Top 10 Alaska Trip Reports in 2017

Planning a trip to Alaska? In my opinion, the best source for both information and inspiration has to be travel blogs. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top Alaska trip reports. It includes ten blog posts from various travel blogs, all describing trips to the American Last Frontier taken last year.

Top 10 Alaska Trip Reports for 2017

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed I really enjoy trip reports. I produce our own trip reports to share insights and information with fellow travelers. I love it when other bloggers do the same.

Why did I check out these Alaska trip reports – And why should you

Usually, I use  trip reports as a resource but this time it felt more like a trip down memory lane. Well, a side trip down someone else’s memory lane, that passes very close to my own. You see, we visited Alaska last summer and had an awesome time.

Ours was a road trip from Los Angeles to Alaska and back. We spent a total of approximately three weeks in the state itself. Because this has been such an intensive and long road trip, I’m breaking it up into a series of blog posts. I’m still in the process of creating our own Alaska trip reports and you can see some of them here: The Denali National Park trip report and tips, our Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise Report, our visit to LARS in Fairbanks and the updated post on traveling along the Alaska Highway.

So, it was really interesting for me to see what other bloggers had to say about the same places. Some of them visited Alaska in the same summer we had, others visited earlier – or later – in the same year. Each blog post provides an interesting new perspective that I enjoyed reading about. I hope you find these Alaska trip reports enjoyable and useful too!

Top 10 Alaska Trip Reports for 2017

An Alaska Itinerary: What To Do in Alaska for Two Weeks

A Journey We Love by Ruby Escalona

The lovely couple that maintains this blog picked Alaska as their honeymoon destination – how cool is that? I thought that was sweet enough to open this collection of Alaska trip reports with.

Their post about this two-week itinerary in Alaska is very detailed. I really liked the detailed report of their trip costs, as well as the budgeting hacks they used in order to make the trip affordable.

They certainly covered a lot of ground in their trip, including Denali, Anchorage, Whittier, Seward, Haines, Juneau, and Ketchikan. These visits all lead to a rich detailed story and discussions of what you can do and see in each of the places. A very helpful trip report if you’re planning on visiting Alaska yourself.

Alaska By Road

Stephen Blogs by Stephen McConnell

Stephen McConnell from North Carolina provides one of the most visually enticing blog posts we’ve seen this year about Alaska. This trip report is about Stephen’s solo road trip in Alaska – during winter time!

He mentioned in his profile that he loves to combine history, travelling, and photography. The photos he took when he went on his solo road trip to Alaska are simply breathtaking. His Alaska trip report is rich with historical tidbits that make the text stand out too.

Stephen recommends driving the Glenn Highway and I wholeheartedly agree! Definitely a very scenic route. I hope we get to see it during wintertime too. Someday!

From the North Pole to Fairbanks to Anaktuvuk Pass

See My America by Tom and Stacie Linley

It’s really nice to see couples who travel together and in this case, Tom and Stacie have been married for 37 years. That’s where I want to see us in 10-15 years from now (we’ve been together for 22 years here).  Their report is about a road trip taken in June. Ours was in August-September, so I really enjoyed seeing what the same places look in springtime.

This specific post is about their trip section around Fairbanks. They visited many of the places that we did (if you’re looking for ideas, check out my post about things to do in Fairbanks). Unlike us, they also took a bush plane trip from Fairbanks to Anaktuvuk Pass. Their photos of the view from the plane are spectacular. Definitely adding this one to my Alaska bucket list for a future visit, so had to include it in our collection of Alaska trip reports.

Travel Alaska From Fairbanks To Anchorage

A Jaunt With Joy by Joy

This 20-something California native traveled to more than 25 countries and around 34 U.S. States. She said that out of all her travels, discovering Alaska from Fairbanks to Anchorage was one of the most memorable since she got to do it with her sister. Which goes to show how traveling is often more about ourselves and our own emotional experiences than about the place we’re visiting.

This Alaska trip report also covers their stops at Denali National Park and Talkeetna. The post offers a lot of practical tips about things to do and see, food to eat, and where to stay.

