Disney Magic Never Grows Old: The Phenomenon Of Disney Adults

NEWS - Before revealing the intricate world of Disney-loving adults, we want to confess something to you.

While some are hesitant to go so far as to label themselves as "Disney Adults," we're secretly on the same page with these childlike antics. So here it goes! We're publicly admitting our Disney passion - and it runs deeply through our veins.

We are also Disney-obsessed and empathize with this community of overly-eager enthusiasts.

If you're joining us because you also share these innate feelings toward a company based on fantasy, let's imagine together and unravel what makes you a Disney Adult and why you'll want to adopt this title with pride!

Defining a Full-blown "Disney Adult"

Well, Urban Dictionary describes said adults like this:

"An eccentric or theatrical person who is often overly positive."

Many people also might call a Disney Adult a "theater kid" or some variation of this overly-dramatic persona. Again, this isn't always bad, so don't hide away your Mickey ears just yet.

Disney's Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a parade float in the Festival of Lights Parade

If Disney sparks emotion in you, shedding tears of joy the first time you laid eyes on Cinderella's castle, for example, you'd know that you're well-deserving of this title.

Here's the video that set our hearts on fire:

@jordan.jacee Que the ugly crying. First time seeing Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kindgdom 🥺 thank you @annadotee for the most unforgettable trip ever. #disneyworld #magickingdom #cinderella ♬ BRENT MORGAN What Dreams Are Made Of - Brent Morgan

We love that this castle gives Jordan so much happiness; it's genuinely good for her.

Considering this social media user made national news by capturing this live reaction to seeing Disney World's castle, we'd say people are tantalized. Why wouldn't anyone want to experience this gut-wrenching emotion?

So, this does demonstrate just how much some adults value their time at the various Disney-themed parks.

For us, going to Disney is the best excuse to spend $50 on merch that we love to surround ourselves with at home. Why hide it when guests come over (can you tell we've done this)?

Many TikTokers have also made entire sub-personas pretending to be Disney adults, and it's very entertaining. It's okay to laugh at yourself sometimes!

@duncanyounotNo one: Disney Adults who know “all the secrets” :♬ original sound - Duncan Joseph

Exploring Many Adults' Everlasting Enchantment

Now that you know what it means to be deemed a Disney Adult, let's discover the reasoning behind this behavior.

First, as you age, life settles in. Bills to pay, work to do, and the inability to sleep in and tell your mom you're sick; all those dreary 'ol responsibilities are a reality for grown-ups.

Therefore, it's understandable why people hold on so tightly to Disney and the magic that is tied in with it. For us, the idea of falling back in love with the feeling of magic is very soothing.

 Beautiful fireworks over the castle at Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. The spectacular fireworks display as seen from Main Street.

Whether you're constantly checking ticket prices for the parks, have different sets of Mickey or Minnie ears for each party theme, or have passed down your love of Disney to your kids, this is intrinsic.

Being a "Disney Adult" doesn't have to be a bad thing. We're here to change that narrative!

Imagine, Forgetting Your Worries for a Day - Sounds Amazing!

Legendary Disney castle of sleeping beauty in Disneyland

If being obsessed with Disney films, parks, merchandise, and all the other experiences this company offers makes you feel better, then we say embrace it!

We're not saying you need to force your entire office to dress up like princesses (although we would personally do this) but don't be embarrassed to let your inner child shine.

Envision walking into an insurance office, and everyone was a Disney character. Best adulting ever!

And, to be honest, with current Disney prices rising by the day, constantly going to the parks is quite the flex. Some people want to be on a yacht in Miami, while Disney adults would rather swoop in for a day with Mickey and the gang.

Want to see an in-depth explanation of Disney Adults? We can't watch it enough because we are a fascinating group!

When Being A Kid At Heart Is Just More Fun

Cosplayers and fans come out for the annual WonderCon comic and entertainment convention in Los Angeles. Disney Princesses.

Whether you're openly into Disney as an adult or keep it on the low and blame your children: we see you.

Every adult feels stressed, tired, burnt out, and under-appreciated at some point during their usual life, so why not forget about it for 12 hours -just one day of bliss?

Even though the phrase "Disney Adult" has mixed responses, that inner child should be freed to get out and enjoy the ride.

Yes, it's not the "norm" to dream about being at a Disney theme park 24/7, but nowadays, can we really say that anybody is "normal." Uniqueness is king or queen!

So grab your best pair of ears, perhaps purchase a churro at one of the parks, and release the pixie dust. You might even get to see Tinker Bell fly through the air!

Plus, you can always tell people that you only go to Disney out of obligation to your annual pass (a little white lie never hurt anybody).

If anyone reading this wants to confess their love for the Disney brand below in the comments, now is your time to be 100% genuine. We don't judge (since we're technically one of you).

Mickey or Minnie, if you're reading this, what are your thoughts on Disney adults? Tee-hee

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