Beartooth Highway – America’s Most Scenic Drive Near Yellowstone

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Traversing the rugged landscapes of Montana and Wyoming, the Beartooth Highway stretches 68.7 miles, offering more than just a scenic route—it's an All-American Road, distinguished for its extraordinary natural beauty.

Connecting Red Lodge to Cooke City, this drive is a journey through picturesque mountain ranges, serene meadows, and verdant forests.

Along the way, take in the beautiful landscapes and explore the rich history, diverse wildlife, and quaint towns dotting the route. Experience the unique allure of the Beartooth Highway, where each bend in the road reveals a new, breathtaking vista.

The History and Significance of Beartooth Highway

Beartooth highway through Wyoming, Montana

Beartooth Highway has a rich history dating to its construction in the 1930s. The highway was a monumental engineering feat, cutting through the rugged Beartooth Mountains.

While the highway begins in Red Lodge, Montana, it travels southwest into Wyoming's scenic landscapes and then turns northwest to conclude in Cooke City, Montana.

It quickly gained recognition and was designated National Scenic Byway in 1987.

Furthermore, in 2002, Beartooth Highway was honored with the prestigious "All-American Road" designation, the highest accolade in the realm of scenic routes.

This title underscores its beauty and highlights its unique significance; Beartooth stands as the only All-American Road in Montana, setting it apart from other scenic byways.

Its breathtaking alpine scenery draws outdoor enthusiasts and scenic drivers annually.

Remarkable Sights that Await You Along the Beartooth Highway

As you embark on the Beartooth Highway, prepare to be immersed in a visual symphony of breathtaking vistas and natural wonders.

Here are some of the key highlights and scenic views that will leave you in awe:

1. Beartooth Pass

Reach the pinnacle of your journey at Beartooth Pass, where an expansive panorama of snow-capped peaks, deep valleys, and alpine meadows stretches as far as the eye can see.

View of the Beartooth Pass Summit at an elevation of 10,947 feet above sea level

At an elevation of 10,947 feet, it's one of the highest drivable passes in the Northern Rockies. Panoramic vistas can be enjoyed from viewpoints like Mulholland Overlook.

2. Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

Traverse through the rugged beauty of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, a vast expanse of untouched wilderness that showcases majestic mountain ranges, pristine lakes, and dense forests.

Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness boundary sign in Gallatin National Forest in Beartooth Mountains

Spanning around 944,000 acres, it is home to diverse wildlife species, including mountain goats and golden eagles.

The highway almost entirely passes through US Forest Service lands, and the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness boundary is close to the road in many places. Hiking trails wind through diverse terrain, from subalpine meadows to jagged peaks.

3. Beartooth Lake

Discover the serenity of Beartooth Lake, nestled amidst towering mountains.

A beautiful American landscape scene, with Beartooth Lake and the ancient geological formation of Beartooth Butte in the background

This glacial lake formed thousands of years ago and is known for its crystal-clear waters and abundant trout population, making it a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts.

A moderate 1-mile trail encircles the shoreline through lush vegetation.

4. Rock Creek Vista Point

Rock Creek Vista Point, Beartooth Scenic Byway, Montana

Stop at Rock Creek Vista Point, an elevated viewpoint that provides a dramatic outlook over the landscape.

From here, you can witness the grandeur of the Beartooth Mountains, which are part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and harbor a rich diversity of plant and animal life, including elusive predators like wolves and cougars.

Bring a picnic to enjoy the scenery from the vista point.

Some Popular Landmarks Along Beartooth Highway

Aside from the awe-inspiring scenic views, Beartooth Highway is home to various popular attractions and landmarks beautifully showcasing the surrounding landscape.

Here are some must-visit destinations to explore along this extraordinary route:

1. Clay Butte Lookout

Located just off the highway, Clay Butte Lookout provides an opportunity for a short hike to a historic fire lookout tower.

You can enjoy incredible 360-degree views of the mountains and valleys from the top. A small interpretive sign at the lookout provides the structure's history and surrounding landscape.

2. Chief Joseph Scenic Byway

Scenic view of Rocky Mountains from Chief Joseph Scenic Byway

As an extension of Beartooth Highway, the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway offers stunning views and a scenic drive through the Absaroka Mountains.

This part of the route takes you through verdant landscapes, winding rivers, and captivating valleys.

3. Granite Peak

For avid hikers and mountaineers, Granite Peak is a prominent attraction. It's the highest peak in Montana, towering over the Beartooth Mountains.

Scaling its summit is a challenging and rewarding adventure for experienced climbers.

4. Cooke City

This charming mountain town serves as a gateway to Yellowstone National Park and offers a rustic atmosphere, cozy accommodations, and a range of outdoor activities.

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It's an ideal stopping point to refuel and explore the natural wonders.

Discover Wildlife Encounters and Outdoor Adventures Along Beartooth Highway

Beartooth Highway offers a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. Traverse this scenic route for a chance to spot majestic grizzly bears, black bears, elk, bighorn sheep, and elusive wolves in their natural habitat.

The highway also provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, where you can explore trails leading to hidden alpine lakes, breathtaking viewpoints, and secluded valleys.

Fishing enthusiasts can cast their lines into crystal-clear streams and rivers teeming with trout. Immerse yourself in nature's serenity by setting up camp under the star-filled sky, surrounded by the peaceful sounds of the wilderness.

Respect wildlife and follow responsible outdoor guidelines to preserve this pristine natural environment for future generations.

Seasonal Considerations and Road Conditions

When planning your Beartooth Highway adventure, it's crucial to be informed about the road's seasonal accessibility.

While the highway is generally open from late May through October, the opening and closing dates vary significantly based on weather conditions.

Mountain roads like the Beartooth Highway are susceptible to unpredictable weather patterns, making checking the road's status in real-time essential.

Summer months usually present pleasant temperatures and full access to attractions, whereas the fall season brings forth nature's vibrant colors. However, winter months can see heavy snowfall, often leading to road closures and restricted access.

For the most current information on the road's status and conditions, visiting Montana's official travel information site is recommended.

Travel Tips and Recommendations

Planning a road trip along Beartooth Highway requires some careful preparation. Ensure you have enough fuel and supplies, as services are limited along the route.

Don't forget your camera to capture the jaw-dropping scenery, and pack layers of clothing to accommodate changing mountain temperatures. For an unforgettable dining experience, indulge in the following local establishments near the highway:

When it's time to rest your weary head, consider these cozy accommodations in nearby towns:

Beartooth Highway, The scenic road in Montana

Beartooth Highway: Where Memories Are Made

Beartooth Highway is an extraordinary trip that will leave you breathless at every turn.

From its rich history and unmatched natural beauty to the incredible wildlife encounters and outdoor adventures, this scenic drive near Yellowstone National Park is a bucket-list experience for any nature lover.

So, gather your loved ones, set your GPS, and embark on an unforgettable journey through America's most scenic drive—Beartooth Highway awaits.

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