Revealed: The Best Kept Travel Secret of Flight Crews

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NEWS - Traveling can be a total nightmare, especially if your luggage is falling apart. But what if we told you there is a piece of luggage prized by flight crews to combat this chaos? Well, a recent TikTok video spills the beans. It’s called “One of the best-kept travel secrets,” and it shows pilots gliding about airports in their nearly identical rollaboards.

Now we all know that airline life can be tough on bags. There are even a few clips in the video showing bags being put through the wringer! If these bags can handle that kind of stress, imagine how well they’ll work on your next adventure! So what’s the deal with these bags, and can you get your hands on one?

 Flight attendants and pilots walking with bags. Professionals of aviation including cabin crew and pilot silhouette early in the morning with long shades.

Is there a secret to flight crews' luggage?

The Brand: Luggage Works

As it turns out, the video shows several crew members replying, “luggage works” when asked about their bags. The TikTok’r explains that the company makes industry-standard luggage, and they don’t require an airline employee ID for purchase. This means that anyone can buy their flight crew-grade bags.

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Features of Luggage Works Bag

The Luggage Works bag is almost universally used by flight crews because of its reliability and durability. It features a stainless steel retractable handle, a ballistic-grade, fabric shell, top-quality wheels, and a sturdy aluminum frame. It also has a handy J-hook and plenty of pockets to carry everything you need. And it’s all designed to fit in most aircraft overhead bins. It’s no wonder why it’s standard for pilots!

Pros And Cons Of Luggage Works Luggage

While the Luggage Works bag is highly regarded for its solid dependability, it may not be the best fit for all travelers. For one thing, all that metal makes them very heavy. The 22-inch “Stealth Premier” model from Luggage Works is nearly 12 pounds, and the 26-inch weighs 14 pounds; that’s the weight of a bowling ball. Not really great for those looking for a lightweight option.

Safety Concerns

Don’t forget the bags’ design is similar to the bags used by pilots, and travelers might be mistaken for out-of-uniform airline staff. If you think that might be fun, think again.

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) points out that flight crews can be targets during civil unrest or other violence, and should always keep a low profile while traveling. One example in 2021: an entire flight crew was robbed of their electronics on their way to the airport in Costa Rica.

”We’re trained to understand that we can be targets while working,” says an FA from a major airline, “We take precautions and watch out for each other”.

Should You Invest In Luggage Works?

If you’re a frequent traveler looking for a sturdy and resilient luggage option, the Luggage Works bag may be worth considering. But unless you’re expecting to battle the elements on your travels, the weight of this bag might make you feel like you’re carrying bricks instead of belongings. The TikToker used it for a year and although it was durable, he decided it was just too heavy.

Concluding Thoughts

So before you decide to take the plunge and purchase this bag, make sure you’re up for the weightlifting challenge. Don’t forget that being identified as a member of the airline industry is not always fun and games either! Ultimately, the best travel secret is to find luggage that works for you and makes your travel experience as stress-free as possible. So, consider leaving the bricks and bowling balls at home, and enjoy your travels!

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