Crystal Cove State Park, CA – A Visitor’s Guide

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We're continuing our series of posts about California state parks, and today we're looking at the gorgeous beaches of Crystal Cover State Park! We've put together a detailed guide that can help you plan the best possible visit to this park.


Sunrise at crystal cove state park with huge waves and green mountains, Crystal Cove State Park, CA - A Visitor's Guide

Where Is Crystal Cove State Park?

Crystal Cove State Park rests amid Orange County, in the southern-most parts of California. It is one of the largest state parks in this area, providing you with access to over 3.2 miles of beach and 2,400 acres of unspoiled wilderness.

How, though, do you go about getting to Crystal Cove State Park if you've never been there before?

How Do You Get To Crystal Cove State Park?

The distance you have to drive to Crystal Cove State Park will vary based on where in California you're staying.

The park itself is just off the Pacific Coast Highway. You'll find it nestled between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach. Route 1 of the Pacific Coast Highway will even take you directly past the park, making it even easier to find.

How far is Crystal Cove from Los Angeles?

Los Angeles serves as a stellar home base for any California vacation. The city is full of things to do, and it's reasonably close to several other exciting destinations. If you want to take a day trip out of Los Angeles to get away from the rush of the city, you'll have plenty of itinerary substitutes from which to choose.

One such substitute is Crystal Cove State Park. The park is a mere 51 minutes and 49.7 miles away from Los Angeles. You can take I-405 N for the fastest trip, or you can substitute with time spent on the I-710 N or I-110 N. It's always good to keep these alternative routes keyed into your GPS, just in case California's notorious traffic decides to rear its head.

What Is There To Do In Crystal Cove State Park?

People doing outdoor beach activities on a sunny day at crystal cove state park

Once you've made it to the park, how can you maximize your day? The park has plenty of activities available for you to enjoy, though you'll have to find your way to them on your own. The park allows its visitors to wander as they please and has few to no activities that involve engagement with the park's staff.

If you're looking for something to do at Crystal Cove State Park, why not consider any of the following:

  • Camping - want to spend the night under the stars? The Crystal Cove State Park camping grounds are open all year round. You can spend the day hiking and swimming, then come home to your tent and watch the stars come to life above your head.
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling - Crystal Cove State Park has a designated "underwater park" that you can explore at your leisure, so long as you have the right equipment. Bring your scuba gear or your snorkel to explore this fascinating underwater habitat.
  • Swimming - if snorkeling isn't your thing, but swimming is, never fear. Crystal Cove State Park's 3.2 miles of beach aren't just meant for sunbathing. Bring your swimsuit and head into the water to cool off from the heat of the day.
  • Surfing - if you're feeling especially adventurous, you can even take to the waves. Crystal Cove State Park is open to surfers, so long as the weather is fair. Note, though, that the park does not keep a lifeguard on duty, so you're responsible for your own safety while you're in the water.
  • Tide Pool Hunting - while you're not allowed to take anything with you when you go to leave the park, you can still spend your day peering into the park's many tide pools.
  • Horseback Riding - if you want to bring a four-legged friend with you into the park, you can readily enjoy the horseback riding trails that the staff keeps open for the bulk of the year.

Hiking in Crystal Cove State Park

Who visits a state park and doesn't take the time to go hiking? Crystal Cove State Park has a plethora of hiking trails for you to enjoy. Your options include:

  • The Fenceline
  • The Missing Link
  • Moro Ridge
  • E Cut Across
  • Moro Canyon
  • No Name Ridge
  • Poles
  • W. Cut Across
  • Rattlesnake
  • Ticketron
  • Red Tail Ridge
  • Bommer Ridge Trail

When's The Best Time of Year To Visit Crystal Cove State Park?

Huge waves making its way to the beach at dusk in Crystal Cove State Park, California

If you're planning a trip out to California and Crystal Cove State Park, you're going to want to schedule your visit with care. It's best to visit the park between May and September. You're unlikely to run into rain during these times, and while the weather may get a little hot, you'll be able to find refuge in many of the local air-conditioned spaces.

What Time Does Crystal Cove State Park Open?

Crystal Cove State Park opens at 6 AM every day and closes as soon as the sun sets. That said, the Historic District is the exception to this rule, as it will close at 10 PM every day. Only campers who've registered with the park will be able to stay on the grounds after the wilderness areas, and Historic District has closed.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Crystal Cove State Park?

