Sipping on a Slice of Disney History: The Rise of Splash Mountain Water Collectors

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NEWS - The Walt Disney Company announced the closure of Orlando's Splash Mountain earlier last year, causing upheaval among Disney lovers worldwide.

Given the social media videos, blogs, Twitter threads, and various memes that began circulating, it's safe to say this news broke the internet.

Entrance Arch of Walt Disney Theme Parks at Lake Buena Vista area

The situation only became crazier as the big closing day loomed, with the draining of the ride taking place on January 23, 2023.

Some social media users decided to visit the Orlando theme park to give the ride one final hurrah.

This is when things got weird...

People decided to collect and sell the water from Splash Mountain's final day.

In a wild twist to the Splash Mountain saga, some Disney park attendees collected water from the ride, put it in a jar, and listed it on eBay.

The water quickly shot to the top of eBay's Disney section, with some listings totaling $5,000 for a single container of questionable "Splash" water.

Yes, you read that right: FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Walt Disney World Splash Mountain water in a clear jar that cost $5,000.00

If you thought that was a steal, you might be enticed to spend a whopping $13,100 on a slightly more decorative option.

Real Disney Splash Mountain Water Air Tight Seal on a clear jar that cost $13,100.00

This specific listing has 16 bids and counting.

We think the checkered lid adds to the aesthetic and ultimate bidding war going down on eBay.

You know things are getting serious when eBay recommends special financing or opening a credit card for your upcoming purchase.

Of course, not every canister of Splash Mountain water has to break the bank. Some newer listings haven't yet turned into Disney war zones, so all hope is not lost.

Splash Mountain Water Disney World on the clear plastic water bottle that cost $100.00 each

This one is our top pick because you can get a bundle for a discounted price. If you're like us, you'll agree that a bundle is the best way to go in any shopping situation.

15% off, anyone? Hello? (Are WE considering getting a mystery water bottle? Yes.)

Another listing you have to see is a BAG of Splash Mountain water:

Genuine Rare product of a Splash Mountain Water on a sealed plastic that cost $249.99

Would anyone like a tester before shelling out a few grand on the upgraded Mason jar? One question that does arise is how this Ziploc bag of water will hold up when traveling through the postal service.

Disney fans know how to get people talking.

@pix3lwh1p WHO IS BUYING THESE 😭 #disneyworld #splashmountain #splashmountainclosing #disney #songofthesouth ♬ Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah  - Swing & Sway With Sammy Kaye With The Three Kaydets

This recommendation may be unconventional, but what if your next housewarming gift to a Disney lover was a Mason jar of murky Splash Mountain water?

You'll be the topic of conversation for a VERY long time around the neighborhood.

Here's how Twitter reacted to this entire spectacle:

This one sums up the whole water resale market:

Hey, if you've got the $200 to burn, we say go for it.

Although this is a little too wild, we're all about side hustles.

Same, Claudia, same.

A week later, the Splash Mountain water re-selling market flows on.

As we said, Disney fans go hard when it comes to their dedication, especially surrounding the closure of Splash Mountain Walt Disney World.

These water listings remain active on eBay and seem to be selling consistently. We're patiently waiting for the first review of said water from whoever was wild enough to buy it.

If you're out there with a bottle/jar/bag of Splash Mountain water: we're begging you to let us know what it's like.

If anyone decides to drink this water, we're not sure what the side effects will be.


Best case scenario: you could transform into a character from the ride. Worst case scenario: you could be at the doctor's office tomorrow feeling anything BUT magical.

Also, couldn't someone go to a local lake or river and gather their own "Splash Mountain" water? This adds to the questions spinning through our minds.

How many of THESE people do you think are responsible for gathering water from the ride?

If you were or are one of the water resellers discussed in this post, please say hi in the comments.

You're celebrities on our blog.

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