All Aboard the Latest TikTok Craze: Riding the Rails Across America

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NEWS - The latest TikTok craze has swept social media, with hundreds of users documenting their journey across America by train.

One user in particular, @sightsofsara, captivated audiences with her awe-inspiring footage of a cross-country train ride from New York to Seattle. With 3.4 million views and counting, her video showcases the natural beauty and hidden gems of the country, proving that traveling by rail is more than just a mode of transportation - it's a journey worth experiencing.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at @sightsofsara's journey and explore why riding the rails has become the latest trend on TikTok.

A Cross-Country Journey

The Tiktok video showcased the interior of the train and the comfort she felt while sightseeing all the unusual American views that the many people do not get to see on a daily basis.

Some exciting features of the train and the amenities that she received also inspired the viewers of the video to add the trip to their bucket lists!

@sightsofsara Taking a train across the US: Answering your questions! #tiktoktravel #train #4thOfJuly #explore #travelmemories #fyp #nomad ♬ cherry wine jonah kagen cover - Jonah

The video discussed all sorts of important information for first-time cross-country train riders, such as the price of the train ticket, the view of the train's interior, and the length of the travel time.

All in all, the traveler seemed to really enjoy the trip, citing that the train ride was a really cool experience because she saw states she has never seen before.

The commentators on the video also seemed to enjoy a glimpse of the trip, expressing their excitement to visit the states by train ride in the future.

You don't have to ask every single one of them to realize that taking a scenic train ride across the vast country is included in many people's dream adventures!

"This is my goal. What a dream. I didn't even know you could do this. Thanks for sharing." one person commented on the post.

The train ride also provided viewing seats for the passengers while they travel across various scenic routes like forests and rivers where the tracks run beside.

"Amtrak is terrifically romantic and comfortable. You will discover who you are on trains." another commenter on the video wrote.

Safe to say that the journey of a cross-country trip across the United States is definitely something you will never forget.

A Breath-Taking View and An Unmatched Experience

Amtrak Train crossing through the Colorado Rocky Mountains

The train ride featured in the video gave a new prospect for the viewers who have always wanted to see the entirety of the beautiful country but don't know how to do it or where to even start.

Car trips and rental vans are pretty common too, but train rides offer a much different perspective (literally and metaphorically!) to travelers who want to see amazing views you can't get anywhere else.

How else would you get a chance of getting an overlooking view of the beautiful natural formations?

@mallorierodak They say the @amtrak California Zephyr is the most scenic train ride in North America. Views from the observation car 👀 #fypシ #fy #train #amtrak ♬ Awaken - Big Wild

Amtrak, the American railway system featured in the video, provides quality service and amenities for their passengers for a fair price, making the trip easily affordable for everyone who wants to experience a cross-country adventure for themselves.

Amtrak allows passengers to gaze at awe-inspiring natural formations, cities, and beautiful towns throughout every state their railroads cross.

A Healing Train Ride

In the viral video, the content creator said that she had to change trains once in order to reach Seattle from New York.

Although it was not specified what train she took from New York to Chicago, she did say that she rode the Empire Builder from Illinois to Seattle.

Empire Builder is one of the many Amtrak train tracks available that offers many picturesque panoramic views of the country.

@aamorphaa Ended my #roadtrip on a 3 day train. Love to all the people I met on the Empire Builder #amtrak#travel #amtok #fyp #booktok ♬ Clay Pigeons - Michael Cera

Much of Amtrak's train routes feature many of the natural hidden gems that lie far from the eye's reach if you live in the big city.

While a lot of people take Amtrak daily to get from one place to another, many of their train routes are promoted as scenic train routes, and rightfully so.

Many of their passengers take the route to sightsee, and they do not disappoint. The train experience is often regarded as a wonderful experience, both by people who take the train for business and for leisure.

Some of the best, and most scenic train routes offered by Amtrak include Sunset Limited, California Zephyr, and Southwest Chief. These train routes will take you through forests, deserts, canyons, and rocky mountains!

@amtrak #CaliforniaZephyr #Amtok ♬ for a minute - favsoundds

A Trip At The Top Of Your Bucket List

The one-way trip from New York to Seattle with a train change in Chicago costs around 190 dollars back in 2020. Nowadays, a trip from New York to Chicago costs around 112 dollars, and that's just the starting point.

But the prices change and fluctuate depending on the date of your travel, so it is best to check and do research based on your own desired itinerary. If anything, the changing prices should inspire you to book that ticket before the prices get higher! No pressure!

Amtrak also offers various amenities based on your travel needs and budget so the train ride can accommodate all sorts of travelers. Seats and sleeper cars are available, but of course, the latter costs more since it has a shower and a bed.

Although, if you're out there traveling across grand forests, incredible mountains, and wide deserts that let you gaze at the millions of stars shining above you, you might not even be able to close your eyes!

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