Sweden’s Sustainably Spectacular Lodging: Top 4 Picks

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Wonderful aerial panorama from height of bird's flight on observation deck on tower City Hall to Gamla Stan

Sweden is credited as the world's most sustainable country. It's no wonder Sweden can offer eco-friendly hotels and lodgings to visitors. The government has strict requirements and criteria for these service providers so that they can meet coveted environmental certifications.

Being a certified "eco-friendly" or "green" lodging or hotel means that each of these establishments acknowledges all impacts of tourism with the aim of minimizing the adverse effects of tourism-related activities in their area while maximizing their benefits.

Some of the positive impacts of tourism that these accommodations maximize are job creation among locals, wildlife and landscape restoration, and cultural preservation to name a few.

They also see to it that they use water and energy efficiently and cooperate with sustainable food sources, suppliers, and transportation. 

So, you know that when you stay in these eco-lodges, you aren't just doing yourself a favor but our planet, too!

But of course, since you're in Sweden, there isn't a lack of choices here. In fact, you might be overwhelmed with the wide array of options for where to stay while you're in this beautiful country. We're here to help you with this list of eco-friendly lodgings so you can make the best choice that suits your particular travel style.

Ice Hotel



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This is probably the most iconic and famous eco-lodge in the country. The Ice Hotel is located in Jukkasjärvi, Northern Sweden.

You just have to stay in this cool hotel and sleep on ice! The rooms have been carved out of ice blocks from the nearby Torne River. The beds are covered in reindeer hides and you'll be sleeping on expedition-style sleeping bags to make you comfortable.

Plan your trip to coincide with 24 hours of darkness in hopes of viewing the Northern Lights.

This winder wonderland is available all year round! During summer, enjoy a relaxing sauna in a wood-burning hot tub, a hearty meal made from local produce, be in awe of the ice sculptures all over the hotel, or go river rafting in the virgin forest. 



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This is Sweden's oldest mountain hotel, located on the highlands near the Norwegian border. If you want to immerse yourself in nature in its purest form, this has got to be the place for you. 

The package includes full board and lodging plus a relaxing treat to their Mii Gullo Spa. The menu changes depending on the finest produce in season.

Speaking of seasons, Fjällnäs stands witness to eight amazing seasons of the year. There's Frosty Winter, Crusty Snow, Departure of Ice, Eternal Sun, Harvest Season, Colorful Autumn, Black Snow, and Yuletide.

Each one offers a surreal experience with a magnificent view of nature. 

You can book a private guide for your outdoor activities, go cross-country skiing, or explore the mountains on Nordic touring skis. They can tailor-fit the activities according to your skills and thirst for adventure. 

Swedish Country Living


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This eco-lodge started as a family Summer House until they decided to share the experience of country living with everyone. They offer different accommodations in this nature retreat - The Hermitage, Slate House Hermitage, A-Frame Hermitage, The Skippers Cottage, and Shipyard Farmhouse.

You can go there for a romantic weekend, a luxury mini-break overnight, or spend two to three days on their beautiful farm. You can go fishing at the lake or if you're up for some hiking, you can follow the footpath leading to the Sorknatten Nature Reserve and just take in the amazing view.

You can also visit Dalsland Moose Ranch and get up close and personal with these mighty animals.

This is the perfect place to detox from the hustle and bustle of the city. Live off-grid and bask in the beauty and comforts of nature.



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Naturlogi is where luxury and simplicity meet. You get to sleep in the heart of the forest but you're provided with deluxe accommodation in a sustainable way. They only offer four rooms to ensure that you relish the tranquility around you.

Check their website for availability as they are only open during certain months. 

There is no electricity but there are solar-powered lamps, a fireplace, and a mosquito net to make you comfortable. Their breakfast basket comes with organic and locally-produced food that you can cook over firewood.

During the day, you can walk around the forest, hike at the nature reserves, or take the plunge or ride a canoe at the Hultabadet.

There you go - four of the best eco-lodges when you visit Sweden to let you live in harmony with nature even for just a while. All you have to do is choose which one suits your fancy. 

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