This 108-Year Old American Bakery Bakes Almost All Of The Cuban Bread Consumed In The Entire World

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NEWS - We all know the iconic Cuban sandwich. It's a mouth-watering combination of salami, roasted pork, ham, mustard, pickles, and cheese all tucked into freshly baked Cuban bread.

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It might be hard to imagine the same ingredients piled into a different type of bread— the unique soft inside with a crispy exterior is really what completes the iconic Cuban sandwich. And you can't just get it anywhere else.

The Best Cuban Bread In All The Land

La Segunda Bakery Central Bakery has been around for a while— and by a while we mean since 1915, which is a whopping one hundred and eight years ago! Safe to say that the bakery does not only know the game, but it is the face of the Cuban bread legacy in Tampa, Florida.

The La Segunda Bakery is owned by a generation of bakers that specialize in making Cuban bread. Over the years, the specialty transformed into an art that was passed on from generation to generation.

Currently, the bakery is owned by the fourth generation of the Moré family, which is the original family that built La Segunda Central Bakery from the ground up. The Moré family became a huge influence in shaping the identity of Ybor city, especially since a whole lot of other families grew up knowing the bakery.

The Tampa Bay Times featuring the La Segunda Central Bakery

The Original Classic

Tampa Florida's Cuban bread is one of a kind. They never compromise with their ingredients, especially with the palmetto leaf that is featured on every single Cuban bread they produce.

But it's interesting to know that the complete origin of the Cuban bread baked in La Segunda is a little vague. For one, nobody really knows where the particular palmetto leaf featured on the bread came from.

History may have a clue why that's the case, but the current owner of the bakery, Anthony Moré, says that the old bakers from Cuba claimed to make it the same way. If that's the case, then you can trust that La Segunda Central's Cuban bread is as traditional as it gets!

A mouth-watering big Cuban sandwich with baked pork, cheese and pickled cucumbers in a toasted baguette.

You must Vist La Segunda To Eat Outstanding Cuban Sandwiches & Pastries

La Segunda produces roughly 18,000 pieces of freshly baked Cuban bread per day. They supply bread to a lot of bakeries in the area that serves Cuban bread.

Moré thinks that their bakery is probably the only place in the world that still bakes Cuban bread the traditional way. In fact, he estimates that the La Segunda Central bakery makes about 98% of all Cuban bread made in their area. That's a lot of bread!

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La Segunda's Cuban bread is unique to Tampa Florida. The bakery sources palmetto leaves from a neighboring city just to keep the process as close to the way it was made by Cuban bakers.

The bakery has become a landmark to the people of Ybor City, and a must-visit site for visitors who want to experience the city.

The restaurant does not shy away from using its iconic bread as a blank canvas for other delicious masterpieces. Apart from the Cuban and media noche bread, they sell Cuban sandwiches, Patrinostros, BLTs, and a sandwich featuring Tampa's classic cheesesteak too.

So if you find yourself craving for authentic Cuban bread fresh off the hearth, there is no other place to visit but La Segunda Central Bakery in Ybor City.

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