Key West’s Best Key Lime Pie Destinations

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Key Lime Pie is more than just a dessert; it symbolizes Key West's vibrant culture and rich culinary history. Sun-soaked streets, azure waters, and swaying palms set the backdrop for this iconic treat.

Every corner of this island paradise seems to offer its own unique take on the classic pie.

From rustic family-owned eateries to upscale gourmet spots, the variety is astounding. But with so many options, where does one start? This guide highlights the must-visit destinations for the most authentic and mouthwatering slices.

Prepare to be whisked away on a flavorful journey through Key West's best Key Lime Pie havens.

1. Kermit's Key West Lime Shoppe

No trip to Key West is complete without stopping by Kermit's.

 The Kermit's shopping in Key West, considered one of the best lime pie in city, USA

Often considered the mecca for Key lime pie lovers, Kermit's serves up its pies with a rich, creamy filling and a perfectly crumbly crust. Topping it off with a generous dollop of whipped cream, this pie sets the standard.

And if you're adventurous, don't forget to try their Key lime pie dipped in chocolate – it's a game-changer!

2. Blue Heaven

Nestled in the heart of Bahama Village, Blue Heaven offers a unique twist to the traditional Key lime pie.

People walking by Blue heaven restaurant, cafe with dog entrance, venue serving caribbean cuisine, palm trees, sidewalk in Florida keys downtown city

With a mile-high meringue lightly toasted to perfection, it's a sight to behold and a treat to savor.

Surrounded by a casual, artsy ambiance and often accompanied by live music, devouring a slice here becomes an experience, not just a dessert.

3. The Key Lime Pie Factory

When it comes to Key Lime Pies, The Key Lime Pie Factory isn't just any ordinary spot – it's an award-winning haven.

Hanging vintage retro style signs for small business store shops selling key lime pie cake dessert in Florida at night on street

Their pie has earned accolades like "Best in Key West" in 1999 and "Best in Florida" multiple times, including 2022.

Beyond their signature pie, they offer treats like Chocolate Dipped Frozen Key Lime Pie on a Stick and Key Lime Rum Cakes. It's a true taste of Key West's finest.

4. Sarabeth's Key West

A favorite among the locals, Sarabeth's offers a fusion of tradition and innovation. Their Key lime pie perfectly balances tangy and sweet with a velvety texture that melts in your mouth.

Housed in a charming historic building, the ambiance adds an extra layer of delight to the pie-eating experience.

5. Old Town Bakery

If you're in Key West’s Old Town, you've got to swing by the Old Town Bakery. It's just five blocks east of Duval, right at the corner of Eaton and Grinnell Streets.

Trust us, pie lovers won't want to miss it! Their Key lime pie is famous for its rich, tangy flavor and velvety smooth texture. Paired with a perfectly crumbly graham cracker crust and served with a side of island history, it's a slice of paradise in every bite.

6. Sweet Savannah's Bake Shop & Ice Cream Cafe

If you're looking for a sweet escape, Sweet Savannah's is the place to be.

This charming bakery and cafe is known for its delightful variety of desserts, but its Key lime pie stands out. It's a delightful treat with a lusciously creamy filling and a hint of zest. For a bonus, try their Key lime pie ice cream, a delightful fusion of two classic desserts.

7. Latitudes on Sunset Key

For those seeking a more upscale Key lime pie experience, Latitudes on the private Sunset Key offers a gourmet version of this classic dessert.

@nadinaj428 Ferry boat to Latitudes restaurant, Sunset Key; off Key West #keywest #keywestflorida #sunsetkey #sunsetkeyisland #sunsetkeywest #sunsetkeycottages #thingstodokeywest ♬ Afrobeat - FASSounds

Served with a view of the shimmering ocean and a setting sun, their Key lime pie boasts a perfect blend of tangy and sweet, with a crust that's to die for. The elegant presentation, combined with the mesmerizing ambiance, makes it a pie experience like no other.

