A Pandemic Puppy’s Epic Adventure with Her Adopters

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NEWS - Dandelion, a copper-colored terrier mix, proves to the world that home doesn’t have to be within the confines of a house. This happy pooch, along with her pet parents, travels across the country in search of new sights, sounds, and tasty treats.

From Sick Puppy To Happy Dog - Rescue In Salt Lake City, Utah

A Pandemic Puppy's Epic Adventure with Her Adopters

Dandelion entered Best Friends in Salt Lake City in rough shape. She had infections in both ears and she was battling a severe case of gastroenteritis. Despite her condition, the terrier mix would still be sweet to everyone she met, according to Best Friends senior manager Danielle Barnhart.

The first order of business to help bring out the best in Dandelion is to give her veterinary care. Over time, her health turned for the better. Going to different foster homes also played a role in providing good mental stimulation and care for this dog.

It wasn't until Dandelion met Matthew and Heather Rocha that she would find her fur-ever home.

Finding Her Forever Home

Pit Bull Mix Dog

Matthew and Heather have two rules as foster parents for dogs: (1) no dogs on the bed and (2) they won’t adopt the pet they’re fostering.

However, Matthew and Heather weren’t expecting the affection Dandelion was showing. One night, before bedtime, Dandelion crept to the side of the bed. She was politely asking for a cuddle but Rule 1 was in place.

Matthew and Heather couldn’t resist Dandelion’s charms, making them break their first rule of fostering dogs. Shortly after, the duo decided to break their second rule and adopted the terrier mix into their home.

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A Dog That’s Going Places

Dandelion would join her newfound pet parents as they would rejoin the Frozen national tour. Matthew and Heather weren’t the only staff members that had brought their four-legged family members with them.

About 10 dogs joined the tour, and the managers handled the task of finding pet-friendly housing, according to Matthew.

Since her first time outside Best Friends in Salt Lake City, Dandelion has now been to different places across the country. She was able to experience the Mardi Gras, and she also didn’t hesitate to sit and smile at the holiday display at Christmastime in San Francisco.

Dandelion’s cross-country trip won’t be stopping any time soon. The family is now going places with their terrier mix in other places like Costa Mesa, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Challenges Are Part Of The Trip

Although Matthew, Heather, and Dandelion are always on the road, flying isn’t an option for this group. Nonetheless, the Rochas drive their car from city to city to make the most out of their trips. If Matthew and Heather need to leave Dandelion behind, one of the crew members will offer to spend time with her.

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About Best Friends: Best Friends in Salt Lake City started as a passion project to create a sanctuary for homeless animals and those with special needs. Over the years, the organization grew to create a national network of partners that also involves pet lifesaving centers across the US.

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