8 Best Hotels in Tel Aviv on the Beach

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If you're spending part of your Israel vacation in Tel Aviv - and you really should! - staying by the Mediterranean is a great idea. To make the most of your stay, why not enjoy the promenade, the fresh air and bathing in the warm sea while staying at one of the best hotels in Tel Aviv on the beach? And don't forget the daily sunsets...

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Best Tel Aviv Hotels on the beach

To help you find the best locations, I combed through my favorite booking site and found what I think are the best hotels in Tel Aviv on the beach. I did not stay at any of them (I live near the city so it just doesn't make sense for me). These recommendations are based on what other reviewers say and what I know about the area. The links in this article are affiliate links. What does that mean? It means that if you click through and make your reservation, then I'll be getting a small commission - at no additional cost to you. So thank you!

Why Look for Hotels in Tel Aviv on The Beach

Staying in a hotel right near the beach has several advantages -

  • Easy access to warm sandy beaches. You can be in the water minutes after leaving your room. Tel Aviv Hotels on the Beach
  • You're at the heart of things! Lots going on in that area of Tel Aviv with its gorgeous promenade. Tel Aviv Promenade during night time
  • Central location - close to most points of interest. Read all about them and see the map in my post about 11 awesome things to do in Tel Aviv. Staying in any of these Tel Aviv hotels on the beach puts you about 10 minutes away from the bauhaus houses of the old White City of Tel Aviv too.
  • Here for business? Stay close to the business district where many banks and law firms are.
  • Going to the Pride Parade? Tel Aviv has the second largest Gay Pride parade in the world. And these hotels are right in the path of the parade!
  • Daily mediterranean sunsets right from your room window. Guaranteed between May to November and very frequent during other months too.

This is really a great area to stay and experience Tel Aviv in all its glory.

List of Best Tel Aviv Hotels On The Beach

#1 The Vista At Hilton Tel Aviv

The Vista At Hilton Tel Aviv is built on top an elevated land formation, making the building significantly taller than its counterparts. You could say the result is new heights of comfort and luxury.

The hotel’s architecture is a fusion of Middle Eastern and European styles. All suites and rooms  are angled westward so that all guests have a wide view of the sea. What's more, all public areas of the hotel face the sea, giving you no reason to miss the grandeur of the Mediterranean.

Each room has its own private balcony and guests have access to all of the hotel’s facilities including the outdoor pool, Thai spa, a medical center, and five restaurants and lounges to choose from. Staying here, you will have a direct access to the Tel Aviv Promenade and the Hilton Public beach. This isn't cheap but you if you want to stay in one of the best hotels In Tel Aviv on the beach, this is a great option!

Click here for more important details

#2 Abratel Suites Hotel

This hotel does not have a direct view of the sea but it’s really close. Within two minutes of walking, you could be bathing in the warm sea, so it definitely belongs in our list of the best hotels In Tel Aviv on the beach.  Abratel Suites Hotel is an affordable choice and ideal for couples. The rooms are spacious and satisfyingly comfortable.

It’s not a big hotel but they offer free parking (street parking in Tel Aviv is extremely difficult to find so it’s a plus). You’ll appreciate how clean the hotel is and everything there is modern. You can enjoy the breakfast buffet or explore more of Tel Aviv by visiting the numerous nearby restaurants.

Know more about the hotel by clicking here

#3 Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel – Luxury on the Beach

If you want to experience a five-star vacation, the Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel should be top of your list. Surprisingly, they offer luxury at a good price point. The hotel is right on the city’s marina and you will never get enough of the majestic view of the sea from the pool on their rooftop terrace.

Caviar and champagne will greet you for breakfast (!) along with a top-class buffet with a variety of delectable food to feast upon. Or you can have your breakfast at a bar across the street which will even have a better view of the water. All other dining areas within the hotel have an impressive view of the sea and the harbor though, so you can indulge in the sight all you can. Then again, according to reviewers, the rooms are so comfortable that you may wish to stay there more and order room service for your meals.

If you want to experience the beach up close, it is just across the street. You’ll experience luxury as it is – modern amenities, great service, comfort, and all delight right at the heart of Tel Aviv. Definitely one of the best hotels in Tel Aviv on the beach.

