the park, it transforms, offering a front-row seat to nature's most enchanting light show.

15. Navarre Beach Camping Resort

Nestled between whispers of trees and songs of waves, Navarre Beach Camping Resort is more than just a stay; it's an experience.

Offering a sanctuary for RV enthusiasts and tent camping lovers, it seamlessly blends modern amenities' comforts with nature's raw beauty.

A stone's throw from the pristine beach, the resort is a lullaby sung by the waves, under a sky dotted with a million stars.

16. Juana's Pagodas and Sailors' Grill

The rhythmic beats of live music pave the way to Juana's Pagodas and Sailors' Grill, Navarre's culinary heartbeat.

Perched overlooking the serene Santa Rosa Sound, every meal here is a sensory fiesta.

From seafood that narrates tales of the deep blue to events that resonate with local culture, it's where gastronomy and tradition dance hand in hand.

Whether you're seeking a delectable dish or a vibrant evening, Juana's promises memories sprinkled with flavors and melodies.

17. Santa Rosa Sound Paddleboard Tours

The Santa Rosa Sound, with its serene embrace, beckons explorers to its bosom.

Stand up paddle board couple paddleboarding

Guided paddleboard tours here are not just about balancing on a board; they're about balancing with nature.

They offer an intimate introduction to the sound's vibrant marine life and echoing tranquility.

Glide, pause, and soak in the symphony of ripples and reflections as you journey through Navarre's liquid heart.

18. Navarre Beach Gulf Snorkel Reef

Dive into the vibrant ecosystem of the Navarre Beach Gulf Snorkel Reef. Just a short swim from the shore, this artificial reef teems with diverse marine life.

Colorful fish weave through its structures, offering snorkelers an enchanting aquatic spectacle.

Designed for conservation and recreation, it's a must-visit for underwater enthusiasts.

The reef beautifully encapsulates Navarre's commitment to marine sustainability and adventure.

19. Navarre Beach Campground

How about camping by the water?

The Navarre Beach Campground is the spot to be! Rated an outstanding 9/10/10 by Good Sam Park, this RV haven is right on the Santa Rosa Sound.

Not only can you enjoy waterfront sites and a pier, but there's also a heated pool and hot tub, and it's just minutes from the Gulf beaches.

Plus, they offer spacious pull-thrus with all the amenities and even cabin rentals. If you're thinking of things to do in Navarre, Florida, this is a must-visit!

20. Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge

Nestled in the heart of the Panhandle, the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge is a beacon of conservation efforts.

Dedicated to rehabilitating injured or orphaned animals, it offers visitors a unique glimpse into Florida's diverse wildlife.

Through educational programs, guests learn about the challenges native species face and the passionate endeavors to protect them.

A visit is both an enlightening and heartwarming experience, highlighting the dedication to giving every creature a second chance.

Where To Stay In Navarre, Florida

Since Navarre Beach isn’t as built-up as other Florida beaches, you won’t find as great a hotel selection as in bigger cities.

On the plus side, most of the hotels here have rooms at extremely reasonable prices compared with Destin or Pensacola. Here are a few highly rated Navarre hotels worth looking into.

Springhill Suites by Marriott Navarre Beach

Located directly on Navarre Beach’s coast, Springhill Suites offers guests stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico and is just a short walk from the Navarre Beach Pier.

On top of its stellar location, guests who stay at this two-star hotel enjoy continental breakfast, access to a pool, and free parking.

Hampton Inn & Suites Navarre

While the Hampton Inn & Suites isn’t located on Navarre Beach, it’s an affordable option that’s within a 10-minute drive of the pier.

People who stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites will enjoy free breakfast, a fitness center, pool access, and complimentary WiFi.

We hope our handpicked collection of delights inspires you to craft an extraordinary journey.

Begin planning your trip today and embark on an unforgettable adventure that will leave you with cherished memories for years to come!

This Coastal Town May Be Florida's Best-Kept Secret! Welcome to Navarre, FL

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