Peace River Boating and Kayaking

The Peace River is 106 miles long starting in Polk County and flowing alongside Arcadia on its way to Charlotte Harbor.

Morgan Park

Morgan Park is 240 acres of beautiful Florida wilderness. This preserved section of land edges along the riverbank where you can find huge Cypress trees, Saw Palmettos, and plenty more lush greenery.

Solomon's Castle

You wouldn't expect to find a castle tucked away in the Florida trees, but that is exactly what you will see when you make the visit to Solomon's Castle. This property is the home, workshop, and gallery of the internationally known artist Howard Solomon.

Lions, Tigers & Bears Animal Rescue

Animals lovers will enjoy a visit to Lions, Tigers & Bears animal rescue to see the big cats and other exotic animals.

Brownsville Park

Brownsville Park offers 75 acres of natural Florida settings to explore. There is a boat ramp to make it easy to launch your canoes, kayaks, and smaller boats.