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NEWS - Booking a trip can be expensive. But Hong Kong aims to alleviate the worry of spending money on plane fare as the city aims to give away 500,000 roundtrip flights for free. This promotion is in light of allowing the city to recover with tourism now it has lighter COVID-19 restrictions than before.

The Hello Hong Kong Campaign

Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong city at night.

The announcement of the promotion originated in a press release and dubbed the "Hello Hong Kong" campaign. Joining this operation are 3,000 global platforms, including different Hong Kong celebrities like Aaron Kwon, Sammi Cheng, and Kelly Chen.

Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) Dr. Pang Yiu-kai said the following in the press release about this promotions campaign:

“I am confident that Hong Kong’s vibrant east-meets-west culture, together with our iconic and brand-new attractions and immersive experiences will attract travellers back for an epic, unforgettable journey.”

Additionally, 16,000 outlets across the city are now putting together different offers to attract local and international visitors to the city.

This promotional campaign came thanks in part to the city loosening its COVID restrictions. At the time of writing, visitors from other locations no longer have to go through a long 21-day quarantine period before experiencing the city’s different sights and sounds.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airport Authority Hong Kong Fred Lam also had the following to say about the campaign:

“Although we are just giving away 500,000 air tickets, we believe this can help bring Hong Kong over 1.5 million visitors.”

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The Impact Of COVID-19 On Hong Kong

Chinese new year lanterns in old town area.

The COVID-19 pandemic made living conditions more challenging than usual for different parts of the globe, including Hong Kong. The rising costs and reduced number of resources allowed many Hong Kong locals and guests to adapt to the situation.

For instance, a report from KPMG indicates that about 41% of survey respondents admit that they've been more selective in their purchasing decisions than before the pandemic. This financial attention may also likely continue even with loosened COVID-19 restrictions.

Hong Kong’s economy took a hit during the pandemic as it fell about 4% during the first quarter of 2021. In 2020, the city’s economy also contracted by approximately 6.1%, which is also the second consecutive year this occurred.

With the help of the "Hello Hong Kong" campaign, the city aims to recover its losses through tourism. The 500,000 tickets are worth about 2 billion Hong Kong dollars (approximately $255 million) and will come as rewards from different games and lucky draws.

How To Apply For The Hello Hong Kong Campaign

Interested participants can try to win a free roundtrip ticket to Hong Kong by registering on the Hong Kong airport website. Participating airlines include Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong Airlines, and Hong Kong Express.

The tickets only provide economy-class seating. Also, winners will still have to pay other related fees, surcharges, and taxes.

At the time of writing, only Asian residents are eligible to register for the campaign. But the demographic will change in May, which will cater to people living outside Asia.

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What To Expect In Hong Kong In 2023

Winners of the campaign can tickle their senses with the different things Hong Kong has to offer in 2023. For instance, here are some notable places to visit while staying in the city:

  • Big Buddha: Situated in the Po Lin monastery, take a picture with this 34-meter-high statue.
  • Lan Kwai Fong: A square of streets filled to the brim with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.
  • Hong Kong Park: A lush, green place of respite in the middle of Hong Kong’s urban setting.
  • Temple Street Night Market: Hunt the perfect souvenir in this maze of stalls.
  • Chungking Mansions: A food hub of African and South Asian cuisines.

Winners of the “Hello Hong Kong” campaign will also receive another incentive called “Hong Kong Goodies.” This additional reward comes with bonuses like a complimentary welcome drink, a cash voucher, and an exclusive gift.

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