Vengeful Journeys: The Art of Revenge Travel

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NEWS - Revenge travel—sounds like an ominous B-rated movie about a superhero and a supervillain with a plot to stop the world from traveling.

Sounds funny, but this "movie" somehow became a reality when all travel seemingly halted because of the coronavirus pandemic. It was hard for everyone to travel domestically or internationally because of lockdowns and travel restrictions, which limited people from traveling.

All these halted (and canceled!) travel plans have left many travelers itching to go back on their adventure. The isolation many people have felt during the various lockdowns and restrictions for the past three years or so is the perfect ingredient for revenge travel.

Starting the Vengeful Journey

But... what exactly is revenge travel? Are we avenging ourselves from the lockdowns?

Technically speaking, yes. Revenge travel is the new trend where people seek to travel anywhere they can go to make up for lost time.

Many people feel like they've missed out on doing anything significant for the last three years, and this frustration and anger have turned many people into voracious travelers.

In 2020, The Washington Post mentioned revenge travel as a way how people would react to getting back into their regular travel habits. During this time, tourism was bleak as borders were practically impassable due to strict quarantine measures.

Experts agree that the only retaliation people could do would be to travel as much as possible when borders finally opened again.

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When tourism was at a standstill during the pandemic, it gave people a lot of time to think about the places they would want to visit. Travelers also managed to save up extra money, so the idea of traveling to new destinations seemed very appealing.

Soon, people searched for new places to visit, even venturing out to check out luxury travel.

As soon as restrictions started to ease, people started moving by traveling as far as they could comfortably go. Initially, travel was limited by car or by train, so domestic tourism slowly started to boom again.

When countries started opening again to bring the tourism industry back to life, Americans booked their once-in-a-lifetime flights as soon as possible.

Where Should I Go For Revenge?

Generally speaking, there are no rules about where you should go for "revenge travel." After all, different strokes for different folks. Some people prefer adventures close to home, while others would rather hop on a plane to a destination far, far away.

Revenge travel means going to places that aren't "staycations" or the next block over. For many travelers, anything that involves heading to a new destination is still part of revenge travel, even if it means driving to the next state just to hike.

But now that you've mentioned it, Americans have been looking for great destinations to travel to safely. For some people, their first destination is heading straight to wherever their families are.

Many people have not been able to visit their grandma and grandpa since the pandemic struck, so people are all booking flights to their hometowns.

Others, however, are looking to visit domestic locations they haven't been to. Still, others are looking into international destinations they may have discovered over the pandemic as they imagined exciting places to visit.

Here are some of our suggested places you may want to visit if you are looking for places to travel to.

Places for Revenge—US Edition

1. Florida

Florida Long coastal beaches along Florida's east coast

A popular destination for both domestic and international travelers, Florida is visited for their beautiful beaches, theme parks, and landscapes. Another great reason why people flock to this state down south is because of the weather—you won't be caught shivering here in the 'Sunshine State.'

Florida is a great place to travel to for families with kids after being cooped up for the last couple of years. Theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios have made their homes in Florida, so this is a great place for your kids to discover the joy of theme parks.

Travelers who are looking to relax will enjoy the warm beaches of Florida. It's not surprising to find a lazy beachgoer lounging in the sand.

It's no surprise that travelers will want to head to Florida because the change in scenery is something that many people need to refresh their minds and souls.

2. California

Beautiful sunset of los angeles downtown skyline and palm trees in foreground

If you're looking for a local destination with a heady mix of both adventure and a chill vibe, then sunny California could be the place for you. This state has everything from relaxing natural landscapes to adrenaline-pumping theme parks for adventurers.

Aside from these, California experiences warm summers and cool autumn months, which makes it great to visit any time of the year.

It is also home to some of the famous landmarks like the Hollywood Sign in Las Angeles or the Golden Gate Bridge if you're heading to San Francisco.

Those who are looking to experience something different for their travel plans may want to visit the vineyards of California. After all, who would want to miss the joyous experience of trying out great California wine and enjoying the food that comes with it?

3. Hawaii

Waikiki beach and diamond head, honolulu, oahu island, hawaii

If you want to experience more of the US but laced with a tropical vibe, come visit Hawaii. Known as the largest island in the United States, this state is known for its beautiful beaches, astounding views, and stunning volcanoes.

Hawaii is one of the most popular places many Americans visit because it takes a little bit of traveling to get to this beautiful location. Flying out from Los Angeles, it will take you about 5 to 6 hours via plane, so it definitely feels like you're off to jet-set to a different country.

For revenge travelers looking to see more of the country, check out Hawaii. The vibe of the island is very different from the mainland, so you'll definitely feel that you're on vacation.

