10 RV Parks in Alaska with Jaw-Dropping Mountain Views

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Your home on wheels deserves a spot with views as grand as the open road, and Alaska’s RV parks deliver just that.

Offering a range of accommodations for various RV sizes, each park provides a unique perspective of Alaska's majestic landscapes.

Whether in a compact camper or a luxurious motorhome, you’ll find a perfect place to park and admire the panoramic mountain vistas.

The journey ahead teems with endless possibilities as you chart a course through Alaska's finest RV parks, tailored for an unforgettable adventure amid the serenity of the mountains.

1. K’esugi Ken Campground

At K’esugi Ken Campground in Denali State Park, your RV space is positioned perfectly against a backdrop of awe-inspiring peaks.

Your stay promises a feast for the eyes and all the comforts your RV needs. With 32 RV campsites made to accommodate various sizes of RVs, you'll find the modern amenities very welcoming.

Here, you can also enjoy an invigorating hike on trails leading to alpine areas, revealing panoramic views. The hiking trail from the campground allows you to stretch your legs and soak in the natural beauty.

And for those days when you're curious about the local flora and fauna, the open pavilion of the campground's K’esugi Ken Interpretive Center is a treasure trove of information.

2. Teklanika River Campground

The Teklanika River Campground, or "Tek," is another gem in Denali National Park that invites you to immerse yourself in the Alaskan wild with the comfort of your RV.

Teklanika boasts the convenience of accommodation for RVs up to 40 feet and operates from May 20 to mid-September, so plan your adventure within this time frame to avoid missing out.

The rugged beauty of Denali can be seen without even leaving the camp, but you're encouraged to venture for some wildlife spotting. Caribous, grizzlies, and more roam these parts, offering an unparalleled connection with nature.

3. Riley Creek Campground

Accommodations at Riley Creek are diverse, catering to various RV sizes, from compact travel trailers to 40-foot motorhomes.

The campground is suited for dry camping, so while hookups aren’t available, you'll find a communal dump and water station that can service four rigs simultaneously.

Generators are welcome here, with generous hours (from 8 am to 10 am and 4 pm to 8 pm) that balance your power needs with the quiet of nature. During your stay, connectivity remains in your hands, with cellular coverage in the area for your convenience.

With hiking trails starting just steps from your campsite. You're a mere 10-minute walk from the Bus Depot, opening up further exploration of Denali National Park.

4. Seward Waterfront Park

Here, you'll wake up to the sound of sea lions and the majestic eagles soaring against a backdrop of striking mountains.

At Seward Waterfront Park, you'll feast on the unparalleled views of Mount Alice and lively ocean creatures, such as playful sea otters and curious seals.

Switch up the day's scenery by strolling along the seaside paths. If luck's on your side, you might even spot a whale or two breaching the water's surface!

Accommodations cater to various needs, from simple tent spots to full-service RV sites with electricity and water.

You'll relish the park's convenient amenities, including the proximity to water sources and restrooms. Their campsite rates are reasonable, ranging to fit the diversity of travelers' budgets and RV requirements.

You can learn more about booking and pricing here.

5. Eagle's Rest RV Park in Valdez

Surrounded by the pristine waters of Prince William Sound, this RV park promises scenic views that are nothing short of breathtaking.

The grounds are equipped with full-service amenities to ensure your stay is as comfortable as it is unforgettable.

A stroll through Eagle's Rest may reveal the sight of eagles swooping down gracefully in search of their next meal, a natural spectacle that's ordinary here.

You're perfectly positioned to explore Valdez, which means you're mere minutes away from charming shops, informative museums, and the buzzing harbor.

After a day out, you might plunge into glacier cruises or perhaps kayak across the sound's glassy surface.

6. Stoney Creek RV Park

Nestled in the scenic town of Seward, Alaska, you’ll find yourself at the base of towering peaks at Stoney Creek RV Park, offering an unrivaled view that captures the essence of the Alaskan wilderness.

