What To Wear In Acropolis [Inc. Dress, Shoes, And Other Tips By Season]?

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Figuring out the best clothing to wear during your travels abroad isn't always easy. For example, are you off to Athens, Greece, and want to visit the famous Acropolis monument? What attire is appropriate for the ancient structure?

Luckily, we've done plenty of digging and have some suggestions for you!

You want to dress comfortably and modestly for a trip to the famed Acropolis. Although the location doesn't have a strict dress code, it does take a bit of walking to get around the area. Therefore, comfortable shoes, like sneakers or flats, are your best bet.

Dresses, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and jackets are permitted at the Acropolis. We recommend that you not wear overly revealing clothing. Also, high-heeled shoes are not allowed at the site.

In this article, we will cover visiting Athens, Greece, and discuss what clothing you should wear to the Acropolis. Whether you're going in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, let us be your guide to this famous landmark. With that said, let's begin!

What To Wear In Acropolis [Inc. Dress, Shoes, And Other Tips By Season]

Does The Acropolis In Athens Have A Dress Code?

Parthenon temple on a sunset.

No. Unlike the nearby Greek monasteries, the Acropolis site has no strict dress code for guests to follow. As long as your clothing isn't disrespectful or overly provocative, you should have no issues.

Many Greek locals and tourists at the Acropolis follow a more comfortable/casual dress code, as it is a walking experience. You don't want to dress too fancy, as your nice shoes and clothes could get dirty.

During the warmer summer months, you don't want to wear heavy clothing to the Acropolis, as it can get uncomfortably warm. The best idea is a pair of shorts, a t-shirt or a nice dress you can move around in.

For footwear, always prioritize comfort. Because there isn't a technical dress code, you can wear sneakers, sandals, flats, or whatever else protects your feet.

Many past travelers to the site claim that it can be hot and dry (you're on a hill), so you should bring water and even a snack if you're worried about getting overheated. The best advice for a visit to the Acropolis is to stay comfy and hydrated.

Banned Clothing At The Acropolis

Because of the age and stone structure of the site, high heels are banned from the Acropolis. Not only will you need to remove your heels during a trip to this monument, but you could be asked to change and come back later.

High heels can be problematic because they can cause historical stone, like marble, to degrade. Since the Acropolis is more than 3,300 years old, the last thing you want to do is stomp around on it wearing stilettos.

Athens, and much of Greece, prohibits guests from wearing shoes that could damage the ruins/sites. Therefore, you want to skip the heels and choose more comfortable footwear for your Acropolis visit. This policy also applies to the Parthenon.

What Should You Wear To The Acropolis During Summer?

Parthenon temple over bright blue sky background, Acropolis hill, Athens Greecer with flowers

When seeing the Acropolis during summer, your dress code can be pretty relaxed. As we mentioned, this site doesn't have a specific or strict dress code for guests, so you're free to wear most clothing.

Especially in the summertime, Athens can get warm. Therefore, light cotton fabric is always a winner in keeping your skin from sunburn and helping with perspiration.

Long sleeve shirts, even in the heat, can help keep your body from overheating, as long as they're the right fabric. Generally, you want to aim for thinner, natural materials for summer walking rather than polyester or blends.

Many past visitors to Acropolis suggest wearing a hat if you arrive past 10 AM. The Greek sun is unforgiving, especially when you're already at a steep point in the city.

Note that your footwear should offer support, as this monument will be a walk.

Can I Wear A Bathing Suit To The Acropolis In Athens?

Although there isn't a dress code in Acropolis, we wouldn't recommend wearing a swimsuit to the monument. Unless you have an appropriate cover-up, showing up in only a bathing suit may be perceived as disrespectful.

Even if the weather is hot and you can't fathom wearing pants, visiting an ancient site wearing nothing but a beach or poolside ensemble isn't a great idea. Instead, try wearing cotton shorts over your bathing suit and maybe a short-sleeve button-up shirt.

