11 Prague Hotels at Under $50 a Night

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Prague is a dream destination in European. The good news is that you can enjoy an awesome vacation in Prague on a budget. Here's a list of fantastic Prague hotels that offer travelers excellent value for money.

Prague Hotels at under $50 a night! Excellent hotels - not hostels - with private bathrooms, great service and best value for money!

What makes Prague such a great destination for the budget traveler?

A beautiful Old City, cultural attractions, museums, shopping and great food. What more can you ask for? Prague is the 14th largest city in Europe and as such is great travel destination in its own right.

If you're already in Europe, low-cost flights can get you to Prague at ridiculous prices. From destinations such as Geneva, Rome or Brussels, you can often find flights at under $50 (return!) Americans can enjoy Prague as well, of course. If your dates are flexible, flights from New York can be as low as $420 (again, return!).

A couple traveling from New York can enjoy a wonderful week in Prague for under $2000. Allocate ~$1000 for your flights (for two people) and add $300 for a hotel room, and you still have $100 a day with which to enjoy Prague's great museums, bars and restaurants! And a $100 go a long way in Prague. Odds are you'll have enough to bring back souvenirs for friends and family.

The trick here is to find good affordable hotels. Your choice of hotel can make (or break...) your vacation. If you choose wisely, you can find great hotels that will provide you with the experience you want, for an awesome rate. Yes, at under $50 these budget Prague hotels provide comfort, service and a great location!

11 Fantastic Prague Hotels on a Budget

I based my suggestions on rates for March 2017.  If you travel during summer, expect higher rates. However, if like us, you prefer to visit Europe during fall and spring, these affordable Prague hotels can help you plan a superb vacation in the beautiful city - on a budget!

1. Dahlia Inn

This gem of a hotel offers clean and modern rooms with the added charm of a boutique family-owned establishment. Central location and highly-praised service make this hotel an excellent choice for the budget-minded traveler. Their current special brings the price for a double room to under $41 a night. You can get the breakfast (guests recommend it!) and still stay well under the $50 mark.

Click here for more details on this hotel and to check rates

2. Hotel Mucha

A superb hotel in an authentic old building that celebrates the charms of Prague. Interior design complements the theme with luxury rooms furnished with beautiful wooden furniture and traditional textiles. The historic atmosphere is complemented by modern amenities such as WiFi and airconditioning (albeit only in some rooms).

Click here for more details on this hotel and to check rates

3. Hotel Petr

Imagine a hotel which offers large comfortable and clean rooms. Put that hotel in an awesome location, near a park and within walking distance of the Old City. No wonder reviewers of Prague hotels love this place. It is a wonder however that you can get a room here for as low as $43!

Click here for more details on this hotel and to check rates

4. Hotel u Martina Praha

This lovely hotel is located in the 5th district, not far from one of Prague's major shopping areas. The spacious (and colorful!) air-conditioned rooms have flat-screen tv's and safes and the hotel itself has two restaurants. If you sign up to Booking.com, you'll be amazed by the "secret" rate currently available for March. A room at $36 a night sure is an attractive deal. Add $6 a night and you'll get a superb breakfast to go along with that.

Click here for more details on this hotel and to check rates

5. Hotel Popelka

Spacious stylish rooms in a gorgeous country setting, only a couple of miles away from the city center, the Popelka is perfect vacation hotel. You can relax with a massage or a drink on the terrace in a warm evening and use it as your base to tour Prague.

Click here for more details on this hotel and to check rates

6. Theatrino Hotel

The name carries a promise that the hotel definitely keeps! This is an uber stylish hotel where classic Art Nouveau and modern design come together to create a truly spectacular experience. Located in the fashionable Zizkov quarter, there's plenty to do around the hotel and you'll have a huge selections of bars and restaurants. Hard to believe that this place is available for under $40 a night!

Click here for more details on this hotel and to check rates

7. Hotel Arena

Looking for a quiet clean room? Hotel Arena will deliver just that and for under $40 a night. Travelers love this place and give it very high marks on the "value for money" scale. Nothing too grand, just very high scores on functionality, cleaningness and service and specials that get you all of that at an awesome rate.

Click here for more details on this hotel and to check rates

8. Arbes

The Arbes is truly a classic among Prague hotels. A pleasant location by the green Kinsky Gardens, with pleasant rooms, clean and functional. Elegant simplicity that offers the travelers everything he or she needs for the amazing rate of under $40.

Click here for more details on this hotel and to check rates

9. Hotel Vladař

Who says budget travel means sticking to standard boring rooms? This place offers you clean plush rooms in a classic European style that will make your Prague vacation truly memorable. It's not in the center of the city but public transportation will have you there within 15 minutes. And if you happen to be traveling in a car, there's ample free parking.

Click here for more details on this hotel and to check rates

10. Hotel Inos

Located near the Vysehrad National Cultural Monument this hotel offers clean elegant rooms with friendly service. The local tram will get you to the city center within 10 minutes so splurging on a good hotel here makes sense. Especially when specials bring the price down to under $40 - breakfast included!

Click for more details and to check rates

11. Lavanda Hotel & Apartments

I couldn't believe this at first, but yes, the Lavanda offers a special nightly rate of $37 for a large room with a kitchenette and a work desk - all at a very good location! You can also choose a regular room without a kitchen and save a couple of bucks on that great rate.

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That's it! You can start booking your Prague vacation today! If you've been to one of these Prague hotels, let me know what you think about it by leaving a comment!

Disclosure: The links above are all affiliate links which means I'll be getting a small commission if you use them to make your reservations. It won't cost you anything extra and it'll help me keep this blog going, so thank you in advance!
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    • Hi Donna,
      No, I haven’t stayed at any of them. I actually wrote this post because my brother is traveling to Prague next week and asked me to find him a nice hotel. I was amazed to see such a huge selection of low-cost hotels. As for personal recommendations, I believe they can only go so far anyway when coming from a single person. I’ve stayed in hundreds of hotels over the past decade and I would never go by the experience – positive or negative – of a single person. I think this is where the power of the hive mind comes into play. A single stay can be superb or horrible due to something that won’t come into play in another person’s stay. However, if a hotel is consistently bad or consistently good – it’ll show up in the overall rankings in review sites and that’s what’s really important.
      For this post – and for booking my brother’s hotel – what mattered to me was the grades based on hundreds and thousands of reviews by people who did stay in these hotels. I deliberately chose only hotels that scored and average 8.5 and above, based on booking.com reviews (confirmed stays).

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