Enjoy the warm, sparkling beaches and delicious Hawaiian food that you won't get anywhere else.

4. New York

Illuminated facades of Broadway theaters in Times Square, NYC

Travelers seeking to enjoy more of city life will enjoy New York City. The place is hustlin' and bustlin' all day, every day, and you'll definitely feel the thrill once you step foot in the city.

After all, this isn't called the "City that Never Sleeps" for nothing.

One of the best things to discover in New York City is the entertainment. Home to the astounding talents of Broadway, expect to watch wonderful musicals and plays in one of the world's best theaters.

The city is also home to other art forms, so if you're looking for more, visit the exhibits and museums the city is known for.

5. Las Vegas

Panoramic view of the las vegas strip

The country's ultimate playground also deserves a place on the revenge traveler's list. Las Vegas is a place that has everything for everyone. Although the state is known for its luxurious casinos and hotels, travelers can also enjoy excellent cuisine and beautiful nightlife from this sparkling city.

If you are a shopaholic traveler, this city is perfect for you. Las Vegas is also popular for its fashion outlets, where you can find the best deals for designer clothes and accessories.

If you're the adventurer type, Las Vegas also has something to offer you, too. Experience driving a NASCAR vehicle or go to a marine habitat to experience something new in the city.

Journeying Around the World

1. Mexico

Folklore dancers dancing in a beautiful traditional dress representing mexican culture

A country that's a lot closer to home, Americans enjoy heading to Mexico for some adventure. The country is filled with beautiful beaches, exciting culture, and delicious food that it's impossible to resist.

For those who have been stuck at home for the last couple of years, Mexico is really an adventure!

There are many things revenge travelers will enjoy doing in Mexico. For the lazy types, the warm, sunny beach will be very enticing to relax in. Those who are looking to discover more of the Mexican culture will enjoy the festivals and the natural reserves the country has to offer.

But the most exciting part as a traveler—Mexico has one of the best foods out there. If you've been stuck at home for a while, the lovely scents of the tacos, tostadas, and enchiladas alone will certainly make your mouth water.

2. Caribbean

Caribbean, St Thomas US Virgin Islands

For many Americans, the Caribbean is another great place to visit. The islands of the Caribbean are pretty easy to visit because it only takes a short 4-hour plane ride to access this beautiful destination.

The Caribbean is a popular destination for many Americans because of its idyllic beaches and sparkling waters. There are many things to discover in different countries, like rainforests, ruins, and natural waterfalls and rivers travelers will enjoy.

Since there are many Caribbean countries, expect to experience the islands differently every time you come back.

3. Europe

Morning view of Amalfi cityscape on coast line of mediterranean sea, Italy

The European continent is another American traveler's favorite. That said, Europe is a vast group of countries, but data shows that most Americans enjoy visiting France, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Of course, there are more countries you can visit. So if you're looking for a revenge travel destination, consider checking out other countries in Europe as well.

Since there are many places to visit in Europe, travelers will definitely get their fill of culture and adventure on their journey. Europe is known for its rich culture, which you'll see in its architecture and way of living.

It is also beautifully filled with numerous tourist spots and attractions which travelers who want to see something different will certainly enjoy.

4. Asia

Colorful signs in Akihabara, TOKYO, JAPAN

Asia is a rich continent with over 40 countries to visit and enjoy. Of course, for the regular traveler, it's best to seek adventure in the more popular spots like Japan, South Korea, Maldives, Thailand, or Singapore.

Revenge travelers can expect to do many different things depending on the country they wish to visit. However, one of the common traits these Asian countries share is the rich culture of every country (and they are all quite different too!) and the delicious cuisine each country will boast about.

If you are looking for a chill travel destination, you'll definitely be able to find yourself on one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Whether in the Maldives or Bali, travelers should expect to discover the sparkling turquoise waters for a little bit of relaxation.

If you're more into culture mixed with the modern lifestyle, you should be able to discover this in Japan and South Korea. Both countries rank high in their modern lifestyle, but they boast of their rich cultures, which is a joy to learn about.

Become A Conquerer

Whether you are comfortable with the term revenge travel or you simply want to get back into the groove of traveling, there is no better time to do it than today. Of course, staying safe is still the utmost priority, but you can do it while traveling.

If you're a little uneasy traveling too far after being cooped up for so long, you can also always try places that are nearby to start. Domestic travel is booming, so make the most out of it by discovering places around the country you've never been to.

However, if you're keen to discover places and cultures that are a lot different from home, consider places like Asia and Europe. There are tons to discover in these new places, and you'll definitely find joy in conquering the world with these new journeys.

We'll be talking about more destinations for you to discover for your revenge trips on our other posts, so do check out our pages to discover more!

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