My Favorite Paris Trip Reports

If you’ve been following this blog during the past year or so, you know I’ve been writing about Paris travel quite a lot. It started before our own trip to Paris with several posts where I shared my findings on the best things to do in the city of lights, continued with our Paris trip report and several posts based on our own experiences in the city. For example, my post about places to see in Paris – which was inspired by how much we enjoyed the landmarks and monuments of Paris – without even necessarily entering them.

While researching for our trips, I relied on many trip reports by other bloggers. Today I’d like to point the spotlight back at my fellow travel writers and list a few of the more inspirational Paris trip reports I enjoyed on other blogs.

My favorite Paris Trip Reports

My Favorite Paris Trip Reports

How to Spend 4 Days in Paris, France | Travel Guide + Itinerary

Blog: Wanderlustyle by Reid and Maryrose

Traveling with the person you love is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things to do. Reid and Maryrose from Hawaii document their shared adventures through this blog and one of their entries is about their Paris trip.

This lovely post touches on many of the awesome things you can do in Paris, as Reid and Maryrose tell all about the places they visited in the French capital. In addition to their detailed report of what can be seen in Paris in four days, they also share recommendations for places to stay and general Paris travel tips.

Two of my favorite tips they share are:

  1. Use the public transportation to get where you need, and
  2. Be wary of pickpockets and keep your bag in front of you at all times.

Travel Guide | First Time Visiting Paris Itinerary

Blog: Katie’s Bliss by Katie Manwaring

Katie Manwaring from New York launched her blog – Katie’s Bliss – in 2011 and one of her more recent posts is about her trip to Paris! She talks about every aspect of the trip, starting from the flight itself, and going through the details of her Paris adventure.

Katie and her partner went to Paris last December 2017.  As soon as they arrived, they wasted no time exploring the Louvre, the Seine, and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Their first day had some great tips for those visiting during the holiday season. It seems that 4 P.M. is a great time to explore some of these busy tourist spots because of the gorgeous sunset backdrop, that time of year.  Katie said the Christmas lights were beginning to light the surroundings up, creating a beautiful visage of a very festive Paris.

Our Trip To Paris

Blog: Halsbury Travel

A unique perspective in this blog post. The author of this post – Heather – is not a blogger per se. She works for a company called Halsbury Travel. This is a travel agency which specializes in school trips from the UK to France. Along with three of her colleagues, Heather hopped over to France to see what Paris can offer groups of British students on their school trips.

I found this post interesting not least because it provides a unique peek behind the scenes of the travel industry. A large part of the group’s visit is dedicated to auditing hotels and other establishments, to see how well they would work for groups of school children. The same angle is then applied to visiting some of the more well-known monuments of Paris.

While not everything in this post is relevant to us “regular” travelers, as a Mom, it was fascinating to read about the take these agents have on various Paris attractions and how they may fit school children.

Paris in a Day: Day Trip from Amsterdam or London

Blog: The Traveling Child by Monet Hambrick

If you are a mother of two gorgeous daughters, would you still have the time to travel? Apparently, Monet Hambrick manages to do that with her two kids and husband in tow.

Their trip is a short one – just 24 hours in Paris itself, as a day trip from Amsterdam. In such a short period of time, they manage to see a LOT of the city, including the Louvre Museum, the Notre Dame Cathedral, Arch De Triomphe, Trocadero, the Eiffel Tower, and more! And that’s with two young children, one of them carried around in a baby carrier! Their trick was to use the hop-on-hop-off bus, stopping at various locations for some sightseeing.

Paris Travel Guide

Blog: Carly the Prepster by Carly Heitlinger

This blog is all about the visuals. It’s not that there’s too many of them though. This is about the quality of each shot, showing the very stylish blogger Carly Heitlinger at various Paris locations. Carly isn’t in all of the shots, but the sense of glam and style is always there.

As I mentioned, it’s not all about the photos. This is also a text-rich post which documents Carly’s five-day-long trip to the City of Lights. There’s an entry for each day, describing what she’s done and providing tips for readers. Well worth checking out.

Paris Mother Daughter Trip!

Blog: Love Taza by Naomi

Blogger Naomi decided to take her adorable daughter to a Mom-Daughter weekend in Paris and we get to read all about it and see the gorgeous photos too.

Naomi said she hadn’t made a very detailed plan in advance. Instead, they talked about the landmarks on the way to Paris and just went there to see them in a relaxed and fun weekend together. Visiting during early winter meant the streets weren’t as crowded and Paris was a little rainy and beautiful. Check out the post with their amazing photos to see just how beautiful everything was!

My Paris Adventure + A Vlog

Blog: Xoxo Bella by Bella Bucchiotti

Clearly, Paris is photogenic. Ending this list is yet another intensely visual post showcasing style, Paris, and style-in-Paris. Bella Bucchiotti shares professional-grade photos of herself traveling in Paris, as well as the story of the visit.

If you want to achieve the same level of photography, Bella has some tips for you. She recommends going out really early in the morning before people begin to fill up the streets. She also offers a list of locations where you can take picturesque and Instagrammable photos. Last but not least, the post actually includes Bella’s vlog post where you can hear and see more of her visit to Paris.

How about your own visit to Paris?

Care to share your own visit here with me? Just leave me a comment and say when you visited and what your visit was like. If you’re a blogger, drop the link in the website field. And if you’re not a blogger but want to publish your report somewhere, let me know in the comment. I’d love to have you guest blog here about your own Paris visit!


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