19 Redwood National Park Pictures That Make Me Want to Go Back There Today

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We were very fortunate as a family to be able to visit Redwood National Park in California not once but twice. This is by far one of our favorite places to visit and I can guarantee that we'll be back there someday. Hopefully in our own RV and with enough time on our hands to spend several weeks there, not just days.

In another throwback picture post, we're sharing some sweet locations from the park here today. Not a lot of text in this post, I think these Redwood National Park images say it best. I'm not taking credit for these though. As a web publisher of multiple websites, I have access to paid stock photos that I can use here. They're just too awesome not to include in posts. It really warms my heart to see specific spots that we've been to displayed so majestically.

You can see our own pictures, tips, and information in our Redwood National Park Guide here. And if you're traveling elsewhere in California, you may still be able to see these magnificent trees in other groves along the coast. We've put together this guide for that: Where to see Redwood Sequoia Trees in California.





















I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! If you can, please help me by sharing this post on social media. You can use one of the following pins to do that on Pinterest - and thank you! And if you're planning a trip to the area, don't forget to check out my post on Top 10 Things to do in Northern California (Bucket List).

19 Redwood National Park Pictures That Make Me Want to Go Back There Today

19 Redwood National Park Pictures That Make Me Want to Go Back There Today

19 Redwood National Park Pictures That Make Me Want to Go Back There Today



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    1. Anne Moss

      Hi Richard,

      Thank you very much! As mentioned in the post, I can’t take credit for these photos, other than for liking them enough to buy them and share them here (with the license to do so). I do not own the copyright and I don’t have the license to re-distribute them.

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