The Only 2 Lodges Open Within Yellowstone This Winter

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Who wouldn't love to witness Yellowstone's winter wonders, skiing, snowmobiling, or cruising by snowcoach to take in the frosty sights? But did you know, when planning your snowy getaway, there are only two lodges within the park that welcome guests during the colder months?

Yellowstone has lots of lodges and cabins, but when winter rolls in, only two stay open while the rest wait for summer.

The Only 2 Lodges Open Within Yellowstone This Winter

If you're up for a chilly adventure with geysers and wildlife as your neighbors, these two spots offer a cozy hideaway in the park's snowy landscape. Keep reading to find out about these unique winter stays.

1. Old Faithful Snow Lodge

Winter at Old Faithful area

This lodge is accessible only by snowcoach, which makes for a unique arrival experience. It's the newest full-service hotel in the park, completed in 1999, and offers a cozy stay right near the iconic Old Faithful geyser.

Old Faithful Inn in the Yellowstone National Park

Since it's open from December 16, 2023, until March 3, 2024, you can stay here during the heart of the winter season. It's a great spot if you're looking to explore the geyser basins on skis or snowshoes.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge, Upper Geyser Basin, Scenic Landscapes of Geothermal activity of Yellowstone National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Additional details about the lodge include:

  • Design Recognition: Honored with the Cody Award for Western Design for its architectural excellence.
  • Communal Spaces: The lodge has inviting fireplaces and areas for guests to enjoy puzzles and board games.
  • On-site Amenities: Features a gift shop and the Bear Den Ski Shop where you can rent cross-country skis and snowshoes.
  • Outdoor Activities: Provides an outdoor skating rink with free skate rentals and is a hub for guided tours and shuttles to various park highlights.
  • Dining Options: The lodge has a full-service dining room and the quick-service "Geyser Grill" for a variety of dining experiences.
  • Eco-Friendly Policy: The lodge maintains a non-smoking and non-vaping policy to preserve the park's natural beauty.
  • Advance Planning: Booking snowcoach transportation in advance is necessary due to limited availability.

To reach Old Faithful Snow Lodge, use the GPS coordinates 44.456450, -110.829617. For assistance with reservations or more information on snowcoach transportation, contact the reservations office at 307-344-7311. For the latest availability and further details, visit their official website.

2. Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins

Renovated in 2019, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins offers winter accommodations from December 15, 2023, to March 4, 2024. The hotel is located in the northern part of Yellowstone and combines modern amenities with historical charm. 

Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace during winter

It's conveniently positioned near the Mammoth Hot Springs terraces, a hotspot for elk sightings and wildlife enthusiasts. Additionally, it's an excellent location for guests looking to explore the park's natural beauty or take a dip in the nearby Boiling River.

Façade of the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins at Yellowstone National Park

Further details about this place include:

  • Accessibility: All rooms are accessible by elevator.
  • The Map Room: A special space for guests to enjoy evenings filled with music, games, and camaraderie.
  • Guided Wildlife Tours: Tours to the Northern Range and Lamar Valley start here, offering opportunities for wildlife observation.
  • Winter Activities: On-site Bear Den ski shop provides cross-country skiing and snowshoeing gear, lessons, and tours.
  • Skating Rink: An outdoor ice rink with free skate rentals is available for guest use.
  • Strategic Location: Ideally situated for visits to Yellowstone's Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, and other key park sights.

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

For directions to Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins, the GPS coordinates are 44.976200, -110.701633‎. For the most current information and reservations, you can visit the main website.

Wrapping Up Your Winter Stay at Yellowstone's Lodges

Each lodge has its own charm and offers a range of activities that make the most of the snowy season. Booking early is key, as these spots are in high demand when the park transforms into a winter paradise.

If you find these lodges within the park are fully booked, consider staying at one of the many lodges just outside Yellowstone's boundaries, as they still offer great value. Before heading out, it's always a good idea to check the latest travel updates and road statuses to help make your trip smooth and enjoyable.

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