More Than Northern Lights

Divergent Travelers by Lina and David

True enough, one thing most people think about when you say “Alaska” is viewing the Aurora Borealis. It makes sense that a post about Alaska trip reports will have at least one with Northern Lights in the title!

Lina and David badly wanted to see the Northern Lights but ended up exploring the area – especially around Fairbanks – instead. So their post is all about the awesome things you can do around Fairbanks – other than viewing the night sky.

They share off-the-beaten paths in Fairbanks that not a lot of travelers know of, so if you’re heading out to that area, check out their post.

As for the northern lights – they visited back in August and it’s one of the months where it never gets dark. If you are planning to see the Northern Lights and explore Fairbanks, avoid going during the months of May through September. In fact, if you come in September, try to get down to the more southern parts of the region. That’s where the days will be shorter and nights longer. We got to see the Northern Lights in the Yukon in September, so it’s definitely possible, just less so in Fairbanks.

Anchorage, Alaska: Real or Fake?

Erika With A K by Erika

This couple got tired of hearing bad news on TV and decided to get out there and explore the world for themselves. They decided to travel to all the U.S. states and their last stop was in Alaska. Pretty cool, right?

Per the title of the post, they wanted people to decide whether the photos they posted were really from Anchorage, Alaska. It’s a unique way to let people know what you can and can’t see as well as what you may and may not do in Anchorage. The post is a bit short but fun to read, whether you’ve visited Alaska yourself or not.

Alaska Road Trip: Denali-Valdez (7 days)

Life As We Explore by Kapil and Jyothi

These bloggers, Kapil and Jyothi, fell in love with Alaska so they have traveled to the area for the third time. For this third trip, they went by car because they wanted to discover more of Alaska and cover more places.

The photos in this post are really beautiful and I really enjoyed re-visiting the places we’ve seen last summer. Like us, they took a from Denali to Valdez while making stops at scenic areas to take in the natural beauty of Alaska.

If you’re an aspiring photographer heading out to Alaska, you may find the information they provide about their cameras interesting too.

Adventure out of Seward, Alaska

The Modern Female Hiker by Melissa

Female hiker and blogger Melissa visited Seward and her trip report is all about hiking the Harding Icefield Trail near Seward, Alaska. My husband and son hiked most of that trail too, and they loved it too. If you’re thinking of hiking this trail, read Melissa’s post – she provides some valuable information that’s worth knowing before you head out and hit the trail.

Unlike us, Melissa also went SUPing around Bear glacier. So… who’s an adrenaline junkie and up for this kind of trip in Alaska? If you are, check out her post.

Visiting Santa’s House | North Pole, Alaska

The Carefree Coconut by Tanieca

In the middle of pursuing a “big” trip goal like chasing the Northern Lights, sometimes you have to take a break and just enjoy what other things an area has to offer. That is exactly what Tanieca from Hawaii did – she decided to explore North Pole, Alaska and it turned out to be a fulfilling side trip.

The photos on her blog are so beautiful and would really make anyone think about Christmas and Santa. I enjoyed watching them because we had visited the same place in summertime. Visiting in winter, like Tanieca did, seems to be very different! There were a lot of ice sculptures when she visited and she got to sip hot cocoa inside Santa’s House!

John and Katie’s Alaska RV Trip 2017: Why You Shouldn’t Miss a Visit to Ninilchik

John and Katie’s RV Honeymoon by John and Katie

The next step after a “regular” Alaska road trip like we did last summer is definitely a slower and longer RV trip. A definite bucket list item for us here, so I really enjoyed this blog.

The blog itself covers many Alaska destinations, this post being a good example. The post focuses on the Kenai Peninsula town of Ninilchik. It’s an off-the-beaten-track spot which we did not get to see. Thanks to this post, we will be sure to include it in any future itineraries in Alaska.

This concludes our 10 Alaska Trip Reports roundup

I hope you’ll click through and read them – and then click back here to find more information that will help you plan your own trip to the American State of the Midnight Sun. If you know of other good trip reports of Alaska, please leave a comment and let me know about them!

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