The Unexpected Places To Get A TSA Precheck 2023: A Staples Store

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NEWS - Suppose you've been unable to use the TSA PreCheck program simply because you've not been able to find the time or lack the convenience of locating a nearby precheck facility (typically airports). In that case, you can now get it accomplished (likely very near your home) with ease!

You can finally secure a precheck headstart to avoid other travelers' rush and long lines. It'll allow you to move seamlessly through the airport and reach your destination faster.

Precheck Enrollment At Staples

The TSA PreCheck program allows expedited security screening for qualified travelers at participating airports. One way to enroll in the program is by visiting the standard TSA PreCheck enrollment center.

Staples entrance in cape coral Fl. Staples Inc. is an American office retail company.

A surprisingly convenient option for many people is to visit a Staples store that offers the service. There's more; while Staples would prefer you book an appointment, walk-ins are also highly encouraged.

It means that you can go to a selected participating Staples store to pick up your usual stationary items and enroll in a TSA PreCheck while you're there for the usual errand.

Scheduling Precheck Enrollment Is As Easy As 1...2...3!

To enroll in TSA PreCheck at Staples, you should search for a Staples Connect store that offers TSA PreCheck enrollment.

  1. Once that is done, log onto the official TSA PreCheck government website to begin the online enrollment. Here, the enrollment questionnaire prompts you to find a location to finish your registration in person on the final page.
  2. Next, enter your zip code, and the closest Staples locations will appear on the screen's right side, including Staples locations marked as "inside Staples location."
  3. After selecting your desired location, you can schedule an appointment or walk in. Keep in mind that you must complete your enrollment within 120 days.

Pedestrians walk past a Staples, Inc. office supply chain store in Chicago

Gather Your Documents And Say, "Cheese!"

You'll need at least two types of identification: a valid government-issued ID and proof of citizenship or legal residency, such as a passport, driver's license, or birth certificate.

Finally, you will have a photograph taken, you'll be asked to verify some personal information, and you're done!

Enrolling in TSA PreCheck at Staples costs $78, and the enrollment is valid for five years.

Anonymous man at checkpoint in airport exploring luggage on screen with x-ray.

So, one major convenience factor for airline passengers is knowing that stripping off shoes, coats, belts, and electronic devices can no longer inconvenience their check-in and overall flying experience!

Looking for a TSA precheck enrollment center near you? Use the Enrollment Center Locator. Just select the service (TSA precheck) and enter your zip code for a full listing of centers near you.

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