Top Songs To Play While Driving Along Route 66

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Driving along the iconic Route 66, you're not just journeying through scenic landscapes but also traversing a slice of American history.

It's only fitting that a road trip on this legendary highway should have the perfect soundtrack to complement the experience.

Music and travel go hand-in-hand, and when it comes to Route 66, the melodies become an essential part of the adventure, setting the mood for every mile you cover.

Route 66 Signs

1. Route 66 by Chuck Berry

You can't help but tap your feet to the rhythmic strumming of "Route 66" performed by Chuck Berry. With its catchy melody and vivacious energy, this rendition has become synonymous with the experience of cruising down Route 66.

2. (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 by Bobby Troup

(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 is a hallmark track that defines the open road.

With a catchy rhythm, Troup encourages you to traverse Chicago to L.A. His lyrics symbolize the freedom and exploration of the American landscape, serving as a backdrop for countless stories of migration, adventure, and discovery.

3. This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie

Let Woody Guthrie's strumming guitars and earnest voice fill your car with the spirit of America through his classic folk song, "This Land Is Your Land." 

This uplifting sing-along anthem captures the diversity of the American landscape. The vibrant lyrics evoke visuals of the sights you're passing by, knitting a connection between you, the road, and the country's natural wonders.

4. Promised Land by Chuck Berry

The Promised Land by Chuck Berry is a vibrant rock and roll song that narrates the journey of a poor boy traveling from Norfolk, Virginia, to the West Coast, using various modes of transportation.

While it doesn't directly reference Route 66, it captures the spirit of traveling across America for a better life, much like the iconic highway.

The lyrics mention American cities and states, showcasing Berry's clever wordplay and storytelling. This energetic track celebrates mobility and the pursuit of dreams, set to Berry's signature upbeat music style.

5. America by Simon & Garfunkel

This Simon & Garfunkel classic is a reflective odyssey, exploring the search for identity and belonging within the vast American landscape.

The song begins with a catchy line, "Let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together," encapsulates the youthful hope and exploration of the nation.

As the miles roll by, you get wrapped up in the story of two wanderers exploring the country's vastness, which resonates with the spirit of exploring Route 66.

6. Oklahoma Hills by Woody Guthrie

Embrace the chorus that sings, "Way down yonder in the Indian nation, a cowboy's life is my occupation, in the Oklahoma Hills where I was born."

As your tires hum along the historic stretch, Guthrie's voice provides a perfect backdrop to the sweeping views of plains and tales of cowboy life.

7. Ramble On by Led Zeppelin

Released in 1969, "Ramble On" features on the band's critically acclaimed album Led Zeppelin II. The lyrics, infused with references to J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, speak of wandering and the quest for new adventures.

As you cruise, lines like "Got no time to for spreadin' roots, the time has come to be gone" resonate with the freedom only a road trip can provide.

8. King of the Road by Roger Miller

Released in 1964, this song's easy-going melody and catchy chorus have cemented it as a classic hit for travelers everywhere.

With lyrics that speak to the spirit of adventure, Roger Miller's smooth vocals tell the tale of a carefree vagabond. A notable line, "I'm a man of means by no means, king of the road," highlights the song's theme of finding joy in a simple, nomadic lifestyle.

9. Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin

Me and Bobby has a laid-back melody that speaks about the freedom of the open road, the companionship of a good friend, and the memories made along the way.

It's a classic piece of American music that blends rock, country, and folk elements.

The song narrates a journey, capturing the bittersweet essence of traveling with someone you love and the pain of losing them, summed up in the line, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

10. Take it Easy by Eagles

Released in 1972, this classic hit brings out the laid-back vibe that complements the open road. The lyrics mention a corner in Winslow, Arizona, a nod to the charm of Route 66's historic stops.

You can't help but sing along to its catchy chorus. "Take it Easy" isn't directly about this storied highway, but its spirit syncs perfectly with a leisurely drive across America's backbone.

11. Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane

Cochrane penned this hit after an inspiring journey in Africa, reflecting that life’s journey is as long and winding as a road trip.

The lyrics highlight the ups and downs of life with a positive spin: "Life's like a road that you travel on, When there's one day here and the next day gone." This classic rock song has a way of reinforcing the truth that every mile you cover is a part of your own life's journey.

12. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

With its rousing chorus, this catchy tune is synonymous with travel and determination, a perfect match for the journey on this legendary road. Sung by Scottish twins, this 1988 hit has a repetitive and infectious rhythm that will have you tapping the steering wheel in time.

The chorus declares bold intentions: "And I would walk 500 miles, And I would walk 500 more, Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles, To fall down at your door."

The song's premise is simple yet powerful, mirroring the long stretches of road that lie ahead on Route 66. It speaks of enduring love and commitment, which might resonate with the sheer dedication needed to undertake a full Route 66 road trip.

13. I've Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash

"I've Been Everywhere" by Johnny Cash is a country song that showcases a rapid-fire, lyrical road trip across America.

It's an ode to wanderlust, and the vastness of the United States is conveyed through Cash's iconic deep voice and rhythmic guitar.

One memorable line, "I've been everywhere, man," perfectly encapsulates the song's theme of extensive travel and exploration across the country. This track is a classic example of American country music, celebrating the idea of journeying far and wide.