8. Fisherman's Cafe

Situated in the historic seaport district, Fisherman's Cafe might be best known for its seafood, but locals will tell you their Key lime pie is a hidden gem. With a slightly more tart edge, their version of the pie will appeal to those who prefer a zestier kick.

Paired with a thick, buttery crust, it's the perfect blend of ocean-side freshness and sweet indulgence.

9. Pepe's Cafe & Steakhouse

Established in 1909, Pepe's is the oldest eatery in Key West. Steeped in history, this charming spot offers timeless Key lime pie.

The secret? A hint of meringue on top that's torched to a golden perfection, adding a delightful texture contrast to the creamy lime filling below.

10. Key West Key Lime Pie Co.

A name that's synonymous with quality, this company is dedicated solely to the art of perfecting Key lime pie.

Offering a range of flavors and styles, including a gluten-free option, they cater to every pie lover's whim. Their pies have the right balance of tang and sweetness, and their graham cracker crust is a textural dream.

11. Dante's Key West

Known for its vibrant poolside ambiance, Dante's offers a refreshing take on the classic Key lime pie.

@daleletstravel Greetings from Dante's Key West Pool Bar & Restaurant! Dante’s was our favorite hangout spot in Key West, FL on our recent day trip. We enjoyed some piña coladas and the pool! They had good music and a great location at the Historic Key West Bight. We cannot wait to go again. Looking for more places to visit in Key West, FL? Check out this week’s blog – link in bio 🔗 Follow for more travel adventures! #keywest #keywestflorida #florida #keyslife #traveltheworld #exploreeverything #adventurealways #travelblogger #travelwithme #viajando #explorando #greetings #dantes #dantespoolbarandrestaurant #roosters #chickens #pool #waterfall #marlin #fountain #piñacolada #relax #lounge #sunbathe #palmtrees #drinks #food #dalelike #dale #daleletstravel @danteskeywest ♬ Food for the Soul - it's murph

Their frozen Key lime pie martini is a blend of creamy pie filling, a splash of vanilla vodka, and a hint of lime, served with a graham cracker rim. It's a cocktail and dessert rolled into one, perfect for those sweltering Key West afternoons.

12. El Meson de Pepe's

A Cuban family-owned restaurant, El Meson de Pepe's has been serving the community for over 30 years.

While they're acclaimed for their authentic Cuban dishes, their Key lime pie, infused with a hint of Cuban flair, is an unforgettable treat. It's the perfect blend of cultures on a plate.

13. Mangoes Restaurant

Located on the famous Duval Street, Mangoes offers a tropical dining experience.

Their Key lime pie, made with fresh local limes, stands out for its creamy consistency and perfectly balanced flavors. Savoring a slice on their patio, with the lively street vibe in the background, is a treat for all senses.

14. El Siboney Restaurant

While primarily a Cuban eatery, El Siboney offers a Key lime pie that's a testament to the blend of cultures in Key West.

@kikiedwards_ “El Siboney” located in Key West, FL this is a Cuban family owned restaurant. Soo delicious!! #keywestflorida #familyowned #foryoupage #fyp #foryou ♬ I Like It Like That - Pete Rodríguez

Their version is rich and creamy with a distinct lime tang, all enveloped in a delicate crust. It's a delightful way to end a hearty Cuban meal.

Navigating the Key Lime Trail for a Sweet Conclusion

Wrapping up our flavorful journey through Key West, it's evident that Key Lime Pie isn't merely a dessert—it's an experience, a cherished memory, a taste of the island's vibrant soul.

Each venue we've highlighted tells its own tale and rendition of the classic.

And here's a tip: don't miss out on checking each highlighted name to view their page for the exact location; it'll ensure you find your way straight to that delicious pie when you're in town.

So, as you wander through the sun-drenched streets of Key West, remember it's not just about the views—grab a fork and let the island's culinary magic unfold.

Safe travels, sweet adventures, and happy pie hunting!

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