The key is covering up certain parts of your body when traveling through Greece. Although you might get away with walking through town in a swimsuit in places like Miami or Long Beach, in ancient Greece, you should go with a cover-up.

On top of that, you won't be comfortable walking around in a bathing suit if the sun is beating down on your skin, and nobody likes a vacation sunburn.

Can You Wear Jeans At The Acropolis?

Couple looking out at the Acropolis throught huge glass window in the Acropolis Museum. Athens, Greece.

Yes! Tourists to Athens can easily wear a nice pair of jeans to the Acropolis. Moreover, even a pair of ripped jeans will be fine for visiting the site as long as they aren't overly provocative.

Especially during the cooler fall and winter months, you'll want to have a layer or two on when walking around the Acropolis site. Being on a hill can mean more sun exposure and also more wind.

In the winter in Athens, Greece, daily temperatures can easily fall to 48 degrees Fahrenheit, which could be exacerbated on the Acropolis hill.

Even locals will be wearing heavy jackets, so you don't want to be the one tourist wearing board shorts and flip-flops in the middle of December. If possible, try wearing jeans or thick pants, a t-shirt, and a jacket to keep your upper body warm.

One nice thing about denim is that it matches nearly anything, so this will open the door for other accessorizing and color combinations.

Should I Cover My Hair While At The Acropolis In Athens, Greece?

Unless you generally cover your hair while traveling abroad or even in your daily life, there's no rule mentioning doing this while at Acropolis.

Because the Acropolis isn't a holy site or sacred space, visitors from all denominations, faiths, and cultures can dress how they usually would.

Therefore, if you typically cover your hair out of religious responsibility, this can continue in Athens.

The same applies to those who don't cover their hair daily: you're free to let your hair down at the Acropolis and wear what makes you most comfortable.

As we mentioned earlier, the only "rule" at Acropolis is to be respectful with your attire and not wear high-heeled shoes. Besides that, visitors can practice their regular religion through hair covering (or not).

Can I Bring A Bag To The Acropolis?

Visitors in the Acropolis of Athens, Greece, want to look closely the remains of the famous Parthenon, on a sunny summer day

Yes and no. In general, visitors to the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, want to avoid bringing large bags to the monument. For safety reasons, guests with large bags will need to check them in with an attendant at the venue, as they're not permitted inside.

However, if you bring a small purse or cross-body bag, you shouldn't run into trouble with local officials or site operators. Large bags aren't allowed into the Acropolis to prevent vandalism, terrorism, and other unsafe activities.

It's best to bring your necessities and only your necessities to the Acropolis. Backpacks, luggage, tote bags, and anything larger than a small purse or wallet may be taken away before entering the site, so keep this in mind.

Again, it's always better to pack light when traveling through cities abroad, as this can also keep you safer. Having a large purse or luggage everywhere you go invites theft or pickpocketing.

To Finish Up

Whether you're planning your first trip to Athens or have been before, finding the perfect wardrobe can be challenging. You can wear almost anything to the Acropolis, although you want to keep it modest.

High heels are the only banned clothing/accessory, as they can degrade the ancient stone. Furthermore, you don't want to bring large bags to the museum or site, as they'll be checked into a locker for your time there.

It's also a good idea to cover up during the hotter months, as the lighter fabrics can save your body from a nasty sunburn. The sun is intense at the Acropolis!

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What To Wear In Acropolis [Inc. Dress, Shoes, And Other Tips By Season], Woman Traveler with backpack Enjoying great view of the ancient Greek Acropolis with flag in hands

What To Wear In Acropolis [Inc. Dress, Shoes, And Other Tips By Season]

What To Wear In Acropolis [Inc. Dress, Shoes, And Other Tips By Season]

What To Wear In Acropolis [Inc. Dress, Shoes, And Other Tips By Season]

What To Wear In Acropolis [Inc. Dress, Shoes, And Other Tips By Season]

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