Here, your eyes will feast on the Resurrection Peninsula, framing the horizon with its awe-inspiring presence.

From the park, you can embark on hiking trails that wind through dense forests and along coastal paths, where the local wildlife, including eagles and bears, can be observed in their natural habitat.

Fishing enthusiasts will find themselves in heaven, with the nearby Resurrection Bay providing opportunities to catch salmon and halibut.

Along with full RV hookups, it also comes with a spacious picnic area, complete with fire pits and grills, perfect for wrapping up your day under the Alaskan sky.

7. Wrangell View RV Park

Located near the entrance to the magnificent Wrangell St. Elias National Park, this park is a jewel among Alaskan campsites.

You can enjoy full hook-ups catering to various RV sizes, and comes with options ranging from 20, 30, to 50 amp connections.

Experience the beauty of nature by observing fishwheels in action or enjoy the convenience of Wi-Fi to instantly share your memorable moments. Pets are welcome, so your furry friends can join in the adventure.

With amenities like a dump station and access to clean water, the practicalities are as well-thought-out as the views.

8. Portage Valley RV Park & Cabin

At Portage Valley RV Park & Cabin, you'll wake up to the sight of majestic glaciers right outside your window. Your home on wheels finds its nook amidst the tall pines, with accommodating spots for both small and large RVs.

Your days here might start with the aroma of pine needles and the sound of glaciers creaking in the distance. With Portage Glacier just a stone's throw away, a leisurely hike or bike ride along the Trail of Blue Ice highlights your adventure-filled afternoons.

The RV accommodations range from basic to full hookups, ensuring you find a spot that’s just the right fit for your mobile abode.

Nestled roughly two minutes away from Portage Valley Recreation Area, this park strikes that perfect balance between accessibility and the serene escapism of the Alaskan wilderness.

9. Homer Spit Campground

Your RV spot at this campground comes with a variety of accommodations. Whether you need full hookups, including sewer, water, and electricity, or just a simple spot by the beach to park your rig, they've got you covered.

Ocean-facing sites here offer more than just utilities; they offer an experience. Your view framed by the dramatic mountains is something you might expect to see on an Alaskan postcard.

Camping in Homer is not just about the panoramic mountain views, though – it’s also your gateway to adventure. Kayaking, fishing, and wildlife tours are at your fingertips.

And after a day of exploring, return to a campground that features the comforts you need—like DirectTV and Wi-Fi for a touch of home.

The campground is conveniently located just a short drive from Homer’s artistic community and top-notch fishing spots for ease of travel.

You can even stroll to the local beach or peer out across the inlet, where semiactive volcanoes pepper the horizon.

10. Skagway Mountain View RV Park

This park's name, "Mountain View," is a modest nod to the picturesque panorama surrounding you. Whether you’re lounging outside your RV or exploring the nearby trails, the sights of Skagway promise to leave you in awe.

Your mornings here greet you with crisp, fresh air and the awe-inspiring sight of majestic mountains.

The park accommodates a range of RV sizes, from cozy campervans to more luxurious motorhomes, ensuring your comfort amidst nature's splendor.

Strolling through the town of Skagway is mere minutes away. You'll find vibrant entertainment, intriguing historical sites, and delightful eateries, all within walking distance from your campsite.

After a day of exploration, return to your RV haven to relax with amenities that make your stay convenient, such as accessible power hookups and friendly staff always ready to help.

Getting Ready for A Scenic RV Camping

Getting ready for an RV adventure in Alaska means preparing for breathtaking mountain vistas at every turn.

Ensuring your RV is up to the Alaskan challenge is step one. You'll want your home on wheels to be in top condition. Check your vehicle's heating system; you'll need it when the Alaskan chill sets in.

Prepare for the variable Alaskan weather by packing layers. You'll want to be ready for sunny afternoons, cool evenings, and the occasional rain shower.

Bring your outdoor gear to explore those picturesque trails leading into the heart of the mountains!

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