5 Florida Beaches That Disappoint Tourists Every Year

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You know those perfect Florida beach photos with white sand and crystal-clear water? Well, the reality doesn’t always match the dream.

Some beaches here are actually huge letdowns, according to the reviewers in this list. From crowded shores where finding a spot is impossible, to mounds of seaweed ruining the view, a few spots can really wreck your beach daydreams.

Here's a list of five Florida beaches you could still visit, but with caution, and some tips for finding your ideal destination:

1. Hudson Beach Park

Horizontal view of Hudson Beach and waterfront, Florida

Next on our list is Hudson Beach Park, where one visitor in January 2020 expressed disappointment.

They likened this beach to a children's sandbox next to a backyard pool, far from the Florida beach experience they had anticipated. They felt that driving miles to reach this beach was not worth the effort.

2. Ben T Davis Beach

Tourists enjoying the Ben T Davis beach on a sunny day with a pelican flying over

Ben T Davis Beach, a less-known spot, made the list due to an unpleasant rat encounter in January 2022.

A family's visit took a turn when they stumbled upon bold rats rummaging through the garbage, tarnishing what had initially seemed like a pleasant spot with clean white sand and decent views.

Speaking of good views, the Sunshine State still has great spots to watch wildlife. Check them out in our list: 7 Incredible Animal Sightings In Florida Beaches

3. Tarpon Beach

View from Tarpon Beach Trail bridge of beach and Gulf of Mexico

A traveler in November 2021 shared mixed feedback about Tarpon Beach. While they mentioned the beach's cloudy water and an abundance of shells making it unsuitable for barefoot walks, they also praised the cleanliness of the changing rooms and bathrooms at the parking area.

This suggests that the beach itself may not be the problem, but rather the conditions on the shoreline.

4. Coco Plum Beach

Coco Plum Beach near Marathon, Florida, part of the Florida Keys

Coco Plum Beach, which had a promising name, didn't meet some visitors' expectations.

In August 2022, one traveler noted that it was no longer a pleasant beach due to the presence of dead and smelly sea grass. The water appeared brown and uninviting. Despite attempts to clean it up, the result seemed less than satisfactory.

Another visitor in June 2021 also mentioned unpleasant sea grass and murky water, recommending tourists to seek other beach options.

5. Ed Walline Public Beach Access

Overhead View at Ed Walline Park, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

The Ed Walline Public Beach Access in Santa Rosa Beach drew negative attention from visitors in February 2022 and June 2020.

Complaints ranged from overcrowding and noise to smoking, drinking, and limited space for beachgoers.

Changes in public policies and a crowded atmosphere left these travelers disappointed, overshadowing what was once considered a beautiful beach.

Making the Most of Your Beach Getaway

Let's talk about making the most of your beach trip. Remember, beach experiences can vary. What disappoints one person might be someone else's delight.

  1. Before hitting the beach, check reviews, local rules, and ask for recommendations from other travelers. It helps you make smart choices.
  2. Consider visiting during quieter times to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more peaceful time by the shore.
  3. Bring essentials like sunscreen, water, snacks, and beach gear for a hassle-free day.
  4. Sometimes, even so-so beaches can surprise you with their unique charm. Stay flexible and make the most of it.
  5. If your chosen spot isn't great, look for nearby options. Florida has plenty of beautiful beaches, so a better one might be just a short drive away.

Don't let a few bad reviews put a damper on your Florida beach adventure. For better options, check out our guide: 12 Beaches to Witness Florida’s Best Sunrises and Sunsets

With the right attitude and some planning, you can turn any beach day into a memorable experience.

Enjoy the Sunshine State's diverse coastal offerings, and you might just discover your go-to beach spot.

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  1. Review beach not accommodations! Never seen anything mentioned on Stuart beach and I’ve been living here 12 years! In fact Stuart Fl has been voted top spot to visit live and beach!

  2. Whoever wrote this obviously never even visited the Stuart beach shown. All they talked about was how dirty their rooms were??? There are no hotels here, just multi million dollar homes. And the fishing is excellent!

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