Florida’s Green Energy Keeps Paradise Flourishing

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NEWS - The Sunshine State’s renewable energy sector aims to keep homes and businesses powered without a huge impact on the environment. With an influx of tourists, these companies rely on solar to keep Flordia powered!

Solar panels installed against blue sky background

Florida Sunshine Powers the State

Several companies are continuing their efforts to create high-quality products and services throughout the state and the nation. One brand to note is Major League Solar, a Miami-based company with over 20 years of experience in the construction and engineering industries.

Double exposure of businesspeople shaking hands and solar panels installed outdoors

One element that sets Major League Solar apart from other similar companies is its zero down payment option. Interested customers can take advantage of the company’s solar panel installation services without the additional initial setup charge.

The renewable energy brand also has financing options, which may also have as low as 1% interest rates. Contacting the business’ customer service hotline can also allow instant approvals with confirmations that should arrive within minutes for its customers.

Another company in the state’s green energy sector is Duke Energy Florida. Formerly known as Florida Power, the company supplies solar energy to its customers throughout central and north Florida.

University of central florida's duke energy welcome center

Duke Energy Florida recently announced in a press release that it now has four additional locations in the state. Interested clients in the Franklin, Highlands, and Marion counties can now take advantage of the company’s electrical services.

Also, one of the company’s solar power plants in Lake Placid has about 180,000 tracking solar panels, which can help store and supply 45 megawatts of renewable energy to nearby residences and commercial establishments.

Recently, Duke Energy helped boost the state’s renewable energy program by providing aid in different strategic sites across Florida.

Aside from providing green energy to Florida's properties, Duke Energy also commits itself to supplying the state's industrial sector. For instance, the company brings assistance to Franklin Country’s airport industrial park, particularly near the Gulf of Mexico.

Ricky Jones, the Franklin County Board of County Commissioners, said in an interview that Duke Energy’s Site Readiness Program that the company continues to be a great asset to the county’s progressive efforts. The renewable energy brand also announced a new solar power plant to rise in El Paso County, Colorado.

Florida's Largest Tourist Attraction Taps Into Solar

Duke Energy Operations Center

Duke Energy also aims to provide solar power options to customers in the commercial sector. In particular, the company established a 5-megawatt in Florida, which is now the Reedy Creek Improvement District. This solar energy plant provides power to nearby facilities like the Walt Disney World Resort.

The solar power plant can produce renewable energy that can help power about 820 homes. But the energy facility can only help supply clean electricity to about 1/4th of Walt Disney World Resort’s attractions. Nonetheless, this backup power should keep many of the park's attractions running if the establishment’s standard electrical connection goes out.

Using solar power as a backup energy source can help Walt Disney World Resort to keep its facilities in working condition, particularly in the busiest months like February and August. Resort guests can have peace of mind, knowing that attractions like “It’s A Small World” and “Space Mountain” won’t become hindered by a sudden power loss.

Florida Residents & Businesses Soak Up the Savings

With these companies working for a greener and more sustainable energy source for Florida’s properties, individuals who seek residence in the state can save as much as $9,743 in annual energy fees through solar power.

Property owners should still file for the energy tax credit by filling out IRS form 5695. This credit increased from 26% to 30% in August 2022 after the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The money saved from using renewable energy can help businesses offset their expenditures by providing better products and services to local and international visitors. Also, tax advantages are available wherein the return on investment (ROI) can increase with each panel installed.

For example, a business invests in a $10,000 solar panel; filing the appropriate tax credit documents would allow the company to acquire $2,600 for its tax return.

About Major League Solar

Engineers on the roof of house are checking solar cells in the autumn

Major League Solar is a provider of roofing, HVAC, solar panel, and window-and-door products and services in Florida. With over 20 years of industry experience, the company has installation partners across the state.

Call the Major League Solar’s customer service hotline at 855-523-8500 or visit their site at 1,000 Brickell Avenue Miami, FL 33131.

About Duke Energy Florida

Duke Energy Center in Florida

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Duke Energy Florida is a subsidiary of Duke Energy. It’s a Fortune 150 company with sites across the nation, including Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida.

For inquiries and concerns, call the company’s Florida location at 800-700-8744.

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