14. On the Road Again by Willie Nelson

Released in 1980, "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson celebrates life on tour and the joy of making music with friends.

This classic country song highlights the freedom and wanderlust of traveling musicians, with lyrics like "The life I love is making music with my friends."

The song has become an anthem for road trips and the nomadic lifestyle, beloved in country music and beyond.

15. Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

Released as the first single from their critically acclaimed album "Rumours" in 1976, this track embodies the freedom and restlessness that Route 66 represents.

The catchy guitar riff of Go Your Own Way and Lindsey Buckingham's raw, emotional vocals capture the essence of a tumultuous relationship.

Lyrics like "You can go your own way" speak to the desire for independence and moving forward, prominently fitting the vibe of a road trip adventure.

16. Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles

"Hit the Road Jack" is a classic track for fueling your cruise down this historic highway. With a catchy rhythm, you can't help but tap your steering wheel in time with the beat.

Released in 1961, this song quickly became a number-one hit. Its energetic tempo complements the excitement of journeying across America.

17. Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham

Capturing the essence of an adventure, this upbeat anthem has been a traveler's favorite since the 1980s. Lindsey Buckingham's voice pairs with bright guitar riffs to bolster your spirits no matter the stretch of road ahead.

Even if you're not headed to Walley World, this song resonates with the sense of freedom that comes with a classic American drive.

18. Border Lord by Kris Kristofferson

This track oozes the very essence of Americana, and with Kris Kristofferson's distinctive voice, you're in for a memorable ride.

Kris Kristofferson has always had a way with words, and in "Border Lord," the lyrics speak of life's struggles and a search for meaning, making it a fitting soundtrack for the open road.

It's a country tune that pulls at the heartstrings and tells a story many can relate to. One line that stands out is "Sometimes I feel like a piece of driftwood," painting a picture of life's unpredictable journey.

It's a song that feels like taking a long drive down a historic road, reflecting on where you've been and where you're going.

19. California Paradise by The Runaways

This upbeat track encapsulates the bold spirit of California with energetic guitar riffs that mirror the excitement of the open road.

The lyrics pay homage to the sun-kissed beaches and the endless summers of the West Coast.

Feeling the breeze through your hair, you can't help but be infused with the free-spirited attitude this song conveys. California Paradise transports you to a place where the waves crash, and the surf is always up.

20. Under The Pines by Twin Peaks

This track from Twin Peaks, an American indie rock band known for blending folk, rock, and psychedelia, will add a touch of tranquility to your drive.

It captures the essence of longing and introspection set against a backdrop reminiscent of Americana landscapes, akin to the spirit of Route 66.

A lyrical highlight, "I wanna be as I was under the pines," evokes a sense of returning to a simpler, more authentic self amidst nature's serenity. This song is about seeking solace and reflection in familiar yet distant places.

21. Edge Of Seventeen By Stevie Nicks

Roll down your windows and turn up the volume for Stevie Nicks' powerful classic, "Edge of Seventeen."

This iconic track from her debut solo album, Bella Donna, captures the spirit of freedom and introspection — ideal for a reflective drive down Route 66. The gripping guitar riff and Nick's distinctive vocals invite one to sing along as the desert scenery blurs by.

22. Oklahoma USA By The Kinks

Released on their 1971 album "Muswell Hillbillies," this tune is a harmonious nod to American culture and the simple pleasure of escapism.

The song tells a tale of a woman daydreaming about the romanticized life in Oklahoma, inspired by silver screen classics, while she goes about her mundane routine.

"She's walkin' on the Surrey with the fringe on top" captures the charm of old musicals and the allure of a life that seems just out of reach from the mundane. It's a perfect metaphor for anyone who yearns for a different life while going about everyday activities.

23. Texas Flood By Stevie Ray Vaughan

The lyrics of "Texas Flood" describe a man's yearning as he's caught in a downpour, metaphorically speaking to emotional turbulence and longing.

The song's bluesy essence and the raw emotion in Vaughan's performance will resonate with you, adding depth to your scenic drive.

24. Sweet Home Chicago By Robert Johnson

First recorded by the legendary blues artist Robert Johnson in 1936, this song is filled with soulful rhythms and lyrics that evoke a strong sense of place and longing.

There's no over-exaggeration to say this tune is a piece of Americana, a perfect match for your journey. The excitement of Route 66 and the rich verses of Sweet Home Chicago create an infectious blend.

25. Gypsy In Me By Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt, a Californian blues-rock icon, brings her signature style to this lively track. "Gypsy In Me" is steeped in the themes of adventure and the freedom of the road.

With lines like, "Well, that highway moon is calling, like some lover from some other land," you can almost feel the pull of the open road. It's an anthem for those who crave the thrill of the unknown and the joy of discovery.

26. Lookin’ Out My Backdoor By CCR

You can't help but feel the beat as "Lookin’ Out My Backdoor" by Creedence Clearwater Revival starts playing on your journey through Route 66.

Its vibrant beat and whimsical lyrics seem like the perfect soundtrack for driving down the historic highway.

John Fogerty's lyrics fuse a clear, visual narrative with a breezy rhythm ideal for the open road. Lyrics such as "Just got home from Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy! Got to sit down, take a rest on the porch" invite you to unwind and enjoy the ride.

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