10 Florida Waterfalls You Won’t Believe Exist

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Florida is full of surprises, and among them are hidden waterfalls that offer a refreshing escape from the usual sunny beaches. These natural wonders are tucked away in various parts of the state, waiting to be discovered by those who love a bit of adventure.

Here's a guide to 10 secret waterfalls in Florida that are absolutely worth the journey.

1. Big Shoals State Park, White Springs

Some churning and whitewater is visible in the Suwannee River in Big Shoals State Park at a water level of 51 feet, but when it reaches around 60 feet it transforms into Class III Whitewater Rapids.

At Big Shoals State Park, you'll find more than just calm waters and sandy shores. This park is home to Florida's very own whitewater rapids! Standing on the bluffs over 80 feet high, you can look out over the entire park and watch the Suwannee River rush below.

While the waterfalls here aren't high, the rushing waters from the river create small cascades, especially when water levels are high, adding to the park's scenic beauty.

With 28 miles of trails, it's a hiker's paradise. However, these rapids are for experienced kayakers only. For a safer day out, you might want to try hiking, bird watching, or fishing instead.

2. Boonie Falls, Oviedo

Just a short drive from Orlando, Boonie Falls is a small but charming waterfall. A half-mile hike under a canopy of trees leads you to this 3-foot-high cascade.

It's a peaceful spot, perfect for a quiet moment listening to the trickling water. The surrounding Little Big Econ State Forest offers even more to explore, with over 16 miles of trails.

3. Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park, Gainesville

This park is like stepping into a rainforest. The waterfall here drops into a 120-foot-deep sinkhole surrounded by lush vegetation.

It's a cool, misty retreat that feels a world away from the Florida heat. With its unique rock layers and sinkholes, the park is a geologist's dream and a perfect place for a picnic.

For more activities in the area, consider exploring the "Top 13 Things To Do In Gainesville, Florida," where you can find a variety of attractions and experiences to enhance your visit.

4. Falling Creek Falls, Lake City

Falling creek falls waterfall in lake city Florida

Falling Creek Falls may not be the tallest waterfall, but its dark, cola-colored waters make it a mysterious beauty.

The park has plenty of facilities, including picnic pavilions and a playground, making it ideal for a family day out. There's even a historical building and a scenic boardwalk leading straight to the falls.

5. Falling Waters State Park, Chipley

Falling Waters State Park is home to the largest waterfall in Florida.

Home to Florida's tallest waterfall, this park boasts a 73-foot cascade that drops into a massive sinkhole. The park is full of sinkholes, surrounded by towering trees and ferns. Visit after a rainstorm to see the waterfall at its most powerful, with rainbows appearing in the mist.

6. Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens - Palm Beach County, Florida, USA.
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens - Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. | Photo by Daderot

Although man-made, the waterfalls at Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens are stunning.

The gardens, inspired by those in Japan, offer a tranquil escape with pine forests, bamboo groves, and serene waterfalls. It's a place where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, all with a touch of Japanese culture.

7. Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon

Rainbow Springs State Park Waterfall
Rainbow Springs State Park Waterfall FWC | Photo by Greg Workman

Rainbow Springs is not just a waterfall but a whole park full of outdoor activities.

The spring here produces a staggering 600 million gallons of water daily, creating a brilliant blue pool perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. The trails around the springs offer easy hikes with beautiful views.

8. Robinson Branch Falls, Columbia County

Robinson Branch Falls may require some effort to reach, but the journey is filled with pleasant surprises. The trail is well-marked and features small dams and clear cascades. It's a rewarding hike that leads to a beautiful, secluded spot on the Suwannee River.

9. Steinhatchee Falls, Steinhatchee

Low water flow on Steinhatchee Falls makes for a dramatic view of the limerock bed.

Known as the "baby waterfall," Steinhatchee Falls is small but wide. It's part of a larger park with plenty of wildlife and outdoor activities. The falls are safe for families and offer a peaceful setting for a picnic or a day spent exploring the surrounding nature.

10. Torreya State Park, Bristol

Set high above sea level, Torreya State Park offers a waterfall that's part of a rugged landscape. The park is known for its steep trails and unique plant life.

Late spring is the best time to visit when the magnolias are blooming and the weather is mild. The waterfall here is a lovely spot for a picnic or a break from hiking.

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Wrapping Up Waterfall Wonders

Each of these waterfalls has its unique charm and is worth a visit. Whether you're looking for a challenging adventure or a peaceful retreat, chasing waterfalls in Florida is an experience that's sure to delight you.

So pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to explore some of the Sunshine State's most beautiful hidden gems.

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