Pup-ular Ride: How One Couple’s Dog-Walking Bus is Winning Over Hearts and Minds

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NEWS - Dogs are social animals that love to go out, be active, and make new friends. However, if you are a busy pet owner, finding the time to give your furry friend the exercise and socialization they need can be challenging.

two small dogs playing together outdoors

It would definitely be comforting to know that your furry family member is in good hands. This concern is not a problem in the City of Skagway, Alaska.

The couple, Lee and Mo Thompson, established a dog-walking business wherein dogs get picked up by the bus and have the opportunity to make new friends with their other furry companions. The couple considers themselves dog trainers and walkers.

young man petting a cute dog on a bus

The town they reside in is relatively small and covers only a limited area, measuring just a few square miles in size, so they can quickly grab the dogs for a walk.

The dogs on the bus all went for training under this Lee and Mo for them to be calm and behave during travel.

They typically run their bus at 25 miles per hour, and their activity is usually hiking along the Skagway River. This activity will always be a fun-filled playdate for these lovely dogs!

The Skagway River

Lee and Mo walk the dogs in three off-leash pack walks where they can roam freely, experience new sights, and be relaxed, as per The Washington Post. They typically engage the dogs with one another through this 45-minute walk.

Cute mongrel dog looks at the entrance to the bus

They also offer a unique and fun experience during the trip, like giving out a treat to every dog. This is certainly one of the exciting parts of the day for dogs!

The heartwarming video of Mo_Mountain_Mutts below shows the dogs getting on the bus. Jake, the first dog on the video, directly went to his seat and got strapped on for safety purposes during travel.

This behavior definitely shows how disciplined and content these dogs are!

On the second stop, Amaru was already waiting for the bus to come by. When he saw the bus, he could not contain his excitement as he kept wiggling his tail.

Every time a new dog passenger comes in, other dogs would react and make a sound as if they are offering their greetings.

Take a look at this adorable TikTok video and be in awe of how the couple greets every dog entering the bus.

@mo_mountain_mutts You guys asked to see the dogs getting on the bus #foryou #dogs #puppybus #alaska ♬ original sound - Mo_Mountain_Mutts

Lee and Mo Thompson's dog-walking business is definitely one of a kind and should be supported all throughout as they provide professional care to those furry dogs.

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