1. Worthington     Glacier

Designated as a world heritage site in 1968, the Worthington Glacier can be found on Richardson Highway at milepost 28.

2. Keystone      Canyon

You'll be driving through Keystone Canyon as you get to Valdez. The road goes through it. And it's totally breathtaking.

3. Bridal Veil      Falls Trail

As you pass through Keystone Canyon into Valdez, you will be able to access the falls at miles 14 through 17.

4. Glacier Cruises     from Valdez

Glacier cruises set out from Valdez to see the Meares or Columbia Glaciers. The price may range from $135 to $170. Additionally, folks may enjoy a light meal or snacks on the trips, some of which may last a day.

5. Valdez Museum and      Historical Archive

This museum occupies two facilities in Valdez on Egan Avenue and on Hazelet Avenue. Only one fee is needed to visit both of them. Permanent exhibits include Native Cultures, the Gold Rush, Exploration, and Glaciers.

6. The Solomon Gulch Hatchery/Wildlife Viewing

The hatchery is responsible for maintaining a sustainable population of salmon for the needs of wildlife, tourists, and fishermen. It released the first pink salmon fry in 1982. We didn't take the tour but you definitely can.