You'll be expected to pay a daily fee of $15 to enter the park. This cost is per vehicle, meaning you can bring as many people into the park as you like, so long as you all fit into one car. Crystal Cove State Park does make discounts available to veterans, dropping the price down to $14 a day.

How Much Does Parking Cost at Crystal Cove?

You'll be expected to pay for hourly parking after paying Crystal Cove State Park's entry fee. Parking at the park costs $5 per hour, with a maximum charge of $15. Rates will vary with sunset hours, though, as Crystal Cove State Park institutes Sunset Rates. Be sure to call a park representative to see whether or not Sunset Rates will be in effect during your visit.

Is There Free Parking at Crystal Cove?

Unfortunately, you are expected to pay for parking when you visit Crystal Cove State Park. However, if you catch dinner or lunch at The Beachcomber, the on-site cafe, then the park rangers will waive your parking fee for the day.

Additional Questions

Still have questions that we haven't answered? Let's see if we can clear up any confusion with the FAQ below.

Are There Bathrooms at Crystal Cove Beach?

You'll be able to find restrooms and rinse-off showers next to all of Crystal Cove State Park's parking lots.

Are There Fire Pits at Crystal Cove?

Crystal Cove State Park's Moro Campground does have fire pits in place for any campers interested in using them. However, you're not allowed to host any un-contained fires or fires anywhere in the parks "back-country." If you're in doubt as to whether or not you're allowed to host a fire in a particular location, it's best to check in with a park ranger.

Are Dogs Allowed at Crystal Cove State Beach?

Unfortunately, horses are the only four-legged friends allowed to enter Crystal Cove State Park with you. Dogs, while delightful hiking companions are banned from the hiking trails, beaches, and the local Beachcomber Cafe.

That said, Crystal Cove State Park does allow you to bring leashed dogs into its campgrounds. You'll also be able to walk your dog in any of the park's paved areas, so long as you clean up after them.

Can You Fish in Crystal Cove?

You are allowed to fish at Crystal Cove State Park, so long as you have a temporary fishing license provided by the state of California. It's easier than you might think to obtain these fishing licenses. Many of the local state parks will help you gain one for a small daily fee. Just make sure that the pass you pick up is accepted at the parks you choose to visit, and you'll be free to catch all the fish you want throughout your visit.

Can You Spear Fish in Crystal Cove?

You are also able to spend your day spearfishing at Crystal Cove State Park. Additionally, you can fin-fish and set lobster or urchin traps. Truly, the park is made for the adventurous at heart.

Where To Stay When Visiting Crystal Cove State Park

If you want to make Crystal Cove State Park a central feature in your trip out to California, you're going to want to book a hotel in the nearby Laguna Beach. For those visitors not interested in camping in the park itself, there are plenty of urban options, including:

Laguna Riviera

Laguna Riviera has unrivaled views of the ocean. Staying at this hotel while visiting Crystal Cove State Park will feel like you've got Laguna Beach and the surrounding area all to yourself.

The rooms at Laguna Riveria all come equipped with a flat-screen television, cable, coffee makers, refrigerators, and microwaves. If you have any problems with your room, you can quickly get in touch with the staff Laguna Riveria has on-call 24/7.

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Laguna Beach Lodge

Anyone looking to step straight from their hotel room onto the beach will love staying at Laguna Beach Lodge. Here, you'll be able to enjoy air-conditioned rooms as well as gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, which will lap at the shore right outside your door.

The rooms at Laguna Beach Lodge include a coffee maker, refrigerator, and microwave. There are also vending machines on-site, in case you're feeling hungry.

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Art Hotel Laguna Beach

Want to stay at a hotel that's a little off the beaten path? Art Hotel Laguna Beach is, as the name suggests, a hotel dedicated to art in the area. You'll find all manner of murals and sculptures both inside and outside of the hotel. These art features are designed to make your trip more memorable while also celebrating the artists whose time and effort went into their creation.

The rooms at Art Hotel Laguna Beach all come equipped with air conditioning, a coffee maker, a refrigerator, and a microwave. In the mornings, you'll be able to browse the breakfast options provided in the Healthy Start Breakfast area. Come dinner time, the local Nick's Laguna Beach is a mere three minutes away from the hotel, where you'll be able to enjoy cocktails and American cuisine.

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Ready to head out west? Visit Crystal Cove State Park to make the most of a day away from the city. Couples will love the chance to explore southern California's wild side, while families will enjoy the opportunity to stretch their legs.


Sunset overlook at a Stone overlook at Crystal Cove State Park, California

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