Interested? Read more about their five-star services here

#4 Royal Beach Hotel Tel Aviv

True to its name, this hotel will make you feel like royalty. The Royal Beach Hotel Tel Aviv aims at defining luxury and top-notch service, right in the central location of Tel Aviv.  You get to enjoy fancy rooms designed by a German star interior architect. These modern, updated suites excel in meticulous attention to detail wherever you look.

The Royal Beach Hotel Tel Aviv is right at the heart of the promenade with the beach right across the street. There’s a large swimming pool on the upper floor overlooking the sparkly sea. The pool is covered, making it pleasant to use even on a sunny afternoon – no direct sunlight to harm your skin.

The hotel has a variety of spa & wellness centers, bars, and other amenities. They also have parking spaces if you are renting some wheels (again, very important when in Tel Aviv).

Overall, the high-rise hotel with all its top-rated rooms, amenities, and services is gets high scores from reviewers, making it one of the best hotels in Tel Aviv on the beach.

Know more about how you can live like royalty in Tel Aviv here

#5 Sea Executive Suites

Sea Executive Suites is not a large hotel but they can provide you with a great service at the beachfront of Tel Aviv.

The rooms are apartment-type with private balconies.  The hotel is at a corner so when booking, make sure to specify you want a room facing the beach. Reviewers mention that some rooms have obstructed view due to construction so that's something to check before making your reservation.

You can also feast on a fresh quality breakfast complemented by coffee straight from the Nespresso machine in the reception. The breakfast isn't included automatically - make sure you reserve a room with breakfast if you wish to eat in the hotel in the morning.

It’s also worth noting the property does not offer free parking and there’s also no pool amenity but they do have a gym and sauna (no extra charge). Moreover, they have an extremely lovely rooftop terrace with a hot tub; and the beach right across from the hotel will compensate for the lack of swimming pool. After all, that's why we included it in our list of hotels in Tel Aviv on the beach.

Click here for more information of the hotel

#6 TLV 88 Sea Hotel

The hotel is small and looks outdated exterior-wise. And inside, there is no elevator – easily forgivable considering the property is just small. But the rest of the elements are just simply superb! It’s doesn’t offer luxury like its gigantic counterparts but it sure has that intimate feeling when you are inside.

Reviewers really liked the food served here. Some say the dishes here can easily be at par with five-star restaurants. As for the rooms, you get a large comfortable bed in a spacious and clean interior.  There is a patio on the rooftop overlooking the sea where they offer free champagne (!) from 4 pm to 8 pm.

The TLV 88 Sea Hotel may not be as opulent as others but they offer a distinct Israeli experience in an excellent location. Reviewers love this for its excellent value for money, so it was an easy decision to include the TLV 88 in the list of best hotels in Tel Aviv on the beach.

Interested? Click here for more booking information

#7 Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel

Guaranteed five-star experience is what you’ll get in this hotel. The hotel has excellent amenities to spoil yourself with. Splash in the large, crystal-clear swimming pool, tone up in a state-of-the-art gym, and relax in their luxurious Cielo Spa.  You can even sign up for the Gaash Golf Club, with exclusive perks only for Sheraton Tel Aviv Guests!

The Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel is located in a prime location where bustling social spots are just a walk away. There is a food hub right outside where you can enjoy a large array of food option from different stores, all day long. Last - but not least when discussing hotels on the beach - the beach right in front of Sheraton have umbrella-cottages and beach chaises.

Know more about the Sheraton experience here

#8 Prima Tel Aviv Hotel

A 4-star hotel filled with artistic interior that will amplify the Tel Aviv vibe. The rooms are designed with a refreshing, culturally-augmented atmosphere that you can feel right in the hotel. It’s not a big property but it’s just across the popular seaside promenade and is at the heart of the city’s commercial districts.

The Prima Tel Aviv is situated in a corner so not all rooms overlook the sea – you might want to book a unit facing the beach in the front. Unlike other properties, the hotel is not right next to the street; there’s a parking lot in front. This can be an advantage as it keeps the noise from the road at bay.

The hotel offers all essentials a traveler may need – from parking, bar, breakfast, and Wi-Fi. Reviewers mention that the hotel is very clean and the staff are all friendly and helpful.

More hotel information if you click here

I hope this list helps you!

If this is your first time visiting this awesome city, make sure you also read my post about 11 Great things to do in Tel Aviv . There's so much to do and see in the Israeli city that never sleeps that you should consider staying in one of these hotels in Tel Aviv on the beach for more than just a couple of days!

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