The Florida Campground Where You Can See Rocket Launches – Jetty Park

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I've lost count of how many times I've visited Jetty Park and Port Canaveral along Florida's Space Coast.

Our family spent a year living in Florida, fascinated by everything space-related. Watching launches from Jetty Park was one of our favorite pastimes.

Gathering at the pier with fellow enthusiasts, the excitement builds as we tune into the live countdown. All eyes fix on the horizon, waiting for that light to be followed by a distant rumble.

Waiting for a launch at Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral
Waiting for a launch at Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral

Cheers erupt when the rocket emerges, slowly rising on a plume of smoke and flame. Cameras click wildly.

I found this video that perfectly captures the exhilarating experience of watching a launch from Jetty Park. I still get goosebumps each time I watch it:

Jetty Park is more than just a prized launch viewing spot. The location by Port Canaveral places you in the heart of Cape Canaveral's space history and exploration.

The small beach and fishing pier offer quieter escapes for relaxing or catching dinner. The harbor itself is right around the corner, with restaurants like Fishlips and Rusty's lining the neighboring marina.

And if you're camping, you're in luck! You can view the launches and enjoy the marina life while spending a few relaxed days in one of my favorite spots in Florida!

Let me tell you some more about the area.

The Jetty Park Campground

I have not stayed in the Jetty Park campground, and neither has any one of our site's team, but I can share some of the basic details and reviews with you.

The campground is run by the City of Cape Canaveral, and you can see a map of all sites on their website here. They have hundreds of campsites, for both tents and RV's, and even 8 cabins.

Most RV sites have full hook-ups, but a few only have water. The campground also offers bathhouses and a store. You can see more in this video of the place -

Looking at reviews for this campground on TripAdvisor and Campendium, most people seem to have enjoyed their stay, but if you're considering booking a spot, it's always a good idea to check these and see if the campground is a good fit for you.

The Spectacular Port Canaveral

But at the end of the day, the allure of Jetty Park Campground goes beyond its top-notch amenities.

Its strategic location along the Atlantic Ocean and within Port Canaveral offers campers and visitors an unparalleled treat.

The aerial view of port Canaveral from cruise ship, docked in Port Canaveral, Brevard County, Florida

The sight of majestic cruise ships, submarines navigating the waters, and rocket launches creates a unique backdrop.

Cape Canaveral is Disney's main Florida port, so there's almost always at least one Disney cruise ship around. Try and stick around for a while in the afternoon, so you can see and hear one of those ships as it exists in the port.

Why did I mention "hearing?" Because Disney ships have special horns. When the captain blows the ship's horn, it plays a Disney tune!

A Disney ship leaving the port
I love those huge Disney ships!

If you're staying in the Jetty Park campground or anywhere very close to the harbor, you're going to hear the Disney tune at least once a day!

It's not just Disney, of course. SpaceX operates from this very port, so you can often spot their vessels in the harbor, often supporting a tall black booster that has recently returned from space. Very exciting!

SpaceX booster on board the SpaceX vessels
SpaceX booster on board the SpaceX vessels at the port near Jetty Park

Speaking of space, the Exploration Tower provides a panoramic view of the Port and is right across the street from the port's promenade. It's well worth a visit!

View from the Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral
The view from the Exploration Tower

Wildlife Sighting In Jetty Park

A heads up for those visiting the camp store – they've transitioned to cashless transactions.

The natural habitats of Jetty Park and the nearby port draw an abundance of wildlife.

Numerous huge pelicans are always around. We've also seen dolphins swim and leap in the ocean waters just off the pier.

Sea turtles don't leap around, but if you stand close to the water and look for them, they are often easy to spot in the crystal-clear water.

At least once, we spotted an alligator along the pond edges near the Exploration Tower.

Read more on how to find these apex predators: 6 Free Alligator Viewing Options Shared By A Local

This is Florida, so if you want to see wildlife, all you have to do is keep your eyes open and look around.

Exploring the Area

Nearby Cocoa Beach offers 6 miles of sandy Atlantic coastline dotted with surf shops, eateries, and beach bars.

Or head inland to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for hiking, fishing, and spotting birds, alligators, and other Florida wildlife.

At the iconic Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex just north, interactive exhibits and historic artifacts bring the wonder of space exploration to life. View massive rockets like Saturn V up close, tour the space shuttle Atlantis exhibit, or even dine with an astronaut!

I hope you get to visit Jetty Park! If you do, say hi to the Pelicans for me, and let them know I miss them! And if you have any questions, leave me a comment here!

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